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    Hyper Mustang!

    by , 05-23-2011 at 06:27 AM (3018 Views)
    Hyper Mustang! (DILD)


    This is one time travel - rewind semi-lucid dreams I used to have as a child. I am realizing I am not awake, but dreaming, but without thinking straight. I got into trouble and rewinded the dream.

    Something happened in the dream previously that I could not recall, but I was sent to a room where some sonic traveling capsules could be ridden. This room was dark and the walls were made out of iron. I was with two guys that wanted to kick my butt for some reason. They pushed me inside one of these capsules, but I could scape. I witnessed how the capsule left and high speed. These guys told me that now I had to go to the sewers to get my butt out of there. They closed a huge metallic hatched and I was on my own.

    I decided to go down the pipe were the capsule was sent, until I got to the sewers. There were people living there, stores and even lamps. I walked through various stores and I saw some plants that were inside like small cages. One of them moved and said, "Muuuuuuuuuuuuu"

    I met with a friend and I saw some escalators that lead to a fancy department store. So we went up to see it.

    I figured I could dress up with a fancy suit and still it so I could bring it to waking life. I felt if I stole something from the dreamworld it would be all right. I told to my friend, but some security guard noticed so I passed.

    I explored the store and at the exit, there was a high end car dealership. They had for sale a Mustang Shelby GT500 Super Snake:

    However, it was in improved one. It was blue like the photo but it was half big, like sliced in two. Instead of a trunk, the car had two big ailerons. It looked like a plane on its back. The salesmen approached at me and offered assistance. I was taking a look of the car on the inside. It was not finished, as I could saw cables and everything. The car was capable of reaching 400 miles per hour.

    Suddenly, the car started moving alone, so I grabbed the steer wheel. The guy from the dealership started the engine and hit the gas remotely. I started to drive on small roads. The car accelerated extremely fast. I started to do some speeding. I entered a highway and I was amazed that the mustang went from 0 to 80 miles per hour in one second. I started to speed at extreme speed on the freeway until a van changed lanes abruptly and hit me. I started to spin, hitting other cars and fell to a river. I was worried about totaling this car, as it was not mine.

    I realized I better rewinded the dream. I closed my eyes and focused really hard in getting out of there. I succeed and appeared at the beginning of the dream. I decided to take the capsule from the very beginning instead of avoiding it
    (If I did not, I would re-dream the whole thing exaclty... happened several times when I was a kid) Something about a cat woke me up.

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