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    dream fragment

    Fragment of Dreams

    1. Just snippets...

      by , 08-13-2012 at 05:50 PM
      Last night provided no LD. I did however remember a few parts to the dreams I did have. These won't make much sense, but that's how I remember them. Just pieces...

      I remember being with a single other person in my first recollection. I don't recall where we were, other than outside a building I didn't recognize. I must have been semi lucid at this point because I can remember thinking to myself "you gotta believe it's possible" in order to jump onto this building I was next to. Not sure why I was trying to jump onto it, I think the person I was with was teaching me something.

      I remember trying to jump straight onto it, just leap 20 feet into the air and land on top. I just couldn't. I tried several times unsuccessfully, until I just decided to pull myself up onto it. This building was larger than a house so even to grab a hold of the roof was a feat. This is how I got up though. I leaped up and in a single motion, grabbed the ledge and launched myself over the top landing on the roof. When I got up there, it was no longer just the two of us. There was a group of about five including myself.

      The next, and last, thing I remember about this dream was trying to change something, but I don't remember what or why. However, I felt I needed to close my eyes for this to occur. I knew it was a mistake before I did it, but I did it anyway. Closing my eyes, more often than not, only succeeds in waking me up. No matter much I try to stay in the dream I get woken up. This time was no different. What I found interesting this time though was that once I closed my eyes I tried to reopen them unsuccessfully. I felt myself slip out of the dream and there was nothing I could do. I tried again and again to open my eyes, but still nothing. After a few more seconds I opened my eyes to the darkened view of my bedroom.

      I think that I experienced a bit of sleep paralysis there at the end.

      Dream 2

      This Dream is just short bits of me with random people, being chased by random things. I never do see my pursuer though, I always seem to get away...

      Sorry I don't have anything more entertaining today. Once my Lucids come back I'll have story after to story, believe that.
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