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    A lucid escape...

    by , 09-06-2012 at 05:17 PM (631 Views)
    My lucid dreaming abilities are finally returning to me!

    Last night I had 2 Lucids, or more accurately, 1 lucid and a re-entry.

    The first Dream I remember wasn't a lucid, and only involved me conversing with random people I haven't spoken to in years.

    The second Dream I remember involved me helping some people escape from a Russian prison, including children. We moved as a group towards a fence that had been previously loosened by someone... I forcibly opened it further allowing several small children to pass through it. As soon as all the chillin were through, I opened the gate further and squeezed through myself. I remember feeling others trying to force their way past me while I was trying to get through. On the other side of the gate, we came to the walkway that lead to the main gate and out of the prison. As we walked towards the gate, ever so carefully, I noticed a group of guards walking together in our direction. Before they could notice us we all tried to hide. This was difficult to do being that we were on the main path. I found a small part of the building that protruded out from the rest and hid there, hoping they would pass right by me.

    No one else was able to find an adequate hiding spot so they tried to go back through the gate from which we came. Lucky for me, the guards noticed this and focused their attention on the others, passing right by me. There was nothing I could do from inside this place, so I began to move towards the front gate again. As I approached it, I noticed two more guards manning this position. Neither of the guards were facing me so I began to speed up towards them before they turned around. As I reached them I broke into a full run, arms extended outward like a T, and clotheslined both of them just as they turned to see me. I grabbed a set of keys off one of them and proceeded into the building in front of me.

    The inside of this building reminded me of a Walgreens, except they had four sets of locked doors keeping me from escaping. Or so they thought... I didn't see anyone inside so I found the correct key (which was oddly shaped, and obviously unique) and began opening the first door. This triggered something and brought guards to me. No alarm was sounded so I guess they had just seen me. This is the part where, in a movie, the intense music would begin as I opened the first door and closed it just as they had reached me. These guys obviously have keys too, so I couldn't waste any time getting the next door open. I fumbled with the keys and opened the next door just as they opened the first, and again narrowly escaped for a moment longer. With only two doors to go, I didn't bother to close the third, I just opened it and moved immediately to the last. As I'm leaving the compound, one of the guards catches up to me and begins throwing punches. This guard is huge, I'm talkin like a 250 lb Samoan dude. The thing is, as he's throwing punches at me he's making sound effects! Like the way children do when they play fight. He also wasn't throwing them full speed, it was more like he was trying to make it SEEM like he was punching me, for the benefit of any guards that were watching. I just looked at him, bewildered. This is when he tells me to run, and I realize that I must be Dreaming...

    At that moment I feel the familiar sense of awe at being lucid. I also notice there is a female guard behind me. I immediately tell her to change into Jessica . It worked beautifully this time as her hair and facial features simply morphed into my desired woman. I close my distance to her and turn to the Samoan dude, telling him to dissappear. He did. I begin kissing her and anticipating an awesome session of nookie when the Dream fades to black and I wake up.

    Crap! Again! This time I told myself I was going to go right back in there and get what I wanted from her. I fall asleep and end up back in the damn compound! This time there is no Samoan dude, just a smaller guard who is acting like I'm his prisoner, but treating me like I'm not going to escape. He's just walking around, talking about god knows what when I noticed the keys on the counter. I think to myself that if he doesn't notice them, imma grab them and jet. As soon as he turned his back to me, I did just that. Once again unlocking all the doors and reaching the outside world. This time there were people outside, civilians by the looks of them. The outside more resembled a Walgreens parking lot than it did the first time around. I again found a close by female and willed her to change into Jessica (damn I love that woman) only this time, she didn't co operate. She morphed into a woman that was part Jess and part DC. I instinctively tried something I've never tried before. This is similar to when people pretend to squish someones head from across the room with their fingers, an optical illusion. I placed my hands in a triangle, palms faced out, over her hair and part of her face. I then performed a downward arch motion, revealing red hair and a stunningly familiar face. I approached her and she changed back!? She then walked past me and joined a group of DCs as they began to walk away from me. I shouted at them "Hey!", and they all turned to look at me, completely in sync like the way Agents move in the matrix movies. When they faced me I verbally told them that one of them needed to change into Jessica, and one stepped forward. I took her hand and the rest walked away. I again did the triangle hand trick and my beautiful Jessica returned to me. I was mesmerized by her gorgeous eyes as she asked my what I wanted her to do.. I told her I wanted her to blow me. Yes that's how I said it. The whole time I'm interacting with her she has the biggest smile on her face, like she couldn't be happier to see me. We started making out again and after a short while I began to undo her button down shirt. As I reach the last few buttons I rip the shirt open, revealing a perfect set of breasts being held prisoner by a lacy pink bra. It was at this point she slowly crouched to her knees, keeping eye contact with me the whole time and never ceasing to smile. As she wrapped her luscious lips around mini me, my Dream faded to black once more and I awoke for the final time. Once again, my lucid Dream was cut short due to an excess of heat in the room. In other words, my blankets had made me too hot and my body woke me up, Dammit!

    I hope you have enjoyed reading this. This will not be the last time I write of my exploits with Jessica () as I intend to go all the way with her, and I won't move on to my next objective until I complete this one. I believe these Dreams up my lucid count to the double digits now, and about 3 for the past week. My skill is increasing, however slowly.

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