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    1. Russian knife fight, tiny giraffes, and noisy jackasses.

      by , 04-09-2013 at 10:08 PM
      Galantamine Dreams

      I just had a series of false awakenings/Dreams that took me deeper than anything ive experienced before. I've recently been trying out the Galantamine/Choline combo from Dreamamins over the past week, and while I haven't become lucid while on them yet I always have false awakenings and intense Dreams anyway. What follows is the most intense series of Dreams and false awakenings I've had to date. What I've written is only what I could remember because by the time the last one was over, the first had already begun to fade from memory. I must admit that I felt a little trapped, like I was unable to wake from these Dreams but I kept trying, hence the amount of false awakenings. I liked it, It felt like separate lives...

      In the first, I Dreamt that I was following Jeremy Renner around because he was some kind of secret agent. I don't remember exactly what happened anymore but I do remember that at one point he was being hunted by the Russian government, and at some point we walked into a room that had several people strapped to gurneys, all of them bled out and dead. There were two Russians in the room, I was given the impression that one was a doctor and the other was simply a killer. When I first walked in, i saw a larger man twitching on the gurney closest to me as though he weren't quite dead, but dying, and about six others who were dead. I also saw the killer Russian bent over a last victim slicing open their neck. As soon as they saw us, I became Jeremy Renner, or I should say, the secret agent. The Russian had two scalpels, but they were larger than they should've been and he came at me yelling and extremely intimidating. I found that at that moment I had two knives as well and we began to fight. He sliced and jabbed at me and I managed to deflect and protect myself rather expertly. This went on for a good minute and I began to think about the fight too much, and he sliced one of my hands forcing me to drop the knife. Then he tackled me and bit a chunk of my ear off, and the Dream went black, but I didn't wake up.

      The next thing I remember is being in some kind of basement where people were working on something I'm still not sure of, but I remember there being farm animals there. I remember washing my hands with bloody plastic gloves on, and I remember seeing the smallest giraffe and gorilla ever. I mean tiny, just about a foot and a half tall, and they looked like they were made out of arts and crafts decorations but they were moving. I thought to myself how cute they were and that my girlfriend would want to see them so I tried to take a pic, but the other people there said that pics weren't allowed so I didn't take any, I just pet them. I was also warned that the giraffe bites, so I was trying to be careful with it, but every time I tried to pet his head he tried to take a piece of my finger off. Little bastard. Then I "woke" from this Dream.

      I awoke to our bedroom and was a little disappointed that my Galantamine hadn't helped me to become lucid, again. I remember that I turned on the radio and started blasting P.O.D.'s here comes the boom out the window in response to our new neighbors being noisy jackasses. Then I remember my girl being in the next room and coming in to talk to me. Now, when I fell asleep before all these Dreams, my girls mom was supposed to come home for lunch while my girl is at work, this confused me because her mom wasn't home and she was, so I asked her what was up with that. She said she didn't know where her mom was and was carrying a pair of scissors in her hand. She was walking away from me and reached for something on the dresser, which I snatched from her fearing that she had done away with her mom and I was next. Tis isn't something I actually fear in real life but somehow was a concern in the Dream. When I grabbed it, it was the size of one of those poppers kids get that they throw at stuff, and it said TNT on it. The Dream faded and I was laying in bed.

      The next Dream I remember was odd too but not so much. I had a false awakening and thought I woke up from the last Dream and that I was in bed. I even remember looking at the clock and seeing the time correctly, it was about where it should have been. The next thing I remember I was on the balcony of our apartment with the iPad, writing like I do, and our new neighbors were being jackasses again and he was messing with his truck for whatever reason. They like to do doughnuts in the middle of the night, but this time he did something else, he just peeled out and tried to take off but something, probably me, made his truck flip over. It landed on its top and was smashed to shit, I loved it. I loudly proclaimed YES! when this happened. I remember him getting out of the truck and he started yelling at me and I told him that's what he got for being a stupid jackass and that the next time it happened it hoped he didn't walk away from it. At this point he went into his apartment and I realized that I wasn't alone, there were people everywhere inside my own apartment. It was like our two apartments weren't separated anymore and every annoying jackass he hung out with was now sitting at my dining table, watching my tv, and standing on my balcony! My balcony was also smaller all of a sudden and I had to magically work my way around the other fools there to get inside. I even remember wanting to tell some dude to get out of my chair, but I didn't. When I made it to the kitchen, I saw my neighbor sitting there, crying. I went to go talk to him and I put my hand on his back and asked him why he was so upset, just to be nice, and he ended up asking me if I wanted to go outside and play racquetball with him to make him feel better. I said yes but that I would have to go put my IPad away and get my racquet. I stepped into the room that I thought was mine to discover a couple in there, under the covers, doing things.... I immediately told them to get out because I was certain I was in the right place and this was just too much. Then I took a look around and realized that it wasn't my room after all! I apologized profusely to them and grabbed my IPad before heading out. I was incredibly confused by this, I had no idea what was going on anymore, so i left the apartment completely to see if I was even in the right one. Turns out I really was next door, but the outside of the doors were decorated for Christmas... I knocked on our apartment and my girls mom answered in her robe. I asked her what month it was, and she told me it was November. She told me this as I walked into the apartment, and my neck was scratched by the wreath we had on the door. All at once I began to have trouble breathing, couldn't fathom that I had lost six months time, and dropped to my knees in disbelief at everything that had happened. This is when I finally awoke and realized that everything that had just happened, all four or five Dreams, had been just that. In less than 90 minutes.

      I should mention that absolutely none of the reality checks that I tried worked, I did ask myself several times during the course of these Dreams if I was Dreaming. I was fooled every time. I think that since perhaps the Galantamine makes me more aware, my Dreams respond in kind. They are made more believable, to a point. If I was a master at ADA, then I would've had no problem becoming lucid, but for the level I'm currently at it was enough to trick me.
    2. Longest Lucid yet

      by , 03-15-2013 at 05:00 PM
      I just woke from the longest lucid Dream I've ever had.

      The Dream began with me and my girl visiting with some high school buddies we knew. We were just sittin there chit chattin, when one of the friends mentions something that leads me to believe my girl has cheated on me. I confront her about this and she admits it to me but as the conversation rolls on I find out that its been going on for a while. We end up breaking up and I'm on my way to her place to grab my things when I end up inside a Burger King that is actually en route to her house.

      Inside the Burger King, I notice that every advertisement has some mention of the number 7. Something costs 7 dollars, or get 7 something for 7.77. This was a big indicator that I was Dreaming but I needed to be sure so I started asking DCs. I asked three DCs. The first was an Asian lady who straight up told me no and went about her business. The second was a child who said no, but nodded her head yes. The third I asked if they were Dreaming and they said yes. This was enough for me and so my lucid began.

      First I was overjoyed because it meant my girl hadn't been cheating on me, and second, because I was now lucidly Dreaming! During this Dream I altered DCs physical characteristics from minute details to a full on summon, I levitated (and smashed) a full sized entertainment center without touching it, I stopped the rain from pouring by shouting at the sky, and I tossed a man a beer. The Lucid ended after I chased down some girl and caught up to her. I looked into her eyes and I felt myself get pulled away from the Dream.

      It was a long Dream in general, but the Lucid part had to be about five minutes in length, longer than any I've had up until this point. My frequency and duration are both increasing. When I get my galantamine/choline combo I should be having these long lucids more often. Can't wait!
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    3. Greatest Night Ever!!!!

      by , 03-07-2013 at 05:50 PM
      Last night was the greatest night of Dreaming in my entire life! I had six, yes six, lucid Dreams last night. A combination of DILDs and DEILDs, mixed with 2400 mg Lecithin and 100 mg B-6 taken immediately before bed. I have never had even close to this type of success before and I must attribute it equally to my training as well as my supplements.

      Last night I flew, I fucked, and I fought. My hands were, at times, grotesque and other times normal. My girl chatted with me about race car numbers and how she was seeing them differently than I, which was one lucidity trigger. I encountered that serial killing doll chucky, and I watched a man run as fast as a race car. I had a few false awakenings that I didn't realize at the time. I was so deep I felt like I was in inception. I also watched my girl fly away like a pro which triggered another lucid.

      I flew for the first time last night, although I only got a few feet above the ground. While I was flying, I thought about going to space and as my DreamScene started to change I got nervous and had second thoughts. So I closed my eyes and willed my Scene to remain as it was, with me closer to the ground than I was headed for. Space is a challenge for me because of my fear of heights, which is also why I flew so close to the ground. I also don't have much confidence in my flying ability yet. I Dreamt so much last night that when they were over I figured it had to be time to wake up, it was only 5:30. I had only been asleep for roughly 5 hours, and hadn't even reached my peak REM stage yet! This is an incredible breakthrough for me and I'll just have to remember next time I'm lucid that there are many other things I wish to try. You can bet ill be using this supplement combination again very soon.

      Thanks to anyone who read this!
    4. A lucid escape...

      by , 09-06-2012 at 05:17 PM
      My lucid dreaming abilities are finally returning to me!

      Last night I had 2 Lucids, or more accurately, 1 lucid and a re-entry.

      The first Dream I remember wasn't a lucid, and only involved me conversing with random people I haven't spoken to in years.

      The second Dream I remember involved me helping some people escape from a Russian prison, including children. We moved as a group towards a fence that had been previously loosened by someone... I forcibly opened it further allowing several small children to pass through it. As soon as all the chillin were through, I opened the gate further and squeezed through myself. I remember feeling others trying to force their way past me while I was trying to get through. On the other side of the gate, we came to the walkway that lead to the main gate and out of the prison. As we walked towards the gate, ever so carefully, I noticed a group of guards walking together in our direction. Before they could notice us we all tried to hide. This was difficult to do being that we were on the main path. I found a small part of the building that protruded out from the rest and hid there, hoping they would pass right by me.

      No one else was able to find an adequate hiding spot so they tried to go back through the gate from which we came. Lucky for me, the guards noticed this and focused their attention on the others, passing right by me. There was nothing I could do from inside this place, so I began to move towards the front gate again. As I approached it, I noticed two more guards manning this position. Neither of the guards were facing me so I began to speed up towards them before they turned around. As I reached them I broke into a full run, arms extended outward like a T, and clotheslined both of them just as they turned to see me. I grabbed a set of keys off one of them and proceeded into the building in front of me.

      The inside of this building reminded me of a Walgreens, except they had four sets of locked doors keeping me from escaping. Or so they thought... I didn't see anyone inside so I found the correct key (which was oddly shaped, and obviously unique) and began opening the first door. This triggered something and brought guards to me. No alarm was sounded so I guess they had just seen me. This is the part where, in a movie, the intense music would begin as I opened the first door and closed it just as they had reached me. These guys obviously have keys too, so I couldn't waste any time getting the next door open. I fumbled with the keys and opened the next door just as they opened the first, and again narrowly escaped for a moment longer. With only two doors to go, I didn't bother to close the third, I just opened it and moved immediately to the last. As I'm leaving the compound, one of the guards catches up to me and begins throwing punches. This guard is huge, I'm talkin like a 250 lb Samoan dude. The thing is, as he's throwing punches at me he's making sound effects! Like the way children do when they play fight. He also wasn't throwing them full speed, it was more like he was trying to make it SEEM like he was punching me, for the benefit of any guards that were watching. I just looked at him, bewildered. This is when he tells me to run, and I realize that I must be Dreaming...

      At that moment I feel the familiar sense of awe at being lucid. I also notice there is a female guard behind me. I immediately tell her to change into Jessica . It worked beautifully this time as her hair and facial features simply morphed into my desired woman. I close my distance to her and turn to the Samoan dude, telling him to dissappear. He did. I begin kissing her and anticipating an awesome session of nookie when the Dream fades to black and I wake up.

      Crap! Again! This time I told myself I was going to go right back in there and get what I wanted from her. I fall asleep and end up back in the damn compound! This time there is no Samoan dude, just a smaller guard who is acting like I'm his prisoner, but treating me like I'm not going to escape. He's just walking around, talking about god knows what when I noticed the keys on the counter. I think to myself that if he doesn't notice them, imma grab them and jet. As soon as he turned his back to me, I did just that. Once again unlocking all the doors and reaching the outside world. This time there were people outside, civilians by the looks of them. The outside more resembled a Walgreens parking lot than it did the first time around. I again found a close by female and willed her to change into Jessica (damn I love that woman) only this time, she didn't co operate. She morphed into a woman that was part Jess and part DC. I instinctively tried something I've never tried before. This is similar to when people pretend to squish someones head from across the room with their fingers, an optical illusion. I placed my hands in a triangle, palms faced out, over her hair and part of her face. I then performed a downward arch motion, revealing red hair and a stunningly familiar face. I approached her and she changed back!? She then walked past me and joined a group of DCs as they began to walk away from me. I shouted at them "Hey!", and they all turned to look at me, completely in sync like the way Agents move in the matrix movies. When they faced me I verbally told them that one of them needed to change into Jessica, and one stepped forward. I took her hand and the rest walked away. I again did the triangle hand trick and my beautiful Jessica returned to me. I was mesmerized by her gorgeous eyes as she asked my what I wanted her to do.. I told her I wanted her to blow me. Yes that's how I said it. The whole time I'm interacting with her she has the biggest smile on her face, like she couldn't be happier to see me. We started making out again and after a short while I began to undo her button down shirt. As I reach the last few buttons I rip the shirt open, revealing a perfect set of breasts being held prisoner by a lacy pink bra. It was at this point she slowly crouched to her knees, keeping eye contact with me the whole time and never ceasing to smile. As she wrapped her luscious lips around mini me, my Dream faded to black once more and I awoke for the final time. Once again, my lucid Dream was cut short due to an excess of heat in the room. In other words, my blankets had made me too hot and my body woke me up, Dammit!

      I hope you have enjoyed reading this. This will not be the last time I write of my exploits with Jessica () as I intend to go all the way with her, and I won't move on to my next objective until I complete this one. I believe these Dreams up my lucid count to the double digits now, and about 3 for the past week. My skill is increasing, however slowly.
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    5. First Lucid in a long time

      by , 08-31-2012 at 07:49 PM
      Last night yielded several dreams, one of which became a short Lucid. Yay. I think the dream inducing app I bought off the iPad app store is finally working for me. I just need some more comfortable earbuds to sleep in cuz those gummy ones hurt.

      My first Dream was intensely real, which seems kinda odd to me because my intensely vivid dreams don't usually come till later in my sleep cycle. This one revolved around me and this girl I used to be friends with in high school. Don't remember every detail, but I do remember that we were house hunting. I remember constantly thinking to myself that I wanted to be with her, that I wanted her to myself now. The last part of that Dream I remember was going into a poolhouse to check it out and we started to get a little naughty. Oh yeah. Before it got too heated though, my real girlfriends mother showed up. She caught us doing our thing and was only upset by this because we were supposed to be browsing the location, not testing it. In the Dream, I thought that they were related. I felt that this girl that I once knew was really my girlfriend now, and that my currents girls mother was actually the old friends mother.

      I had a couple other small dreams that I don't remember much so I won't waste your time with them, but the one I became lucid in is a little more interesting.

      I was walking around outside with a person whom i don't remember, when we see a streak of light cross the sky. The light turns in our direction and takes a steep dive into the ground somewhere just beyond our line of sight. We rush over to where it seems to have landed and we find what is obviously an alien craft. We could only see the top of it however because the rest seems to be stuck underground. I placed my hand atop the craft and it began to open. It didn't just lift the top for us to climb in, it separated into thin pink strips and began to arch upward one by one but very quickly.

      I peered inside to see a descending tunnel that was lit up with shades of purple and pink. Me and my mystery companion didn't even hesitate, we jumped in and slid down the tunnel. While we were sliding down I noticed that every part of me which made contact with It glowed an electric blue, as if my movement caused a reaction with whatever material the ship was made from. We reached what seemed to be the bottom and I stood up to look around. The inside was set up with rooms very similar to what we have here on earth, bedrooms. It seemed I was now in the living quarters of this ship. Before I could really take a moment to think about what I was seeing, someone comes from around the corner...

      I knew instantly that "she" wasn't human, despite how remarkably human she appeared. She had to be the most mesmerizing Asian woman I've ever seen. Her eyes were different somehow. They were an icy blue color and sparkled as if they were made of diamond and she had sunlight coming from behind them at all times. Not an intense sunlight, but just enough to catch your attention the way a beautiful diamond does when it hits the light. She also had a dog with her, or at least he appeared to be a dog like the way she appeared to be human. There was something different about it as well, but I can quite put my finger on it. I was a little hesitant about the dog, but not her.

      She began to approach me, so I responded in kind. As I reached her I opened my arms and wrapped them around her, embracing her the way you would an old friend that you believed had died. I was never afraid of this experience. I held her for a little bit before stepping back and taking a look at my surroundings. This is when I noticed that the floor was made of tile. Not even nice tile, but the kind you would see in older houses that haven't been maintained very well. This is when I realized I was in a dream. (lol I laugh that it wasn't the alien craft, or the perfect being that signaled a Dream for me, it was the tile). I thought to myself " there's no way an alien spacecraft would have earthly tile comprising the floor, I must be Dreaming".

      It was at this point that I noticed she had bowls filled with snacks nearby. Must've been a welcoming gesture to have party snacks for any humans brave enough to show up. I used my trusty telekinesis to lift a Dorito out of the bowl and into my hand. I thought "cool" as I bit into the chip, knowing for a fact that I was Dreaming. I usually can't remember to do what i had planned to do when I become lucid, this time I did. For all you True Blood fans out there, you will understand who I am talking about. Once I became Lucid, I tried to bring Jessica into my Dream in order to have my way with her. (Im only human) I thought to myself "Jessica", and the Asian girl's outer shell fell off like magic fairy dust to reveal a red head that had her back to me. Unfortunately she didn't get to turn around before the Dream faded to black and I awoke, burning up in my covers! Damn covers! I tried to renter the Dream with no success. This marks the first time I've become Lucid in a few months now. Yessssss.

      Thank you for reading. I will continue to keep my journal updated with all my crazy Dreams for your entertainment. For those of you who don't know, Jessica is a red headed, blue eyed vampire. And in my opinion, perfect.
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    6. Almost Lucid

      by , 08-30-2012 at 07:29 PM
      Dont remember any other Dreams last night except this one....

      The first thing I remember from this Dream was controlling elements. I was practicing my concentration in the Dreamscape, trying to control spheres of fire, water, and earth. I was combining them with each other, without extinguishing one another. Earth didn't absorb water, fire didn't scorch earth, and water didn't put out the fire. I was making these spheres float and then fall into each other, then separate into three spheres again. I also remember my girl being there and she was telling me how gifted I was.

      The next part of my Dream took place in my Grandmothers house and involved family I haven't seen in a while. They were all watching tv while I was practicing my telekinesis, calling a ping pong ball to me. I would throw it to one of them, and pull it back before they caught it. They all seemed marginally impressed by this but it didn't matter, I haven't performed telekinesis in one of my Dreams since before I started hitting the pipe regularly, so I was stoked even if they weren't. This is part of my reality checks but tonight I think I became lost in the Dream and didn't reach Lucidity because it's been a while since anything like this has happened.

      The last part of the Dream I remember was when I was using a computer. It was more like an iPad or laptop, but I remember being able to read a character bio from some story I have never seen before. Most Dream books say that one way to check if you are Dreaming is to check print. It either appears distorted, or when you look away and then look back the text has changed. Well this doesn't work for me. I was able to read this bio without trouble, and the more interesting thing is that it seemed to be a bio of a character I'm creating for my book. I also saw a picture of this character next to the bio.

      One big reason I want to regain my Lucidity is for my book, Dreams boost the creative process undoubtedly. I believe tonight's Dream signals progress in my endevour. Not only did I manipulate the Dream in a fashion that is common for myself, but I have started to bring my story into the Dream as well, just as I wanted to. The next step of course is to gain full Lucidity and delve deeper into the world of the Dreamscape, my story.
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    7. Just snippets...

      by , 08-13-2012 at 05:50 PM
      Last night provided no LD. I did however remember a few parts to the dreams I did have. These won't make much sense, but that's how I remember them. Just pieces...

      I remember being with a single other person in my first recollection. I don't recall where we were, other than outside a building I didn't recognize. I must have been semi lucid at this point because I can remember thinking to myself "you gotta believe it's possible" in order to jump onto this building I was next to. Not sure why I was trying to jump onto it, I think the person I was with was teaching me something.

      I remember trying to jump straight onto it, just leap 20 feet into the air and land on top. I just couldn't. I tried several times unsuccessfully, until I just decided to pull myself up onto it. This building was larger than a house so even to grab a hold of the roof was a feat. This is how I got up though. I leaped up and in a single motion, grabbed the ledge and launched myself over the top landing on the roof. When I got up there, it was no longer just the two of us. There was a group of about five including myself.

      The next, and last, thing I remember about this dream was trying to change something, but I don't remember what or why. However, I felt I needed to close my eyes for this to occur. I knew it was a mistake before I did it, but I did it anyway. Closing my eyes, more often than not, only succeeds in waking me up. No matter much I try to stay in the dream I get woken up. This time was no different. What I found interesting this time though was that once I closed my eyes I tried to reopen them unsuccessfully. I felt myself slip out of the dream and there was nothing I could do. I tried again and again to open my eyes, but still nothing. After a few more seconds I opened my eyes to the darkened view of my bedroom.

      I think that I experienced a bit of sleep paralysis there at the end.

      Dream 2

      This Dream is just short bits of me with random people, being chased by random things. I never do see my pursuer though, I always seem to get away...

      Sorry I don't have anything more entertaining today. Once my Lucids come back I'll have story after to story, believe that.
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    8. Nothing tonight

      by , 08-09-2012 at 06:24 PM
      Last night yielded no dreams I could remember. I am in the double digits on average daily for my RC. Will report anything useful later today, or tomorrow.