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    Scariest dream event in my whole life. This is one I will never forget.

    by , 01-27-2012 at 07:13 AM (1171 Views)
    Last night my dreams were realistic plentiful, but just completely boring job dreams. Then while going to my car to go home, I am hit by a car. My leg was crushed and bent backwards with a fiendishly realistic sensation of broken bones and pain. Suddenly I realize I cant be at work because I recently saw it was dark outside, but now it's bright and sunny. I was never ever so glad to realize I was dreaming, I decided very quickly right then and there to end the dream. I did everything I could think of that would probably end the dream and I was never so relived to go back to my cozy sleep paralyses ridden body. But here is where the nightmare began, an unbelievable thing happened. I could clearly feel my real body going through sleep paralyses while, and I still can't believe this really happened: The *beep* sensation of a broken bent backwards leg (pain and all) followed me from the dreamworld! It was as tho the dream body and real body were one sensation scrambled together in my mind. I was absolutely 110% convinced at the time that I had fallen off my bed and really had done this to my leg. So I tried to move my leg and it was moving with a sensation that it was bending around an impossible angle, with an unreal sensation of all these broken bones and pain (no words can describe how real it was). Sleep paralyses was weaning down, but my foot still felt as it was. I began to feel absolute panic, thinking am I going to walk again ect, then a shift happened, I felt a split. And two separate body's one where my leg was horrifically painful and one where it felt no pain. I knew one of these leg's has to become less real and vanish. And so the painful leg slowly became the less real of the two right leg's until my body with just a memory of sleep paralyses felt no pain. Yes as my title suggests this is one I will never forget. Afterward I walked around my room and pondered for hours about how realistic dreams can truly become, I didn't dare go back to sleep to fade the dreams freshness. I also thought about what Aron Lee Ralston (read 127hours) had to go through, I can't imagine the courage to do what he had to do. All in all tho the experience was humbling and rewarding. Never forget your dreams, even the bad ones.
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    1. gab's Avatar
      I may have an answer for you. The feeling of broken leg bent at silly angle - I gat this feeling twice so far, each time when in transition stage. Once while DEILDing, once WILDing. Not just leg was twisted, but my whole body, arms and legs bent at impossible angles. As if comeone was molding me into a ball, without any regard of how my body part should be. At the same time, it was accompanied with feeling of being torn apart.

      So it maybe was a transition, and not a dream. Just my thought. Happy dreams
    2. pointofbeing's Avatar
      It was a transition once I felt two legs, that I agree with. Transitions from dreaming to not dreaming is a very fine incredibly intense line.