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    OBE: darkness

    by , 05-25-2020 at 07:15 PM (65 Views)
    Today, when I left the body, I found myself in darkness. The feeling was still great since I managed to relax to greater extent than usually. The separation itself was felt as if I sublimed slowly out of body and condensed next to bed. Immediately, I went away. When I was about 5 meters from the body, I stopped to feel connections to it, which improved quality of vision. I made myself to see in darkness. I didn't observe nothing interesting for some time. After about 10 subjective minutes of my house exploration, I came to doors around which the light radiated. As if someone was behind them. I went through the doors and saw a group of beings looking as if they were animated using bright colours which also radiated that light... think of Simpsons but with more details. Those beings felt wrong... and I felt something like: I should fear them. Having none of that, I went to those beings. They saw me, darkened and changed to dark grey color scale. And they started to move toward me. I didn't stop and relaxed my mind. They vanished.
    I explored further. The surrounding changed... it looked as if I walked on long bridge without any support, and there was absolute darkness around it. The material of the bridge was metallic, shining and black. The walkway was covered by firm metal grating made of wire... There were side cuts branching from the infinite bridge... but I was unable to take a turn and try to go sidewise. Even when I turned to one of side cuts, I still somehow walked on the main bridge. I continued to walk for some time... till I lost consciousness.
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