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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Obe: Runespace

      by , 05-31-2019 at 10:02 AM
      After my relaxation and concentration training routine I fell into thoughtless state where only my consciousness remained. And I observed my mind. And I observed my body because I still felt it a little. I slowed my frequency of breathing further and further lengthening the time when I was exhaled... After some time I felt my consciousness to clear even more, to become light and bright... And I still only observed everything, I didn't try to separate from body.

      I maintained this state for immeasurable long time exploring the feeling of that state. My consciousness felt very fresh despite I felt very tired when I went to "sleep" at 00:30. And then, something strange happened, something which never happened to me: I felt as if my consciousness sublimed from my body and I stopped to feel the body. It wasn't like normal leaving the body, it was as if I left the body like some kind of vapor. I didn't loose consciousness as I became vapor like....

      And when it became whole again I had spherical field of vision... I was in space lighted inhomogeneously by weak violet light. There were points of light like stars... around quite a few of them there were rings made of violet ribbons. There were also ribbons connecting space between the stars with similar width as those ring like ribbons. As I observed those ribbons I became aware that it is not all what I can see. My vision cleared more... the space contained dull dust clouds which was forming those light inhomogeneities I saw in space at start... and those ribbons had shiny sides and dull center. In dull centers of ribbons something like runes shined... On each corner or crossing of the light line which formed rune there was point of bright light shining... And those runes moved, flowed inside confine of ribbons, sometimes mutating into something new... and I observed this for some time...

      And then I was back in my body, feeling that I'm breathing in- that was probably what distracted my vision... I didn't manage to get back and after some time I lost consciousness and I fell asleep.

      This experience was somewhat similar to projection into budhic dimension. The difference was that the space didn't feel to be overflowed by love. This space was completely neutral, careless, and very serene.

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    2. Angel of death?

      by , 05-18-2019 at 01:46 PM
      I was gliding close to ground(about 20cm) in the hypermodern city. It was as if I was invisible to anyone... nobody paid an attention to me. My consciousness felt cold, glacial like, analytic, concentrated... neutral, blank... My sight was strange. I was able to see, not only normally visible things but I was able to focus behind walls, buildings...
      And I was looking for something. I was looking for something without having thoughts, without desire... it was blank purpose. When I glided to the large skyscraper I felt I was on the place I have to be. But there was nothing. I looked into sky- there was also nothing. Then I looked toward ground and focused below and deeper below... till I saw something like tunnel. A few people were dying in it. And I waited till they died.
      Then I submerged into the concrete, soil, a few hundreds of meter deep, till I was levitating in darkness of that tunnel. I extended my right hand with palm up and my fingers curved up. A shiny blue violet fire started to dance about 10 cm over my palm... the flame was about 30cm long and on the basis about as thick as mu palm. And I glided slowly toward laying bodies of a few men and women. It was as if the bodies were filled with shiny substance. I stopped close to them and said quietly: "You have died, go in peace." And those shiny substances evaporated.
      And I glided away to where I needed to go. I was unable to stay in dream longer than about 2 minutes longer after that.

      My consciousness felt strange... it was as if I'm there but I had nearly no control over what I'm doing. Still I was that.

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    3. The Circus

      by , 05-08-2016 at 12:03 PM
      I was special- there was emptiness in me and I needed to fill that emptiness. I had material/ethereal sky-blue glowing cluster of crystal where spirits of my victims(women) were absorbed when my emptiness called for filling, leaving only short time living empty husks behind...I had forces over light and dark. I could use instant transportation from place to place. Healing and telepathy. Matter manipulation, creation and destruction... I was able to see energy flow in things, i was able to see souls...

      I worked in circus. The Director of circus was collector of special people. He made as to make performances... He wasn't good man. He was dark with greed. He knew what I'm able to do, what I do to women from time to time, yet he was OK with it. As far as I was staying in circus. Yet I didn't care about that. I didn't care for anything. It was like everything is far below me. I wasn't bad... I was simply unable to care. Everything seemed to be so insignificant... Like we don't care about atoms or molecules... I didn't care about anything... I felt to be above that. The time flew around myself. Things changed, yet my attitude remained the same. Only from time to time I felt the need to fill the emptiness inside of me... the process was simple... I got close to woman when I felt the need and she released her soul, painlessly... then that soul flew to me, but never was able to fill the emptiness, instead it crystallized as another crystal on that cluster of crystals I had.
      There were other special people, with some talents... nothing like me. One older woman bleed from eyes every time someone lied nearby... An older man able to levitate himself, was making crazy shows on the rope...

      I was in my room changing my clothes- clothes materialized and dematerialized directly on me. I didn't care whether I was naked or not but I knew that it was required for performance. I felt something significant will happen. I saw flashes of visions of radiant soul... glowing... its filaments reaching to me... There was black haired mute woman with me in my room. She was guarding me and especially the glowing cluster of crystals, even if that cluster couldn't be touched or moved by anyone but me. The Director feared to lose me. His circus would be devastated financially without me. How many women was absorbed to crystal to fill my emptiness? It didn't help, I was empty.

      I took cluster of crystals and teleported to circus directly onto podium. And I felt her. My emptiness was calling to be filled. My soul reached with its glowing filaments across the void between us. She was young regal woman in white dress visiting circus- she was the right person to fill my emptiness. My emptiness was calling to be filled with her soul light... The director saw the change in me... My glow... My disregard to the performance I had to do. And I knew that he saw, I knew it instantly... director wanted to kill her, fearing I will be lost for him.

      I wasn't about to confront the director when he called me, I lied to him to protect that woman special for me. And that older woman working in circus bled from her eyes through the whole time... and she held her hands trying to hide it... ineffectually. The director saw that. I read his thoughts. I needed to save that woman in white. I vanished, and reappeared by her. We were forced to kiss, like two magnets pulled together. Our souls intertwined in glorious harmony... our bodies were connected and controlled by our souls only by thin filaments, but our souls weren't located in our bodies anymore. We became one and yet remained two distinct souls... there was constant interaction making it look like constant movement of light filaments. The cluster of crystals vanished in blinding light show, making trapped spirits free. Director was crazy with hate. I see into your soul director... No more circus for me... no more matter bonds... I vanished together with my soulmate away from material world, to higher plane of existence.

      Very strange dream... I had to write it, it was pushing my consciousness to do that

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    4. There is no other way to take

      by , 10-24-2015 at 11:27 AM
      I was at home when I got visit from friend whom I know from elementary school. We had spoken about something. I was glad he was visiting me, it is quite long we have seen each other. Then he asked me to visit him at his home and I felt that I should go. So we went there. The surrounding, the nature was very nice, clean... with clean fancy colours. I was able to see cleanly every branch, every leaf on trees... every leaf of grass. Very sharply.
      The road got worse and worse. Its edges were crumbling... I traveled in the center of the road, going around patches of holes in it with skill. The road started to be excavated on the edges and the holes started to be deeper. The excavated edges were meters deep. I saw every stone there... every grain of sand, everything clean and sparkling. And the drivable road got narrower and narrower. I saw as the edges were crumbling and falling off when I drove too close to them but there was no possibility to make it different. There was no more possibility to take another road. There was no possibility to go back- the road was crumbling down slowly behind me.
      I managed to get to the house of my friend. He was waiting there for me. I went up the slope following him to his house. I saw other close friend of mine. She was standing there on the path side and me when she saw me, she turned her back to me as if she didn't see me... to ignore me. I smiled sadly... And went around her and away wordlessly. She was looking at my back as I was going further away... It looked like she couldn't go away from that place. She was forced somehow to go after us. She looked at us, while I was speaking with other friend... and I was using words with two meanings, whole double meaning sentences... she understood what I was trying to say to her even if she tried to ignore me.
      We were alone at the end, she and I. She didn't try to ignore me anymore. I didn't speak anymore. There was no need. There was understanding between us, flow of thoughts, feelings and memories. Two distinct us with shared awareness.

      - it was very vivid dream. Everything was pictured very sharply in it.
      - roads were crumbling, only tight way remained before me- I wonder...
      - that mind sharing was very spiritual, it is long time here since I felt something like this.
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    5. The pull

      by , 06-25-2015 at 10:30 AM
      I felt a little strange yesterday, I had a few vision like experiences or empathy into my friend. It was like she is with me... next to me, then like I was with her, and then at the night...
      When I was going to sleep I started as usual my exercises for relaxation and concentration. I had flashes of being elsewhere similar to short lucid dreams. Flash and I was laying somewhere else, different room. My body felt funny. Then flash and I was back in my bed relaxing my body and concentrating my mind as if there was not an experience. Then again flash and I was laying elsewhere again. My body felt funny. As if my chest was heavier as usual, my breathing was faster, different... Flash and I was back at home again, relaxing deeper and deeper. Flash and I was again elsewhere. That weight on chest were breasts. I felt nipples as I was breathing, that nipples were lightly rubbing against material "my" body was covered with, as I took the breaths... it was slightly disturbing as they were much larger and more sensitive then I'm used to. I wanted to touch them but "my" body was not responsive. I concentrated on movement of "my" limb, but there was flash and I was again at my home. My body was very heavy, but it was not separation time yet. So I continued with concentration and relaxation... Flash and I was again elsewhere. I was levitating above my friend. I saw her face from about 30cm distance, quiet and relaxed in her sleep. It was dark... But I saw things like they had their own albeit dim light. I felt THE PULL to her, but there was again flash and I was back home in my bed. My own body was deeply relaxed, unresponsive in dream paralysis. OK. I felt my second body fully free of my physical body- it was the time:
      I stood out of my body similarly like wampires do in older films. From horizontal position to standing position in one move without moving any of my limbs. I was standing about 10cm above ground. It was nearly black dark. Of course, it was night time. But I saw enough. I flew through the doors and downstairs. There was dark too. I flew outside through the nearest wall. I felt no resistance of wall. I contemplated about it a little and then I extended my empathy towards my surrounding. I felt nothing unusual. Street light were shining... Then I felt something, it was like compass feels magnetic field. I felt the pull to my friend. I let my body to be pulled... it was very slow process, but I was in the flow... I observed my surroundings. After maybe 15 minutes I was maybe 3/4 of kilometer from my house, in front of my parents house. To my friend it was about 4.5km left... I felt, I will not have time to fly to her with such low speeds. I contemplated about my position in that world and possibilities. I could take car or motorcycle... then I will be faster. I didn't find my parent's car. I couldn't start the motorcycle. I stood beside motorcycle and contemplated about possible problems. I felt that it is for naught to try to repair it, so I took my way back to my parent's house. I was walking through rooms. I observed. I found nothing of interest, nothing extraordinary. I heard of something like rattling and groaning from basement. So I took my way there. As I was going downstairs in the direction of noise, the darkness was descending and eating the light. Soon I was seeing only slightly glowing filament in lightbulb... And it was drowning in darkness fast. I need the light, I have the light in myself. Everything is shining. I need to learn how to see it- I remembered the VOICE from one of my earlier OBE. I concentrated inside to feel the energy flowing inside... and my chest started to shine in strong golden light. Then I saw myself from outside. Other than my chest, my head was shining also, it was weaker but still strong violet light. The rest of my body emitted moderate sky blue light. Slowly, I saw also my surrounding again... emitting weak greyish light. I felt that it was enough for my needs and I flew towards the noise again. The golden light from my chest bathed the room where sound was originated from... and I saw something like shadow bonded by chains but it was vanishing fast in my light... into nothingness. Nothing was left there for me to observe. I flew outside. I saw that snow fell on the ground in the time I was in house, whole 15 cm of it. It was cold and slippery... And shining with white light into darkness of the night. I felt the pull to my friend, urgent. No time has left. I let myself into pull, trying to fasten my flight, but it didn't function. I had very little of will left, my mind wanted to relax badly. So I let it be and I flew as fast as the pull allowed. After maybe 10 subjective minutes I lost superconsciousnes, I was losing touch with astral reality. The next thing I was aware of was that it is morning. The OBE experience lasted subjectively about 1.5 hours.
      It was probably in lower levels of astral dimension.

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    6. OBE

      by , 05-26-2015 at 11:56 AM
      I was tired that evening and I massaged a calf to my wife. After about half an hour I felt I'm losing comprehension of reality(my body was falling to sleep).
      So I laid down and started to relax... it went fast to generate feeling of heaviness and heat in my body, to lose feelings from body sensors... To lose thoughts. Only consciousness remained. I was point of consciousness floating in white shining space, in clean light.(Normally I'm in black space, this was something new But black space doesn't mean that I'm in any kind of discomfort. The feeling of peace is the same.)
      Time was running around me, but I didn't feel timeflow. I was existing in shining light, in peace, without thoughts. After about one hour my wife tried to wake me up , she needed help with our children. What she managed was, that I started to comprehend physical world... but only sounds from it. I started to feel my body, dimly. It was hot and very relaxed. I told my wife that I need help to stand up, that I don't have strong contact with my body. But I said it probably only into astral world.
      I pushed my will inside my legs and arms to move them, but instead, I did fast full separation into astral world probably. I projected inside my room, only it was all shining white. I moved around a little, floating. My wife was shouting again for me. I went back to my body to try to move physical body. I couldn't move it a millimeter. My body felt very tired and relaxed. I tried again to tell my wife that I need help to stand up to reconnect faster with my body. I found up that I can't move with ane muscle. I pushed my mouth to open a little and tried to speak, but my vocal chords were not functioning. I concentrated on them then... I managed to move muscles on vocal chords, but no sound was going out. I found up that I don't breathe fast enough... there wasn't pressure of air to resonate on the vocal chords. My cycle of breath in/out was longer than 30 seconds... and with very slow air movement. I couldn't speak with that. In the physical world that is. But I heard myself speaking despite of that. Probably into astral. I found out that I don't have control of my lungs.
      I tried again to move my hands and again I was out in shining white astral. Therefore I pushed my consciousness back into my body again. My consciousness was steering itself automatically to shut down any disruption of state of clean existence. Into peaceful thoughtless state. I pushed my will into my body limbs again despite of resistance. My real me wanted something else- going back into meditation. But I knew I need to stand up. I managed to rotate physical body to side of bed and partially down of bed. It took a few minutes to get feeling of gravity and balance strong enough to stand up, to fasten breathing, to strengthen and control muscles.

      Normally I do things different. Normally I try to stay in astral. As long as possible. This was new experience
      Despite how this looks like, this wasn't traumatizing experience. Yeah, I had problems to regain control of my body. But that was because of tiredness and because I didn't really want to go back. I never wanted to go back from astral, from that peaceful place. I would ditch my body if that is possible probably long time ago. But I have responsibilities. Therefore it is not priority But again, if possibility emerged, I would do it in that state of consciousness without thinking.

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    7. Way from temple to outside then through hell into eden like nature.

      by , 10-10-2014 at 08:51 AM
      I found myself in temple. It was similar to our own temple in my village, but altar looked different, there was more gold plating on wood, and it was shining. It looked majestic somehow, in undefinable way. I wanted go out and home. But as I turned I saw again the same altar where doors out sed to be. I was confused... and turned around a few times, then I did reality check. I concluded that this is REALITY and not a dream.(Only few times I managed to differentiate between reality and dream in my dreams) I concluded that I have SLIGHT problems with my memory and I probably turn too fast to register doors. Therefore I turned directly to altar and walked backward out of temple.
      Once outside, everything looked normal. I walked around temple. There were two people deconstructing an old howel. I had my bicycle nearby but it looked different. It has very big tractor transmission added on fork with big wheel on it. And two big auxiliary wheels on every side of that transmission. Man who deconstructed shed told me, that they need to drive it to scrapyard... So I said OK and I rode away. I was riding on my bicycle back home when I saw a dark gray wall on crossroad. I did again reality check, and again I concluded that I have probably problems with my perception of reality and that I'm not dreaming. I decided to use observer state (like I use by OBE) and I rode to wall. I saw that the wall was ever changing structure composed of limbs, hands and heads which looked like trying escape out into normal world. I rode directly into it, without hesitation or questioning myself whether it is sensible or not.
      As I crossed threshold of wall it was like I rode into post apocalyptic world. Sky was dark gray... Houses were in ruins, smoking. Wind was making small dust devils... Ghostly figures were gliding aimlessly around it. Trees were black, naked. On the road, there were stones, debris, holes... after some time I discarded bicycle and I was walking forward. Observing, not judging state of things around me. Some ghostly figures tried to touch me, to catch me... visibly screaming. But I keep walking forward through it. I walked through a few ghostly figures, some demons like, some more humans like... I walked. And walked. There was despair, and there was me. There was pain and there was me. There was devastation, and there was me. I was observer. I was there but that THERE was not in me. After some time I got to second threshold (this one was shining) and I crossed it... again without questioning myself.
      On the other side of wall the road continued curving into distance... the road was like new, trees around and grass were strong, healthy... The sky was deep blue... it was quiet. No sound was breaking the stillness surrounding me. There wasn't even wind. Everything was shining like new. Atmosphere of conflict and despair were left behind me. I turned to look back. There was no wall, no threshold, nothing... only healthy shining nature everywhere. I turned back on road and I walked. I walked forward observing but not questioning, not thinking, in everlasting here and now. I walked till I woke up.

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    8. Shared dream experiment

      by , 05-11-2014 at 07:39 PM
      4. 5. 2014
      I created a strong feeling of being with friend... I opened myself and with that feeling in my being, I created lucid dream where I succeed to place myself in front of her house. (I imagined her house, not herself. I theorize, that imagination of someone will force my subconscious to fill up the form. Therefore I think that I have higher chance to share dream with someone through indirect methods like placing myself into place where I expect the person.)
      I appeared directly in front of friend's house. To my surprise she was standing right in front of door, a few meters away of me. Something made me to run to her and to hug her. It was out of my control. My friend was looking somewhat shaken, somewhat indifferent. Then after a few moments she vanished from my hug. I was surprised, managed to look around for a few moments and then I woke up. This LD was short, subjectively about 1 minute long.

      Dthoughts suggested to use emotional connection. I created strong feelings, strong desire to be with my friend. I felt out of control a little... Therefore I hugged her. It is not something I would usualy do in lucid dream. State of mind once I set the lucid dream falls to similar I use for OBE/astral projection.
      If there was a shared dream, I would probably have an e-mail in my Mailbox. Maybe not... It is dependent on whether she remembered it or not.
      If there was shared dream, maybe she vanished from my hug because she woke up...
      It needn't to be shared dream, she might vanished because my concentration was strongly affected by generated feelings. I was clearly out of balance.
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    9. Shared dream experiment.

      by , 05-11-2014 at 01:53 PM
      It is more than half of year ago I had this lucid dream:

      I wanted to try to drag my wife into shared lucid dream. As I was in bed I took my wife onto my body so she was laying on me. And I took her into hug. She was tired so she went to sleep fast. I started with relaxation exercises and then I started concentrate on imagining of ring. I made that ring to grow, and made to appear second ring inside first, then third inside second... and so on. It was as if I flew through dark tunnel composed of light rings. It was felt as if my wife was an anchor. I dragged her with all I had through tunnel. It was tiring.
      Then we flew out of tunnel into night. We were on large field(or meadow) and some half kilometer away was a forest. From that forest a dense fog was creeping near ground into meadow we were on. In between trees of forest we could see lights of Gothic looking castle. The moon was full and shining bright. There was howling of wolf somewhere afar.
      My wife was shivering in fear. I hold her close to me and I told her: "Everything is OK. This is lucid dream. Nothing can harm you. I'm here with you."
      We started to walk to forest. It was nice night. I liked it. My wife not so much. Every few moments I tried to soothe her. It looked like she is forgetting where she is. I repeated again and again that we are in a dream, that she hasn't to fear anything, that anything can harm her. That I will take care of everything.
      We got into forest. The castle was a museum. I tried to find a way how to go inside. My wife lost awareness(or I stopped to concentrate on her being there enough) and vanished in a short time after that... I was walking around for a short while and eventually lost concentration and woke up.

      My wife didn't remember anything of this experiment. It is possible that that dream wasn't shared.
      It was hard to get my wife with me into a dream. Maybe it is because I was creating that way for her without her input. Or maybe because my concentration was divided between creating rings and flying through them and my wife in a hug...
      I didn't find dream surrounding ghostly at all. It was peaceful for me. I found it even romantic as my wife was there with me.

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    10. Friend in problems?

      by , 05-10-2014 at 09:28 PM
      I appeared in Bratislava(120km from home) and I was walking down the street. It was night. Street was crowded(unusual for me to see more than ~5 people in LD). I looked suddenly forward and there was a friend of mine walking. She was dragging a drunken man. I asked her whether she want to help. She looked at me without acknowledging me, so I walked around her and away. Then I looked back at her. It looked like she was getting old very fast. And has more and more problem to drag that man. The man slowly changed the complexion to unusually red one. But I respected her wish to be let alone.
      At once I saw myself from her perspective. I looked younger, much younger than I'm now, with strange side-whiskers. It seemed that around me was shining very dark blue-violet aura and I was not walking on the ground, but a few cm above. I felt her thoughts... she felt longing, regret. From her point of view there was no man... she wasn't dragging anybody with her.

      I think, the man was symbol of something what is dragging her down, but she doesn't want to be helped with her problems. I didn't communicate with her for very long time... But then, I had a few foretelling LD and OBE's

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