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    Mini City in a Warehouse, Killer Marshmallow Men,and a Nazi Scientist's Experimental Dream Facility

    by , 06-17-2011 at 08:42 PM (740 Views)
    This dream was insane, Iíve never dreamt anything like it. It started out with my friends and I inside of a city, that was inside of a warehouse. None of the buildings inside were real, nor were they the size of actual buildings, but they were still semi-large. The tallest building was probably about 10-15 feet tall. The warehouse was huge and divided into rooms, but I didnít discover this until later. The room I was currently inÖ Itís hard to say how big it was, if I were to talk around itís perimeter it would probably take about 10 minutes or so.

    I was walking around with my friend Kyle, and my cousin Trey maybe? Iím unsure of who I was with, but Iím pretty certain Kyle was one of them, and that most of my friends were there at some point. We were just walking around the city until we came to a guy, in front of whom was a cylindrical ash tray sort of thing, similar to the ones at my school. Inside of it were bunches of electronic cigarettes that contained THC-liquid instead of nicotine. We walked up and tried them, and the guy said it was ok to take as much as we want. I took a hit and then felt really weird, not high, but very different. The guy told me I could take another and I did.

    Thatís when people ran by, and then I saw a huge shadow on the ground. The guy selling the e-cigs told us to run and we did. There was a giant walking around that looked like the marshmallow giant from ghost busters, except he wasnít super huge, his size was proportionate to the smaller scale of the city height. I wasnít necessarily afraid, but I didnít want to find out what happened if the giant caught me. Eventually he passed by and then I leaped onto a building. It wasnít very big, it was about 10 feet tall and has a 5x5 perimeter. I looked around and I could see the giants shadows, there were three now, and one looked like the pilsbury doughboy. I think this is when I realized I was dreaming, because of the height I jumped and the odd scale of the city.

    I decided to ignore and forget about the giants and I leaped down. I was walking and I saw a group of people, I donít remember who all of them were, but I remember one was this girl I knew from high school and hadnít seen in a long time. I approached her and started undressing her, her naked body was kind of weird looking and not very sexually stimulating. At this point my dream collapsed. I was sitting in the darkness. It felt like my eyes were closed inside of my dream, so I attempted to open my dream eyes, but then it felt like I was opening my real eyes so I stopped and sat in darkness. I started thinking about the person I was just looking at and then poof. Dream reinstated!

    I reentered the same dream, but I entered it at an earlier point in the dream that had already passed. I had just gotten down from the building and was already halfway to the girl I knew. I walked up to her again and she was pissed about what I had done earlier. I just ignored her and decided to explore, Brandon was coming with me.

    We started walking around and we found a door. We entered it and it took us into a house almost. To my left was a hallway shaped like a T with a door in the center, and possibly doors at the ends of the horizontal hallway. To might right was a wall with a door on it. The doors were all wooden. In front of me was a living room, and to my back left was a little kitchen. I decided to try the door on my right first. I walked through it and found myself in this weird warehouse-type room. It wasnít as large as the warehouse in which the city was in. I could have walked around this one in a minute, easily a minute if I ran.

    There was a metal ramp that led up then switched back and went up higher to a control room looking sort of thing. There was also some type of machine in the room. I walked up the ramps and approached the controls to find that there were four or five key inputs. Prior to this I had thought I was in some type of Korean facility, but upon reading some papers I found at the control center I realized I was in a German facility. Thatís when it hit me somehow. I gained this belief, Iím not sure where it came from, but I was in some type of experimental dream facility. It had been created and abandoned long ago, I hypothesized it had been created by nazi scientists who were conducting dream-related experiments. This place was a product of their experiments and existed in the dream realm maybe? - is what I thought (remember the part of your brain responsible for logic is largely inactive while you are dreaming)

    Unfortunately I couldnít read German so I began examining the machine. I concluded that I need a key for each key insert to activate the machine. I decided I wanted to activate the machine because it must have been the reason I was there. I went back into the room with the living room and kitchen and tried the door in the middle of the T next. It took me into an office. Inside was a nice leather chair and nice office furniture. There were book shelves and other decorations about. I began opening the desk drawers and searching for a key.

    Up until this point my dream had collapsed at least three additional times. Every time I just waited in the darkness for it to come back, refusing to try to open my eyes. I sat there, or rather existed there, thinking about the dream I was having until Iíd reenter it. I began to suspect I was approaching the end of my REM-cycle and concluded it was the reason my dream kept cutting out; my body was trying to wake up, but I wasnít letting it. While searching for the key however, I unfortunately woke up. I tried going back to sleep, but I did not reenter that same dream. Instead I began having these extremely short nonsensical dreams that always began in a random place and didnít go anywhere. I woke up from these short dreams repeatedly.

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