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    1. Tidal wave, Mexico, and frustrating sex attempts

      by , 06-17-2011 at 08:25 PM
      I was in an RV and saw a tidal wave heading right for me. I quickly realized I was dreaming because tidal waves are a huge dream sign for me for some reason. I decided to get the hell out of there because dream or not being pummeled by a tidal wave sucks. I was then in a city somewhere in Mexico. I was walking and looking around and everything was getting fuzzy and starting to go out of focus. Then I noticed the street. I could feel its rough and rigid texture through my shoes. It felt so real that I began dragging my feet along the road and was astonished by the extent to which I could feel all these little bumps and ridges. When I looked back up the dream was one of the most vivid I've ever had, things looked very real. So stoked about my lucidity I began wandering the town.

      I entered a house and remembered that people some times practiced things in their dreams. I had a test coming up, so I decided I'd try and study. I began searching for a textbook for about 10 seconds and then thought to myself, wait, study in my dream, this is stupid lol. So then I left the house back to the streets, and this is where things get really weird. I decide I want to have sex because I can't think of anything better to do at the time and there's already plenty of women walking around so I wouldn't have to do much work. I approach one, who happens to be the hot girl from sex in the city (talk about schema interaction, looking for sex while in the city = girl from sex in the city haha) and tell her we're going to have sex and I start to think of where we're going to do this. I then see this chair that looks sort of like a chair at the dentist crossed with a massage table and I walk her backwards onto it. I climb on top of her chair and she turns into an open magazine with a picture of her in it. WTF?! I shout. I go get another girl and she turns into a magazine before we even get to the chair. Finally I find some woman who is going to perform oral sex for me, as we are walking she begins to rapidly age until she looks like some broken down old crack whore, and that's when I just give up and wake up shortly after.
    2. The girl of my dreams, a basilisk, and a random sex failure

      by , 06-17-2011 at 08:21 PM
      I was in school at first. It was Mrs. Roberts class. I kept thinking about the fact that I may have not gone to all of my classes the previous day. I think I might've dreamed for two days on this campus, not two whole days, just two (dream) separate days. On the first day I walked in and looked for a seat. There was an open one right between these two cute girls. I sat down there. The desks were grouped into tables like back in grade school. The girl to my left was especially attractive and I talked with her about random things. I helped her out with something, I think it was math or school related, the class was statistics. Towards the end of the class, she was up doing something and I walked by her and patted her on the shoulder. I can't remember her specific reaction, I think she might have grabbed my hand and tossed it or something, I just remember it was fiery and flirtatious and made me laugh. Eventually the class was over. I remember all the kids at my group of desks surrounding me, asking me for something or waiting to see something of mine. I can't quite remember exactly. Eventually they left and I found myself on the ground picking up my old action figures off of the ground. I remember picking up C3PO, Goku, the Giant (wrestler), and another wrestling figure. After I picked them up, I'm not sure what I did with them, but I left the class.

      I started looking for my other class and couldn't find it so I tried looking in my bag for a class schedule. I realized I didn't have a bag and concluded I must have forgotten it back in my last class. I couldn't remember how to get there and decided to say fuck it. I started walking campus and it began to look more like a mall than a campus. That’s when it came. A gigantic basilisk. It was attacking people, people were running in terror. It was at least 100 feet long. It approached me and asked, “Do you want to fight me?” I responded, “No, I want to help you.” “Then help me break that glass”” he said as he pointed to the Footlocker store inside the mall. The mall was made up of several buildings that all had stores inside of them. I opened the door to one of these buildings and he slithered inside. He wasn’t a typical basilisk he had an upper body similar to a humans in structure, but lizard like in appearance, with a snake-like body. I walked over to the Footlocker and instead of breaking the glass, I opened the door. The people ran out and the snake-dude slithered in. I shut the door, leaving him trapped inside. I was worried he’d still be able to get out, and he did. I then coerced him outside of the building and made a break for it back inside. He began to follow me so I ran into the back right corner of the building where there was a door which led to a hotel room. I spent a little time in here. I called my mother to tell her what was going on, she told me it was all just a dream (talk about irony).

      While in the room I felt the urge to masturbate for some reason. The door to the hotel room had become more of a hallway and I was trying to find an angle at which I could masturbate without people seeing me. Eventually I saw the snake-man again and I shut the door and while I was trying to lock it, I felt the handle move down and the basilisk began to open the door. I quickly ran out the back door of the hotel room and started sprinting through the desert landscape, running alongside the length of the building. I finally made it back around to the front of it. There were still tons of people at the mall and I was confused as to why no one was evacuating or even panicking. As I was walking somehow it occurred to me: I was dreaming. I started to embrace my position of power in the dream world. I felt supercharged and ready for action. I grabbed a random person in the crowd and it turned out to be Brittany. I asked her, how do I kill the basilisk? She laughed and said you just have to try. Then, unfortunately, impulse took over and I grabbed her by the arm and we started walking toward a bench to fuck. I decided I could do it sitting down with her on top, and that way I wouldn’t focus too much on her and destroy my dream. I took my pants off, sat down, and started to remove hers. Wake fucking up. I’m not sure why, my dream didn’t collapse. I just woke up. I suppose maybe something in my house woke me up…. I really don’t know for sure though. Shoulda just fought the snake lol.
      Tags: basilisk, girl, school, sex