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    Freak Out, Fly, Repeat

    by , 03-03-2012 at 07:35 PM (144 Views)
    NOTICE: this is the last dream journal entry I made before leaving Dreamviews for an 11-year hiatus. Newer dream journal entries will have a markedly different writing quality and narrative style.

    Type: DILD.
    Lucidity: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Vividness: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

    This semi-lucid bugged the hell out of me. I was in my room upstairs, lying in bed, and then I heard my dad screaming from downstairs in a terrifying manner. I became semi-lucid, so I just decided to jump out the window and fly away, but I got stuck mid-air. Then I was suddenly in my bed again, with my dad still screaming, but this time from down the hallway outside my room! I flipped out and took a running jump out the window, in an effort to get past my dad. Once again I tried to fly, once again I got stuck, and once again I ended up in my bed, and at that point, I could feel my dad's presence right there in the bedroom. I felt something, presumably my dad, move beside me as I jumped out the window a third and final time.

    When I woke up in my bed after the third time, I was scared that I was experiencing another repeat.

    This was a total of three false awakenings, which were probably all part of the same dream because of the similar contents.

    It was early in the morning; my guess is that the time was around 7:00 AM. I was lying in my bed with my eyes closed; the unusually light and airy duvet cover was up to a little below my chin, and the bedroom was pitch-black. No light whatsoever was coming in from the single window on the wall, which was on the wall opposite of where I was facing: I was on my stomach, my head half-sunk into my pillow but turned towards the door of my room. The door was open, which led to a hallway adjacent to the entrance of my room; if you were to turn left, walk a few feet and turn right, the stairs were right there. They led downstairs to the main level of the house. There was a very, very faint yellow light coming from the hallway, most likely from downstairs, although there was no apparent light source - it was just a faded wash of a slight lighting over the entire room.

    In bed I felt very tired, like a stone. I didn't want to get up but I knew that it was time for school, so I slowly pushed the covers back; they bunched up like an accordion - I usually fold them back, but I didn't catch onto the fact that I was dreaming quite yet. It was when I actually stood up that I suddenly became aware enough to question if I was in a dream. I didn't do an RC, but I simply knew that I was asleep at a fairly low level of awareness. I looked at my night table, which was right next to my bed (and therefore beside me once I got out of bed), and noticed I didn't have an alarm clock at all there, even though there should've been one.

    I didn't say anything, though.

    Moments later, once I was out of bed, I heard my dad in the lower level of the house shouting at me in a very stern, tense voice to "get downstairs!"

    This terrified me, and I had this creeping feeling that the dream was going to become a nightmare if I just stood there. So I opened the door of my room a bit more to go through it, and I took a running leap into the hallway. The hallway was adjacent to my bedroom, with the wall opposite of the door only being a half-wall. Past that, if you were to look down, you'd be seeing the first floor. On the wall past this half-wall was a big window, and this is where I jumped into. I leaped onto the half-wall with a big jump and then glided right into the glass; however, I didn't smash it; I merely went through it like a ghost.

    It was very dark outside so I couldn't see practically anything, but I was beginning to lose lucidity anyways. I flapped my arms and kicked my legs once I got three or four feet outside the window, which didn't do much - I didn't pick up speed or even move forward that much. I was just suspended.

    I woke up in my bed.

    Or, did I?

    In actuality, I had just entered a false awakening, and it was the same scenario as before. This time, however, my dad's voice didn't come from downstairs, but in the hallway, quite a few feet away from the door of my room. I ran and jumped through the window again, still slightly conscious, but met the same predicament where I was floating, getting nowhere.

    I woke up one more time into the dream but this time, my dad's voice was coming from inside my room, which was very dark like before. It was a whisper this time, situated behind me (I was lying on my side facing my room's door again) - I didn't waste any time bolting out of bed and making a total beeline for the window. The same thing happened and at this point, I had just enough awareness left to start freaking out, wondering this time if my dad would be able to reach through the window and grab my foot, pulling me back in...

    Then I woke up for real.

    I did many reality checks after that P.O.S. dream.

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