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    You'll Never be Good Enough to Use Mjolnir!

    by , 10-04-2011 at 06:54 AM (485 Views)
    This is one of my
    Five-Star Dreams

    Type: DILD.
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    This dream was totally badass. And I never use that word. The weight of the hammer, and the force generated by swinging it and flying with it, was unbelievable. The sensations were realistic, not to mention the action was some of the best I've ever had in a lucid. Guys, if you want epic flying, speed and power all in one dream, use Mjolnir!

    At the start of the dream, I was in an area that looked like an abandoned town straight out of a Western film, but it had a slightly spooky vibe to it: there were decrepit wooden buildings in two (very straight, neatly-arranged) rows going down a flat plane of rocky, gravelly land. That was often typical of Western locations in film. An interesting twist was that in this town, there were shiny barbed wire fences connecting the sides of the buildings from one to the next, and the coloration of the dream as a whole was very pale, getting dark but not quite midnight, and blue-gray. There were some pale darker browns here and there, too. I saw a few tattered smoky white-colored flags hanging on a slightly upwards angle from the very top of a couple buildings. These flags were pretty small, probably only a foot long.

    I was walking through the town closer to the buildings on the right, traveling a bit slower than normal. I wasn't creeped out and I didn't have the ominous feeling that the dream could turn into a nightmare, but I was just slightly unsure for some reason, being cautious as I walked through the town. My gaze didn't move and I just looked down towards where the town ended, which as a whole was probably only 300 feet long. At the end, spanning from the last building on the left to the last one on the right and blocking the exit, was a large pile of shiny dark grey mud that was probably taller than it was wide, at around ten feet tall. There were large chunks of dried dark grey mud in it which were also fairly shiny, and I saw a few large black garbage bags buried amongst the gunk too.

    I walked towards this pile for a minute or so, and got within forty feet of it before I saw two men walk up to me from behind the third- or fourth-last building on the right. One of them was dressed in a red RCMP uniform and had shorter black hair, along with a black handlebar mustache. He had a long, completely silver rifle slung over his back; the strap being brown leather. The other man was in a pale green military jacket and jeans; I wasn't looking at him too much so I don't remember other details. The RCMP man looked at me intently while the other guy just started veering off, running over to the left and completely out of the picture. He probably went into a building or something.

    I stared down the man for a mere few instances and, most opportunistically, became lucid.

    It took me a few moments longer than normal to realize the extent of the fact that I was in a dream. I kind of just stood there, wide-eyed, but then I smiled and said out loud while fist pumping, "fuck yeah! Now that's what I'm talking about!"

    I looked around and felt no need to do an RC, but I did rub my hands together and walk over to the right, attempting to look at one of the buildings in detail. When I wasn't lucid the buildings all appeared normal, but upon closer observation they looked kind of funny. The building was made of lighter-colored wood logs, almost like a cabin, and was composed of two stories; the second story had a balcony with two supporting columns underneath it. The columns were not smooth, almost as if two trees had been stripped of their bark and simply placed under the structure. The balcony was not three feet above my head, making the entire building relatively short as well.

    I turned away from the building after less than a minute, and looked around. The entire location had a slight halo to it, like objects get from the mist when it's raining heavily outside. This caused things to be slightly blurry, but I was confident that the dream wouldn't destabilize because it's never happened before, even in intense, high-speed or simply exciting circumstances. The area had also taken on a slightly bluer tone; now most of the pale browns were only in the ground. I didn't notice when the change occurred, but I did notice the difference.

    "Huh! That's so cool," I said to myself, sounding interested as I scanned the area.

    The buildings were also looking a bit more destroyed than before; sort of like the ones in limbo from the film Inception. They were still made of wood, but the wood was very pale blue and broken up into lots of irregular fragments, as if they could've crumbled at any moment. All the buildings were probably only an average of ten feet tall, without more than a two or three feet variation in height.

    I then realized that I should probably do something fun. Being me, I forgot about my dream goals once again (lacking memory - I had tried to remember them but then just thought, bah, never mind, nothing good will come of that). So, instead I decided to summon an object; this object of choice was a super-powerful hammer from the film Thor called "Mjolnir" (mole - neer). I first looked back to where the man in the RCMP outfit used to be; he was gone. This spooked me a little but I shrugged and started to turn around, walking slowly down in the opposite direction. I kept my gaze up, level, and didn't look down at the ground at all, paying as little attention to it as possible. I then stopped, put my weight all on one foot (it felt like there was much more 'weight' on it than there should've been), and leaned over quite a bit. I reached my right hand down towards the ground, propping it on top of the newly-summoned Mjolnir. I felt a slight upwards pressure against my hand, as if the hammer would simply blast away if I took my hand off it. I looked down at the ground on my right-hand side now, and there it was; it was a good twenty inches long, with a slightly more elongated handle than it should've had, but it looked pretty awesome!

    It was sitting on top of a small mound of gravel and rocky ground. Actually, it was halfway stuck into this chunk of earth. I didn't move my head or body, but my eyes darted to the right, as if I was hearing something behind me. With a determined and pretty damn pissed-off look on my face, I pulled up Mjolnir in a sudden motion from my right arm, powered mostly by my shoulder. I proceeded to swing it around to the left which passed it directly in front of my face, and spun the rest of my body around, flinging it into a man I expected to be about ten feet away, but I didn't visualize him beforehand (he was dressed in a large black hoodie, the hood pulled over his face, and had a loose chain around his neck. My arm ended pointing where the hammer flew, in a straight line towards him, and I was leaned over quite a bit, with my feet firmly planted in the ground. During the swing I felt the hammer's weight, which would've been a good 20 pounds in real life - the funny thing is, it felt that heavy when I hurled it, but I didn't get a sore arm and the throw itself was pretty effortless. It was a very strange sensation; usually these two sensations don't go hand-in-hand. I guess tiredness and muscle strength isn't a factor in dreams... But still.

    The hammer whizzed right into the man at breakneck speed, going at least 100 mph if I were to guess, and I didn't see the actual impact; the man just curled backwards as the hammer hit him in the stomach and pushed him through the air at the same speed I originally saw the hammer going. There was no slight slowdown in speed on impact. Mjolnir disappeared, along with him, in an instance.

    I immediately raised my head to look up into the distant sky, off to the right, just above the buildings. Then I looked behind me a bit, turning my neck minutely, then spun around again to catch the speeding hammer that I had expected to have been racing back towards me. I let my arm drop and once again felt its weight; I noticed that the handle was a bit shorter than before when I looked down at it with a contemptuous and vengeful expression - not directed to the hammer, but the group of shady individuals I wanted to summon around me - they were here to exploit Mjolnir and take it for themselves.

    "Piece of cake," I told myself. I looked up to see a big mass of dark clouds in the distance; the sky wasn't entirely dark after all, so shapes were still discernible. The clouds were rather thick and covered a lot of area over the horizon. But my immediate vicinity was to be filled with ten or twenty 'bad guys'. I turned around, facing the same big pile of mud and garbage bags as before (but further away this time as I'd been walking away from it a bit). As I turned, I pictured a mass of people with guns, wearing the same military jacket as the guy I saw when I wasn't lucid - this was a first; usually I don't remember things from before hand.

    I ended up facing about seven or eight men. They were leaning forward a bit and looked intimidating, but their clothing was off; they were wearing regular military camo outfits, and all of them were very dark grey with barely noticeable lighter patches (to make the camo pattern). A few of them were holding tasers, but they all appeared to be frozen and not moving that much.

    "Come on!" I goaded them. "You think you deserve this, but you'll never be good enough to use Mjolnir."

    When I finished my threat, I quickly brought Mjolnir over my left shoulder and, once again, flung my right arm back out towards the group. Instead of simply letting one person get hit, I was going to imagine a burst of light blue and white, semi-transparent energy to explode from it. As soon as I let go of it for the throw, I extended my arm and held my right hand out briefly - jazz hands style - and slightly curled my fingers and thumb inwards, tensing up, and then releasing the tension quickly. A pale blue, fairly transparent curtain of smooth energy burst out in a rather flat disc (not what I'd expected, but oh well...), outwards to the left and right; it reminded me of a miniature spiral galaxy. The men dissolved into thin air, but I wasn't done yet; I wanted to fly.

    "I can hear you behind me!" I called, still facing the same direction. "But you'll never fucking catch me!"

    I maneuvered Mjolnir, again held in my right hand, waving it above my head and bending my elbow so that it was now right on top of my right shoulder. I turned my head around and saw a very dark, hazy person running towards me, in a rather scary fashion - I heard quick, omniscient shuffling noises that were growing louder and louder, even though he wasn't running fast enough to make the sound level grow like that. I scowled and stomped on the ground with my right foot, which caused the hammer to suddenly begin flying upwards at about a sixty-degree angle; it went from being right above my shoulder to a few feet in front of my in a matter of moments. I was almost immediately off the ground. My grip on the handle was firm but I didn't feel all the muscles in my hand working; I just felt the surface of it Mjolnir accelerated fast and I felt the air rush around the front of the hammer, along with some very realistic air resistance, as if it was fighting against the sky a bit. It didn't slow down though; I trailed behind it, but I wasn't really following the hammer after getting off the ground anymore. Initially I did, and I had to hold on, but now it felt like my dream body was pushing more towards the hammer, and the hammer was being pushed forward by me. I expected this force to even out, and it did.

    I flew in the sky, feeling the air and wind circulate, and I could've sworn I also felt slight coldness at one point. I had flown almost straight upright for about ten seconds at first, then I pressed my hand's grip on the handle down so the hammer changed course; I met some resistance because the hammer was set in its course, but it wasn't too bad. I tilted it down and I was now curving back towards the ground. I steered like this and after about twenty seconds I summoned a storm around me: a relatively transparent tunnel of clouds encapsulated me which obstructed my vision a bit, but then I imagined myself creating a burst of invisible energy; this made the clouds in front of me dissipate.

    I woke up when my alarm went off.

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    1. Kona's Avatar
      I really enjoy your reading your DJ. You are so descriptive, makes it petty interesting to read. Really awesome LD too, doesn't it suck getting woken up by your alarm in the middle of a great LD?
    2. Puffin's Avatar
      Thanks Kona!
      I totally despise my alarm clock upon waking up from LDs... It just makes me wonder how much longer the dream could've gone for, if it weren't for the alarm's interference.
    3. Kona's Avatar
      I really need to start having longer lucid dreams though, this DJ entry makes me so jealous haha