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    16th June 2012 - Sixth Lucid Dream [Dry Spell Broken!]

    by , 06-16-2012 at 01:59 PM (704 Views)
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    Again, I was having terrible recall this night as seems to be usual when I have a lucid dream. I never seem to have them when I have great recall, maybe it's the motivation after not recalling. I woke up for my WBTB with nothing in my journal and was reading a book to make the time pass until I went back to sleep, when I got a text message from my friend. They were freaking out because they had just realised they were dreaming and instantly woke up due to over-excitement. It was their first lucid dream and I was really happy for them. We spoke for a bit about it and then I laid back down to go to sleep. I guess I was texting my friend for too long because it took me ages to get back to sleep, but when I did I almost instantly slipped into a DILD.

    I was on a street near my house, at the intersection. I was with my friend who had just had their first lucid and I guess I figured I was in their dream, thinking I was their dream character. They were looking around in amazement at the dream world and how realistic everything was. I was super happy for them, basically guiding them to try out all sorts of things. I suggest that they fly to begin with.

    That's when it clicks, I realise that I couldn't possibly be a dream character in my friend's dream and that this must be my dream. I slipped into lucidity and for the first time didn't even do any reality checks due to how sure I was, so I became lucid entirely from awareness.

    I seem to be a lot better at flying now, I jumped up into the sky without much effort and was flying around admiring the colours of the sky. It must have been early morning because the sky was a pale orange on the horizon fading into a light blue higher in the sky, with streaks of clouds painted across it all.

    I fly down low again back into the street, when a car comes zooming around the corner and I almost smash into it, I manage to avoid it and perform some kind of ninja flip or something and land on the ground.

    Out of anger I try to fling the car across the road, but fail to begin with. I realise that my will to do so wasn't strong enough so I tried again. This time I managed to fling it across the road, then managed to stop another car in its tracks and caused a massive car crash between the two. I'm enjoying flinging cars around the place so I walk up to do this red car parked on the side of the road and try to propel it into the air. I don't seem to quite have enough power to do so because the car basically just hops up before crashing back down again.

    I decide that practicing these powers on cars isn't the best idea as it feels like I'm using all my strength to even move them slightly. I fly back up into the air slightly and look around for some people to fling around instead. Down below where I originally made the cars crash I noticed 2 people arguing, they figured that it was each other's fault that they crashed and didn't even notice that it was me who was telekinetically manipulating their cars.

    When I fly down to them I start getting into a fight with them, practicing my telekinetic powers by throwing them all across the street. I seem to get a little too involved in the story here and my lucidity fades a bit, I'm almost back into non-lucidity but I still have some awareness of the fact that it's a dream.

    Soon my non-lucid mind begins to get worried about fighting these guys, I don't want to get a broken tooth or anything. Then the part of me that's still lucid reassures myself that it's a dream and nothing bad will really happen. The fight scene continues until my viewpoint kind of pulls out to a third-person aspect, a common element of my dreams. I'm just watching myself and these guys battle it out in the middle of the intersection, as I'm flinging them about telekinetically to keep them away from me, despite being almost completely non-lucid at this point.

    Then my lucid mind kicks in again, I start examining the whole third-person view that I'm experiencing and noticing how strange it is, I try to "pull" myself back into first-person but the best I manage to do is zoom in a bit.

    The dream eventually fades to black, I can hear the sounds of the arguments and fighting still continuing and I try to grasp onto the dream. I momentarily get the image to fade back in before it quickly fades again and I find myself back in my bed. I still have the sensations on my waking body that my dream body had while laying there recalling my dream, quite an interesting experience.
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    1. Wurlman's Avatar
      Mr destroyer what's up with u throwing stuff around lmao I love it! Nice lucid. time for one more this weekend?! Good luck
    2. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      I laughed the whole time I read your dream RareCola, you flinging people and cars around. I'm sitting at the bar, and people are looking at me funny everytime I laugh at my computer screen.

      ANYway, I'm really impressed with how you pulled yourself back into lucidity.. twice even. Not easy to have the wherewithal to do that, I'm really impressed. I honestly can't recall ever being able to come back after losing lucidity. Seriously well done man.