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    1. 12th September 2012 - 21st Lucid Dream [I'm in spppaacceeeeeeee]

      by , 09-12-2012 at 02:48 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I was hanging out with my mum and we decided to go and get some pizza for dinner. We headed upstairs in our house, which had apparently turned into a floor dedicated to restaurants and fast-food joints. We head into my parents' bedroom which was now a pizza place called "mama's pizza" or something. They had a deal where if you got 3 toppings on your pizza you got a second pizza for free. We asked for a menu and I seemed to be unfolding the thing for ages, it was ridiculously long once it had all been unfolded. I found the pizza section and they had the most bizarre toppings. We decided to go with pepperoni, plum and onion. We were debating the apricots instead of the onion, but chose against it.

      We waited for a while and finally our food was ready, although, instead of pizza they had served us up gigantic salmon fillets with our chosen toppings on. We decided to just walk out without paying and go to another pizza place.

      Across the hall in my brother's bedroom (which was supposedly Pizza Hut) we wonder why it's just a bedroom when it had a huge "Pizza Hut" sign on the door. We walk out and go into my bedroom, labelled as Domino's Pizza, and the same issue occurs.

      I become lucid randomly and, as always when I become lucid, I do the most random things to stabilise. I start grabbing onto portions of my mother's hair and stroking my fingers through it. When I'm satisfied with the level of stabilisation I head over to the wall I always use to phase through in my lucid dreams. I remember the Advanced Task of the Month and will myself to go there, but when I walk up to the wall I just smack my face into it. I keep trying to push myself through, but nothing happens.

      I give up on this goal for now because I didn't want to waste the lucidity. I go downstairs and in the living room I decide to try conjuring up an energy ball in my hands. Nothing really happens at first, I'm holding my hands with a small ball shape space in the middle and specks of ambient light are shining out of it as I try to conjure the energy ball. I move on to trying to do a "Kamehameha Wave" from the Dragonball series. I pull my hands back and it works right away, an orb or blue light starts growing in size in my hands and but when I release it, a beam of light is just projected in the direction I point with no destructive force. I try again multiple times with varying degrees of success, when I notice how stunning the outside world looks.

      It almost looks like it's snowing, although it's far too dark for that. I assume it's ash, like what you get after a volcano erupts. Somebody had placed a huge cover over my Dad's car, but the rest of the street was completely barren, not a car or person in sight.

      I was going to phase through the window to get outside, but I remember the failed attempt with the wall so I decide to just punch the window, breaking it. Initially there's a huge fist hole in the glass and slowly it begins shattering into tiny pieces, soon spreading to all other panes of glass in the window. It's fascinating to watch as it crumbles apart.

      I climb up through the window and head outside. It's no longer snowing ash and most of what settled on the ground seems to have disappeared. The next portion is somewhat blurry and I think I briefly lost lucidity. I was using a wall as if it was a keyboard and typing to a friend, saying something along the lines of "Isn't it awesome how I'm sending you this message from inside a lucid dream?!"

      Afterwards, my lucidity fully returns and I walk out into the middle of the street performing reality checks to stabilise. There's a zombie behind me wrapped up in chains and slightly in front of it I notice a truck with cages stacked on it slowly making its way down the street. Up the front of the truck was another zombie in one of these cages and then I notice even more similar cages lined up down the street in front of everyone's houses.

      I fly up in the air, deciding to ignore the distraction and remembering my goal to fly into space. I fly higher and higher until I get to a point where the scenery in the distance just kind of "cuts off", as if it's a chunk of Google Maps which is taking a while to load. I turn around and ignore it, continuing to fly up. I'm at the highest I've ever been while flying and I can see the curvature of the world now.

      I notice how awesome the sky looks, there's lots of dark clouds interlaced with white ones and a deep blue sky. Over in the distance I notice a thunderstorm starting, so I hurry and fly up through the clouds before it makes its way over to me.

      Upon reaching the atmosphere I'm astounded by the awesome appearance of the sun as it shimmers over the Earth's surface. The clouds had cleared now and it's almost cartoon-like how detailed I can see the Earth's land from this high up. I turn around, briefly blinded by looking directly at the sun, until I find the moon.

      I fly towards it leaving the Earth behind. When I reach it I'm shocked at how small my subconscious had chosen to depict it, it was so small I could see a pretty sharp curvature after landing on the moon's surface. I look towards the Earth and notice again how unrealistically small it is, my subconscious had depicted it as so far away from the moon. Regardless, I'm amazed at how everything looks. From here I can see the other planets in our solar system in the distance and the sun glimmering over the Earth.

      At this point I'm reminded of the video game "Portal", and just that thought is enough to trigger a schema and an orange portal is formed on the moon's surface, right in front of me. I'm pleased with my first ever portal creation, albeit somewhat small. I stick my head through it and see what looks like a lab with DCs discussing something on the other side of the room. I pull back out of the portal and try to make it bigger without much luck, so I just try squeezing through.

      I end up being sucked in and I'm now standing upright in this lab, portal closed behind me. I quickly discover that what the DCs were talking about was a self-destruct sequence for this room. Myself and two others were left behind in here and we were rapidly trying to find a way out. The hatch the other DCs used to escape had been sealed and upon trying to open a new portal it doesn't lead anywhere as the previous portal exit had closed.

      I tell one of the DCs with me, a tall man with dark hair, to grab onto my hand and squeeze it. I use his squeezing as an anchor onto the dream world so that I can close my eyes and use lucid powers to find a way out of here. He grabs hold of my hand but starts questioning me as to what I'm doing. I tell him to shut up as I can't concentrate and, finally, I close my eyes and focus on the squeezing sensation from his hand.

      Soon I get a "vision" of sorts in the darkness. I see a ventilation shaft that we can escape through. I explain this to them and we rush towards it, slipping down through the tight gap.

      We appear on the other side and the scene transition has made me lose lucidity, which I'm frustrated over because I would have been able to complete the Basic Task of the Month.

      We seem to be in an engine room, but I soon discover that we've simply become incredibly small, or we're just on a huge circuit board. There are transistors, a CPU and huge wires which look like vines. Everything in here is running at extreme temperatures so we have to avoid touching any of them, otherwise we'd turn into roast human.

      The others leave me behind and I struggle to make my way through without touching anything. I briefly scrape against a small white box and feel the heat scorch my arm. I cringe and move on, making my way to this ladder and burning myself multiple times in the journey.

      We all climb the ladder together and I wake up.

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    2. 4th September 2012 - 19th & 20th Lucid Dreams [Follow the dark path!]

      by , 09-04-2012 at 02:15 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      19th Lucid Dream:
      I was back in school with all my old friends and for some reason I had taken my dream journal with me. Somebody asked me what it was and I avoided the subject in fear of them reading my dreams.

      After a short while of talking about all kinds of subjects (most of which I don't even recall) we got back onto the subject of lucid dreaming. Apparently one of my friends had a lucid dream by accident and everyone was calling her crazy for thinking she could have had this experience. I whipped out my dream journal to prove to them that it did exist. When they were all convinced we started talking about fun things to do in a lucid dream. Somebody was talking about how awesome it would be to have a really dark and sadistic dream. I decided to see if I could have a lucid nap, so I laid my head on the desk and "fell asleep", despite already being asleep.

      There was a pretty instant scene transition and I was immediately lucid. I was at the bottom of this beautiful grassy hill with white fences leading up a paved path and at the top a castle with a huge, grand entrance. I climbed the hill and upon reaching the top I recall reading something about following different signs in a dream for the style of dream you want to have. In this case I had two very distinct paths, an angelic, glowing white entrance to this castle and a dark, dead graveyard-looking scene to the right hand side.

      I was compelled to head towards the dark path, considering the conversation I had in the non-lucid prior to this. I jumped down off the small ledge and ended up in what looked like a dead wheat field. It was all dark greys with these blood-coloured crystals scattered around embedded in stone pillars. In the middle was a ruined stone shack and I climbed up on top of it. Below was a cellar which had been exposed, and I was ready to jump down into it.

      Before jumping I figured I would reality check to solidify my lucidity. As I did the scene became increasingly vivid and I began thinking about the fact that when I woke I would have to write down this dream in the middle of the class that I had fell asleep in. Not knowing that the previous experience was just a dream and I was actually asleep in bed.

      I jumped down inside, it was an extremely enclosed space of ruined stone walls. Through a hole in one of the walls I saw these stones moving about by themselves. I slipped through the hole and on the other side I saw all of these stones come together and form a sort of earth elemental creature. He charged at me but I grabbed hold of his stone hand and swung him around in circles, like I was doing an around-the-world with a yo-yo, and let him go, smashing him into the ground and breaking him apart. He reformed and almost squashed me amongst all of the rocks coming together on top of me, but I ducked and managed to avoid it.

      I noticed more of these stone creatures forming to guard this bridge in the distance so to kill two birds with one stone (no pun intended) I ran up to this closest earth elemental and avoided the sword he started slashing at me. I grabbed hold of him again and launched him the other earth elementals in the distance, smashing them all to pieces.

      As I started walking up to the bridge, the dream faded to black and I woke.

      20th Lucid Dream:
      I was sitting in my kitchen with my parents, I can't remember what we were talking about but I do remember the torrential rainfall occurring outside.

      At some point the rain briefly stopped before snow started gushing out of the sky. It got increasingly large until snowball-sized snowflakes were falling down. I was convinced that I wasn't dreaming, but I seemed to get the idea to reality check anyway.

      As I checked my hands, I was baffled when I discovered I was in fact dreaming. I had to check multiple times to believe it. I stood up and headed to the door, and instead of opening it to go outside like I've done in my previous dreams I figured I would just phase through it.

      I walked through and I got the same sense walking through it as I did when I scene transitioned when walking through a wall in a previous dream. All of the images rushed by my view, clearing way for pitch blackness. I was sitting in a sort of void, waiting for a new scene to form but nothing was coming, I was just a floating consciousness in the pitch blackness without a body.

      Somehow, I started walking regardless. I was stepping aimlessly through the darkness and trying to come up with a scene that I could create. My attempts, however, were futile. As I continued walking I seemed to just step into the waking world and found myself back in my bed.
    3. 25th August 2012 - 18th Lucid Dream [Meeting my mother in her childhood]

      by , 08-25-2012 at 07:12 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      As expected, my dry spell finally broke when most unexpected. I went to bed late last night and was worried about dream recall, let alone lucidity. I woke up for my WBTB and remembered no dreams but shortly after I tried to go back to sleep I was disturbed by my Dad. Apparently we had a power cut and he wanted me to call the power company to find out when it was back on. This resulted in a much longer WBTB than I usually have (About 30-40 minutes, as apposed to my 10-15 minute normal ones). I went back to sleep after a lot of rolling around trying to relax after waking myself up so much and the following dream occurred.

      I was in a supermarket of some kind queuing up with my mother when we bumped into my aunt, my sister and my niece. We all decide to go for a picnic and as we're heading to the park my niece picks up a blade of grass, attempting to perform a grass whistle but doesn't seem to be succeeding. I laugh and figure I'd show her how to do it later on.

      We get to the park and we set up on this picnic bench. My sister pulls out these cards and wants to try this game with me. I'm not entirely sure what happened with the first game, she had some Pokemon drawn on these cards and it was something about matching their colours to country flags. Really confusing.

      The second game was much more interesting. The cards now had moving images on them of old 1950s style streets, with retro cars driving around them and the game was to count all of the cars in the scene. At some point I just became part of the scene, I was no longer looking at the cards and watching it, I was walking around the streets myself. I then noticed on the side of the road a lime-coloured extremely modern car which first prompted my awareness.

      As I continue walking I enter a sort of layer zero mindset, somewhat knowing what I'm experiencing wasn't waking reality but not fully lucid yet. I'm heading down this street and keep trying to pull my awareness forward, it's really hard to describe, almost like flicking switches in my brain to become lucid.

      I finally reach a point of awareness where I know I'm dreaming. Everything looks amazing, the wind against my skin and the vividness of the trees around me. I even notice the warmth of the sun and how it makes me squint as I walk into it.

      At this point I remember to reality check, just to stabilise myself more into the dream state. Something I've been forgetting to do in any lucid experiences recently which have resulted in them quickly dying out or fading back into non-lucidity. I lift my hands and my fingers had their normal odd lengths so I knew I was dreaming. I got really exciting, finally I was lucid again!

      I decided to stray away from the path of the dream and phase myself through this hedge on the side of the road that I'm standing on. I enter somebody's yard, it's huge and inside the house I see a man cooking dinner but decide to ignore him. As I'm walking down the side of this house, tracing the grey cobbled wall, I remember that I wanted to summon a dream character. I also remember that the best way to do this would be passively.

      I come to near the end of the wall that I'm tracing and I say to myself "When I get around this corner, my mum will be standing there." for some reason at this point I look down to the ground and the wall seems to extend further beyond its original point, my subconscious obviously toying with me. I pay more focus to this wall and finally reach the end.

      I turn the corner and I'm disappointed, nobody was standing there! I'm about to walk back behind the wall to try again when I see a character running towards me from a distance. I recognise that it's my mum immediately, although, she looks about 6 or 7 years old and tagging along behind her is her twin sister and my aunt. I'm completely baffled at my subconscious power to do this without me even suggesting it or having anything to prompt it!

      They're running around me laughing and I can't help but laugh with them. The hilarity of meeting my mother as a child was just too much. I go to sit down with them on a bench and again am insanely glad that I'm finally lucid!

      I start thinking about where I fell asleep, for some reason while lucid I thought I fell asleep in the park from my non-lucid segment before this DILD. I was going to wake up and not have my dream journal to write the lucid down in! Thinking about waking must have shocked my subconscious because the dream sort of "jumped", as if it briefly zoomed in and then zoomed back out rapidly before fading to black and the dream ended. I didn't have any time to stop it.

      I fade back into waking life, and at first I'm somewhat confused that I'm in my bedroom considering I thought I was in a park in my lucid. I jump up and immediately write down my lucid in my dream journal, ecstatic that my dry spell was broken.

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    4. 31st July 2012 - 17th Lucid Dream [Ice-cream is delicious]

      by , 07-31-2012 at 05:35 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I was at a mall, and I was supposed to be shopping with somebody but they ditched me so I was wandering around trying to find something interesting to do. I came across this ice-cream parlour with all kinds of different tubs of ice-cream. I opt for the cookie dough ice-cream and walk away, trying to find my friend.

      I open up my ice-cream and realise that it wasn't quite filled to the top, and of course this is unacceptable so I go back to the parlour and look around for a tub that's sufficiently filled. Whilst looking around, this woman jumps up on the table and starts chanting something, I can't recall what it was but it was freaky enough to scare everyone else away. I was too intent on finding my ice-cream to care about it too much.

      I'm searching through all these ice-creams, trying out all the different flavours as I went. I was quite fond of the orange-vanilla flavoured pink icecream, with a layer of chocolate marshmallow underneath. The vividness of flavour for a non-lucid was pretty impressive.

      At one point, I suddenly just enter a low level of lucidity and know I'm dreaming, but I'm still too involved in the dream. The woman who was chanting begins screaming "My boobs are going to explode into the ice-cream tubs!" and this causes the remainder of the people to run away and I'm just standing here eating my ice-cream. She starts laughing as her boyfriend comes in and they celebrate that they've successfully scared everyone away and now they can freely steal the remaining ice-cream without being caught.

      It starts getting really weird. I walk up to the two people and, being enthralled that everything is a creation of my imagination and still being in a low level of lucidity, I start feeling their hair and being amazed at how realistic the sensations were. They don't seem to care that I'm randomly brushing my hand through their hair, they don't even acknowledge my presence. Soon enough they just start having sex, right there in the ice-cream parlour.

      I go to walk out of the shop, when I'm stopped by this man wearing a "Manager" badge. He yells at us, and we're all teleported out of the shop. Thankfully, the people who started having sex were now fully dressed. I'm somewhat angry at them for getting me teleported out when I did nothing wrong, so I levitate them into the air and try to throw them forward, but when I look up after levitating them, they had disappeared!

      I flew up to look for them, figuring they had just gone over this hill, but they were nowhere to be found.

      For some reason at this point my consciousness has a bump, and I want to try recalling waking memories. As soon as I start trying to recall, the dream fades and I wake up.
    5. 24th July 2012 - 16th Lucid Dream [My sub-conscious sure is creative....]

      by , 07-24-2012 at 11:42 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I'm at a convention of sorts, similar to ComicCon, there's people all around in costumes and lots of booths for all different kinds of TV Shows and games.

      I'm fighting my way through the hustle and bustle when I realise that I've lost my friends. I look around for them but can't seem to find them anywhere, when I notice a board that mentions a chess tournament will be happening in a few minutes, something that my dream self was really interested in going to. Though I don't know why, I never play chess in waking life!

      I head to the conference hall where the tournament was being held and queue up. There are a lot of people apparently wanting to play chess, as the queue is ridiculously long. Eventually when I get inside I'm guided to a table and sit down with this old man and a girl with long, ginger hair.

      I immediately notice the intricacies of the table and the chess board that's built into it. It's made of some kind of expensive wood and looks like it must have taken hours to craft all of the details in the chess pieces and the table itself.

      The tournament is about to start when I notice I'm missing a sheet of paper, which was required to partake in the tournament as we had to note something or other down, though, I forget what exactly. I ask for a piece of paper from the tournament host, she walks away and brings me this blank sheet of paper.

      I look up, thank her, and when I look down again my sheet of paper is now filled with text that I can't make out, besides the name "Jane" signed at the bottom. I flip it over and it's blank on this side, but I'm becoming suspicious. When I look away and back again, this side is now filled with words too.

      The ginger girl sitting on the table turns around and mentions that I got handed an already filled piece of paper to the tournament host, while I look down at my hands and reality check. I become lucid, though because of the long dream beforehand I guess I was nearing the end of my dream and I can feel the dream fading after the bump in consciousness.

      I'm focusing on the wrinkles in my hands to stabilise a bit, before swiping my hands over the wooden table to solidify my presence in the dream world and everything comes back into view.

      Ginger girl is still talking to the tournament host, I stand up and for some reason my not fully conscious lucid-dreaming self decides to attempt to blast wind from my hands to make her hair poof up, as if she was in a hurricane. I set up expectation and imagine how it would occur and gesture my hands towards her. Nothing happens with her hair but she simply shouts out "POOF!" in the middle of talking to the tournament host.

      I try again and again, "POOF!, POOF!, POOOOOFFF!" until she turns her head and glares at me, clearly angry that I keep interrupting her conversation. I'm somewhat startled and the dream fades to black and I find myself back in my bed.

      I briefly attempt a DEILD but my mind seems to wander too much and I can't fall back asleep anyway, presumably because of how late it was in my sleep cycle (already about 8 hours) and decide to just get up and write down my dream.

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    6. 21st July 2012 - 14th & 15th Lucid Dreams [Maybe successful WILD?]

      by , 07-21-2012 at 02:23 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I was attempting a WILD and became the closest I've ever got. I felt like I was in full sleep paralysis but despite this wasn't seeing or hearing any hallucinations. (I'm beginning to think hallucinations just don't happen for me, each time I've been in sleep paralysis I've never had any. Or maybe I've just not been in complete sleep paralysis yet.) After I while I got the urge to roll over, but resisted and just tried to focus on the HI I was seeing. I got quite uncomfortable, finding it hard to breathe, noticing the heat and weight of the duvet on top of me. But then... I don't remember anything else.

      Next I know I'm in a dream, first thing I remember after attempting the WILD is being in this room where I'm checking my hands and fortifying the lucidity.

      I walk out of the room and see that I'm in a tropical rainforest, similar to the place I was previously incubating with HI. I walk around for a bit but the dream becomes unstable and incredibly blurry. I rub my hands together and feel all the texture of the world around me, managing to re-stabilise the dream.

      I walk into this open expanse. I'm still not fully conscious in the dream, but I guess the incubation I had of chinese dragons in the sky of this tropical rainforest enters my mind, as I take to the skies and try transforming into a chinese dragon. I see myself in the reflections of the waters and I am still in human form, but I am weaving effortlessly through the sky, just like a chinese dragon.

      I have a false awakening. I'm laying on the floor in this room, surrounded by people talking about lucid dreaming. I get the impression that I'm a sort of test subject, but I also don't want to be here. I attempt to DEILD while still laying on the floor while in this dream, but I think I woke up properly and DEILDed because the voices of the people disappeared and I vaguely remember the feeling of my bed for a few seconds before I entered the next dream.

      I'm instantly lucid in my kitchen. I decide to try turning the lights on and off, just to experiment with dream physics. They turn on, but I'm unable to turn them off again, so I just head outside.

      It's early morning, there's sporadic streaks of orange darted about the dark cloudy sky. I begin walking to the street when I hear footsteps coming up behind me. I turn around and my mum's there. She hands me this cup she has in her hands, but when I try to take it she resists me, similar to a lucid dream previously. My lucid DC version of her seems to be very aggressive, I've noticed.

      After a short while of struggling, I decide to try yelling commands at the dream, something I hadn't tried before. I yell "Let go of the cup!" and sure enough, she immediately stops. Almost robotically she yields the cup over to me. I wonder what else I could try with yelling commands, so to make sure my DC mum doesn't interfere with my lucidity as she has a tendency to be a pest in my lucids, I yell "Jump up and fly away!" she looks at me, somewhat confused, before leaping into the sky and flying away. I chuckle at how comically she flew away, and then take to the skies myself, flying in the opposite direction. I'm still holding on to the cup, using it as dream stabilisation by focusing on the solidity and texture of it. I decide I don't need it after a while and simply drop it.

      I hear a crash and a yell behind me and I assume my mum had crash landed, but I don't really pay it any attention. I'm more interested in the DC that's standing on the street, in awe at the fact that I'm flying. I land and for some reason electrocute them with my hands. There's no electricity graphical representation, but as I aim my hands at them they shake violently before collapsing onto the ground.

      I remember the Task of the Month, to find alien life and go on a date with one of them. I try conjuring a portal on the nearby wall, to no avail. I decide to use the door technique to change scenes with the door on the house nearby, but like every other time I've tried it I seem to not focus enough beforehand and simply walk through the door.

      I'm inside this house and close the door behind, struggling to get it to latch on. The house has a seemingly endless hallway with lots of tiny rooms with people doing various tasks in each of them. I was looking for another door to try the door technique but every room in this house was open-plan.

      Without warning, I have another false awakening. I'm back laying on the floor surrounded by these people. They've moved on to a different topic now but I still don't want to be here. I seem to get this pop-up in front of me, as if my eyes were a computer screen. It asks "Do you wish to leave the room?" To which I click "Yes."

      I end up in a different room, I have no clue where I am but don't have time to find out. The dream fades to black and I wake up in my bed, completely confused. I wonder if I should DEILD again but after the long stream of dreams I decide I'd be better off simply journalling them so I didn't forget any details.
    7. 9th July 2012 - 13th Lucid Dream [Successful Scene Transition!]

      by , 07-11-2012 at 05:53 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      The dream started non-lucid, in this random person's house with a friend. We were fascinated over the kitten that this person owned, it was really miniature, small enough to be cupped in your hand, and it frequently went into this "slug-like" pose where it tucked its legs under its body and and squinted its eyes. I was petting the kitten as my friend held it and eventually it got really angry, hissing at my friend and standing up before leaping out of her hand and running away as fast as it could with its tiny legs.

      We laugh, and tell the owner of the house that we really should be going. She insists that we stay until her husband gets back with dinner that he's picking up from a restaurant as we must try this food before we leave. We agree, but state that we really need to have a shower as we hadn't had one for a while due to travelling.

      We're pointed upstairs and upon reaching the top, I ask my friend why it is that every house I'm in always resembles the layout of my own house.

      That's when I become lucid, I realise that of course it's a lucid dream and although my hand check seems to fail, I focus on my hand anyway to try and stabilise the dream as it's quite blurry all of a sudden. I walk into the bathroom where my friend is preparing for her shower and realise if I stay here I will probably get caught up in the dream and lose lucidity, as has happened before.

      I walk out of the bathroom and to make sure I don't get caught up in the dream again, attempt to lock the bathroom door. There's no lock on the outside, so I look away and make one up, soon enough I hear the sound of the door locking and try to decide what to do next.

      I remember I wanted to practice scene transitions, something that I'm not too good at it. I walk into a bedroom when I realise too late that I could have used the door as a method of scene transitioning. At this point I also remember the Task of the Month, but I'm too intent on completing my other goal to really focus on that.

      I walk up to the wall in this bedroom and decide I will phase through it into a new scene. The wall is solid at first, but after some trying I eventually start slipping through. It isn't like when I usually slip through walls in my lucid dreams, I usually just get a "tight" feeling as I squeeze through the wall and appear on the other side. This time as my head approached the wall and started going through it my vision became blurred, everything was going fuzzy but when it came back into focus I had passed through the wall and I was in my new scene.

      Just like a previous lucid, I was picturing my "Mushroom Valley" photo-manipulation, and while I didn't quite achieve what I was picturing, I came pretty close. I was in a desert-like environment, only there were patches of dead grass dotted around. In front of me were multiple "pyramids", but they weren't really pyramids, they were giant cubes.

      As I'm inspecting the scene it starts to change colour in front of me. Instead of everything being a shade of sandy beige and browns the cubes change colour to a deep red. I want the previous colour back so I lift my hand and sweep it over the scene in front of me and as it passes over, the colours return to normal.

      I take flight and fly towards the cubes. I've become infinitely better at flying now, with none of the turning issues I had previously. I think it was because I wasn't particularly trying to fly and just let it happen. As I approach the cubes they seem to turn a reddish colour again, but as I go in between them and start flying throughout the "streets" that these cubes had created, I noticed that the cubes seem to be made of loads of sheets of paper all stacked on top of each other. I could see the thin lines, just as a stack of paper of would like, only in giant form.

      As I near the end of the passageway between the cubes I think to myself, "I hope I recall the details of this dream" because everything I was seeing in that moment was so insanely vivid.

      I land on the other side of the cubes on some of the grass. There seems to be a "cutaway" here where the dream scene didn't quite stretch out to this point because the grass I was standing on was normal, green grass instead of the dead grass like I had imagined in my original scene. I kind of stretch out the dead grass, changing all the green I could see into dead variety by lifting my hands up and willing it.

      As I turn around though, I notice behind me that everything was a lush green, it was a park of sorts, I noticed people in the distance and I recall laughing from somewhere. The trees were unique, they were the shape of palm trees with palm-tree style leaves, only the leaves and branches were arranged in a way that a Christmas Tree would be.

      As I walk closer to this lush landscape I decide I want to try another colour-transition, I want to make everything green into a vivid blue. I try swiping my hand across the scene but this proves harder than simply making things dead as nothing happens.

      I then try to focus on a single tree to begin with, I walk up to it and place my hands on the trunk, only to be stabbed by these tiny, sharp pieces of bark that were poking out all over the tree. I rub my hands in pain before finding a safe space on the trunk to place my hands. I look down to the floor and try to imagine the tree leaves being blue, but when I look up I had only turned them yellow.

      Things become slightly less clear here, next thing I know I'm walking away from the tree singing a song, which seems to be a combination of two songs. One of the lyrics in the song was "A million miles down below" and this sprung the idea in my head to try another scene change to at the bottom of the ocean.

      Alas, before I got a chance to try it the dream faded more and more until I was in "the black" and eventually back in the waking world.
    8. 4th July 2012 - 11th & 12th Lucid Dream [Basic Task of the Month for July]

      by , 07-04-2012 at 02:22 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      11th Lucid Dream:
      I was in my living room watching a movie about lucid dreaming, it was being live recorded on the street outside my house, so when I realised I went to the window to watch instead of watching on the TV. The movie was about this couple who had discovered lucid dreaming and lost themselves in the dream world, they were stuck inside it and there were adventures they had to go through to learn how to control their lucid powers.

      Near the end of the movie, they master control over their powers and the woman walks out into the street, lifts her hands and all the houses on the other side of my road start to burn, slowly at first with the bushes and flowers in their gardens catching alight and then eventually spreading into the houses themselves.

      The woman walks closer to me, faces me and starts singing a song with the burning buildings behind her. I open up the window so I can hear her voice better. It's angelic and very powerful, I was blown away. When she finishes the song, the movie closes out.

      I introduce myself to her and say how much I enjoyed the movie, though I critiqued some parts of the script and she agreed. I soon realise that the actor is the woman who played Piper from the TV Show "Charmed" and we began talking about how great it would be to reshoot that show with today's special effects.

      Somehow, I just become lucid although it's not complete lucidity, but I know that I'm dreaming. (A common occurrence recently, just randomly becoming lucid with no actual trigger). Me & Piper start flying around looking down on the burning street below us.

      The guy who also starred in the movie with Piper flew up to us and handed Piper a package. We flew down next to my house and she opens it, overjoyed about whatever was inside, I wasn't paying much attention.

      I was playing around with lucid powers, wondering whether it would be possible to "stick" my feet to the wall. I propped one foot up against the wall and imagined it sticking. I assume it did despite not really doing any tests to back that up, but I lift up my other foot and stick that to the wall too. I was now leaning against the wall with my feet stuck to it, wondering how I was going to unstick them.

      Suddenly I remember about the Task of the Month, although I remembered the wrong one. I was still thinking about doing the mirror task from June. I wasn't able to do it anyway because my feet were stuck to this wall, but shortly afterwards the dream faded. I tried to pull it back but I opened my eyes and I was in the waking world.

      12th Lucid Dream [Basic Task of the Month]:
      I was in a dream as a child in a bed, or possibly a crib. There was a woman standing over me and she conjured a rainbow in her hands and passed it to me. I managed to lift my hand up and block the rainbow, to the woman's surprise. She seemed to be shocked that I had such control over my "powers".

      I realised I was dreaming and morphed back into my normal bedroom and body. I still had the rainbow in my hands and I was juggling it from hand to hand, enthralled by the multi-coloured streaks it was making as I threw it about. I realised I should probably do something of worth, so I got up out of bed and rubbed my hands together to stabilise. The rainbow disappeared as I rubbed my hands together also.

      I walked up to my door and recalled the door technique that I wanted to try. For some reason a piece of artwork I made a few years ago popped into my head, a photo-manipulation titled "Mushroom Valley". [Pictured Below]

      I did my best to recall this image, focusing that it would be there when I passed through the door, but then I remembered the Task of the Month. I again recalled the mirror one but this time realised that it was from June. I was struggling to recall what the tasks were for July, but eventually the basic task came to me.

      I opened my door and the door trick only partially worked, I wasn't in "Mushroom Valley", just my hallway but the carpet had turned a browny golden, similar to the image, and the light shining in reflected the same mood as the image. I was quite impressed with how well the scene managed to change.

      I walked into my bathroom and I guess I took inspiration from Burke's basic task story because I saw a bottle of listerine on the side. I wanted to make it a bit more interesting though, so I turned around to face the wall and pictured a glass potion bottle full of a glowing liquid.

      When I turned back around, sure enough there was a glass bottle there. It was more like a glass jug, with a pouring spout but the handle which was also made of glass was all intertwined and intricate. Inside was a green, bubbling liquid. I picked up the potion and decided not to smell it incase it put me off.

      When I took a sip I was instantly shocked, it was strong and carbonated like a soda but infinitely more powerful. My tongue started to tingle and went numb and my ears were ringing. I was flinching in pain, but eventually it faded.

      I decided to try again but this time I seemed to enjoy the taste. It was interesting drinking in a dream, something I hadn't experienced before. I noticed to begin with it was hard to try and get the feeling of swallowing the liquid, but when I managed to control it the taste went from something somewhat mild like a lime-flavoured water to a powerful citrus, lime carbonated drink. Almost a lime soda but it tasted better than that.

      I had drunk half the potion by this time. I put the bottle down and was worried about what would happen. I tried to walk away but I stumbled and my vision was becoming blurred, it's like the potion had made me drunk. My heart started beating really fast and I was about to fall over when the dream faded and I was back in the waking world, my heart still beating fast.
    9. 27th June 2012 - Tenth Lucid Dream [Meeting myself in a DILD]

      by , 06-27-2012 at 02:49 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I was a prisoner in this castle, the dream started with plotting an escape with another prisoner. We ran out of the castle and across these thin stone blocks suspended above a ravine, as we stepped on the thin stone blocks they began to crack so standing on them for too long wasn't an option. We ran across them as quickly as possible until we came to a more solid stone block where we planned what to do next.

      Nearby there was this machine of sorts spinning at high speed consistently. We figured that if we managed to jump on this machine we could launch ourselves from it up and over the castle walls. Things turned slightly insane here. We leapt on the machine and propelled ourselves, one at a time, to try and get over the wall. With each failed attempt we seemed to reset back to the beginning and we were able to try again.

      Soon enough, I managed to land on the castle walls and I thought it'd be a simple task of just hopping over the other side, but there was another wall preventing me from doing so on this end. To get to the other end of the castle wall involved trying to get through a blockade of heavy stones that were swinging relentlessly back and forth across it.

      I jumped back over the edge of the wall and rappelled along the side. After almost getting hit by the swinging stones, I made it across to the other side. I was cheering at the prisoner who was with me, who was still failing at his attempts to get up here. Little did I know the side of the wall that I rappelled to was actually a guard tower.

      I was re-captured and then I had a scene change. Next thing I know I'm again with the other prisoner who I was trying to escape with, performing kitchen duty. We apparently hadn't eaten for days and we were both starving so we sneakily stole some of the leftover food and took it back to our room. To our surprise, after finishing our shift the head of the kitchen staff praised us for our good work and handed us a huge plate of food as thanks. We rapidly tried to hide the stolen food as the guy brought the food into our room and we somehow got away with it.

      Another scene change to after we finished eating, and I noticed that with the food we got given was a Christmas Cracker, despite it not being Christmas. I pulled it open regardless just to see what was inside. At this point my roommate left and the whole scene seemed to shift from the castle prison room area to a room in my house. I pulled out a pair of green sunglasses from the Christmas Cracker and decided I wanted to try them on.

      I looked in a nearby mirror and took off my normal eyeglasses, then looked in the mirror again and I was completely confused when I could still see perfectly and the glasses were still on my face. I held my hand up and touched the area of my face where my glasses were supposed to be and felt nothing. I rubbed it a bit to make sure and when I took my hand away it looked as if I had "erased" an area of the glasses. I'm completely spun out and I have no idea what's happening.

      I held my hands up and finally realised that it was a dream after seeing that I have short, stubby fingers. I recall going to sleep after attempting a WILD despite the ridiculously long dream that occurred before this. I walk into a nearby bedroom in my house, all of the bedsheets are on the floor and for some reason my friend is making the bed. The dream is ridiculously vivid here and I have to remind myself it's a dream.

      I decide to talk to my friend, as conversations in my dreams are quite rare. I say "Hey", and without once looking at me my friend says "You know you aren't awake yet? I want to make your bed." -- This shocks me, but I continue the conversation with "I know, I'm in a lucid dream."

      Some more conversation later that I don't really recall, only that my friend is really cold towards me and also seems to be incredibly witty, a personality that she doesn't share in real life. I'm interested by how different the dream personality is.

      I decide to check out my bedroom, I thought that maybe I would be able to see myself sleeping if my dream character stated that I wasn't awake yet. I opened the door and sure enough, there I am laying there. It was really surreal and I wasn't quite sure what to make of it. The copy of me laying down in the bed opens his eyes and starts staring at me, before lifting himself up into a sitting position. We're both staring at each other now and I have no idea what's really happening, I don't completely understand how I could be in two places at once.

      The dream starts to become fuzzy here, I think we start some brief conversation and I walk up to him but at one point I think I close my eyes for some reason and when I open them again I'm awake and laying in bed.

      I lay still for a few minutes, trying to re-enter the dream with DEILD and while I feel the vibrations sweep over me I don't seem to be able to re-enter. I think because of my head being all over the place trying to figure out what just happened, or maybe because it was so late into my sleep cycle that I couldn't fall asleep again that easily.
      Tags: clone, prisoner, short
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    10. 26th June 2012 - Eighth & Ninth Lucid Dream [DEILD Chain]

      by , 06-26-2012 at 03:08 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I awoke from a really crazy non-lucid and figured I would try a DEILD. I lay there, counting back from 10 and as I did so I eventually got an image of a video game character kind of "gearing up" for lucidity. I remembered what Sageous said about not really experiencing hypnagogic imagery when doing DEILDs, which is what I first assumed it was, but I opened my eyes and I was inside of a dream.

      I'm in my bathroom at this point, I look at my hands to make sure it really is a dream and notice that my hands look surprisingly normal, only that I had somewhat shorter fingers. I do a nose plug test just to make sure, and sure enough, I'm dreaming.

      I follow with some stabilisation techniques, when I rub my hands together I can barely feel my left hand as if it was numb, I remember I was laying on that hand as I done the DEILD so I guess the numbness carried over into the dream.

      When I was sure the dream was stable, I decided I wanted to try changing the dream scene. It's something I've never really played around with before. I wasn't too sure where I wanted to go but I just wanted my subconscious to throw me into some whacky environment. My first attempt involved trying to create a "portal" on a nearby wall that I could walk through but with no luck, and doing so made the dream somewhat fuzzy again.

      I walk into a bedroom and spin on the spot, figuring that would stabilise the dream and maybe teleport me elsewhere. It stabilised but no teleportation, I did notice that the door I walked into the bedroom from had kind of "warped" though, it was all skewed and kind of a staggered opening now, as if an earthquake had shocked the walls into weird positions.

      I walk through the tiny crevices of the wall where the door use to be, and the hall I was previously in was now fuzzy and foggy so I leave that space and go back into the bedroom, again weaving throughout the walls.

      I decide I may as well go outside, that I may have some more luck with changing locations out there. I go up to the window and notice a balcony below it that isn't there in real life. I phase myself through the wall/window and down onto the balcony, where I find a bald, blue-skinned woman with light green spots dotted over her face. I think she's tending to a garden or something. I speak to her briefly (though I now forget the conversation) and determine that she's incredibly creepy before slowly backing away.

      I remember a tip I got in IRC last night, that running through walls could be a good way to change locations. I see a house across the road with a perfect wall that I could run at so I brace myself, prepare to phase through the wall and start running at full speed towards it. Faster and faster I run, until I smash my face right into the solid rock. I stumble backwards and I'm really disorientated, then I find myself back in my bed

      I again follow through with a DEILD, doing the same as I did before and getting the same imagery before opening my eyes, and finding myself in yet another lucid dream.

      I'm just outside my house now, my brother's car is parked and it had recently been raining by the looks of it, as everything was slightly wet. To stabilise I thought I'd try something new, just to see how well my senses would hold up. I take my hand and swipe it across the wet car, feeling the smoothness of the car body and the water as it splashed away when I swiped my hand over. I was shocked at how realistic it felt.

      I continue with my attempts at changing location in my dream. I try jumping up in the air to begin with, and telling myself that when I fall back down I will phase through the ground into another dream, with still no success.

      I heard stories of people "falling" into new dream scenes, so next I follow up by letting myself fall forward, figuring this surely had to work and I would just fall into a new scene. Nope, again I faceplanted right into the ground. I pull myself up from the wet ground, and try to figure out what else I could try.

      I walk out into the street, it's somewhat dreary and looks like it's going to rain again. There's puddles on the roads and nobody's around. I see a car at the end of the street just turning down into my road. I again try the spinning method to enter a new scene but I think I was focusing on the sound of the car splashing through the puddles as it drove down the road too much, as I was stuck in this scene. I come to the conclusion that if I untether all of my senses from this scene when I spin that I may be able to slip into a brand new one, so I tense my ears, close my eyes and stop breathing in the fresh-smelling air that occurs after recent rainfall and spin myself around. I open my eyes and find that I had just woken myself up, rather than entering a new scene.

      I try re-entry again for a little bit, and I think I would have been able to do it but I was far too excited by this point over the fact that I had successfully chained 2 DEILDs together, and done it after waking from a normal dream too. I decided it was pointless and I didn't want to risk forgetting these dreams as well as the non-lucid that I had before them both, so I gave up and just wrote in my journal.
    11. 20th June 2012 - Seventh Lucid Dream [Partial WILD & Advanced Task of the Month]

      by , 06-20-2012 at 04:10 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Light Purple Text = Partially Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I woke up 4hr30m after originally going to sleep to attempt a WILD as per the current homework task in Sageous' WILD class. I stayed up for approximately 30 minutes writing down my dreams and generally walking about as suggested.

      I laid back down to attempt a WILD and repeated my mantra while focusing as much on self-awareness as possible. I think my main issue was that I got a bit too focused on the HI and what I guess was the beginning sensations of sleep paralysis because each time I noticed it I woke myself up too much.

      I probably could have gone a bit longer, but I was laying there for about 35 minutes and decided I'd roll over onto my side to try another attempt. At some point I guess I must have just gone to sleep, but it must have somewhat worked because I was partially aware of the fact that I was dreaming when I got into the dream, I didn't even perform any reality checks.

      I was back in this test lab style location, the same place I was at in my previous dream of the night, only this time instead of being a test subject for the experiments of this lab I was in a quarantine prison. I was somewhat aware of the fact I was dreaming at this point but the dream is also somewhat hazy. I remember breaking out of the quarantine prison with another person who was with me, and from this point we avoided the guards and made our way to the exit of the test lab.

      Upon getting outside, the dream world was somewhat restricted, there was a small patch of grass outside and then the world just cut off in a perfect line and disappeared into a void of many, swirling colours.

      I decided I would jump off the edge and as I was falling I repeated to myself "I will fall into a lucid dream"

      After a few moments of conscious blackness I open my eyes and see I'm in this room and lucid, there are no ends to the room and it seems to stretch on forever, but it's quite narrow. Both walls are different colours and there are doors on each wall, in more colours. There are lots of objects, kids toys mainly, scattered over the floor in assorted colours also.

      I look at the wall and for some reason decide it'd be a good idea to try and "pull" a rainbow from the picture of swirled colour on the wall, but then I stop myself. I remember that I need to do the Task of the Month which is a revelation for me as I never remember to do anything in my lucid dreams.

      I remember what Sageous said about forming your dreams, using schemas to build a world around you. I notice one of the kids toys on the floor is a train and I focus on that and try to build a scene around it. I put my hands together (though unsure why, I guess I thought it would help) and close my eyes.

      When I open my eyes I'm in another small box area, there are brick walls all around me but there is no roof, I can see the sky above me. There are inactive trains, train carts and coaches on multiple tracks in this around and running through the middle of the area was another track extending into dark tunnels on each end.

      I looked into one of the tunnels and a train just kind of "appeared", I move out the way and it speeds by out of the tunnel and quickly disappears into the tunnel at the other end. It seems my subconscious mind had created the most convenient location possible for me to do the Task of the Month, because every 15 seconds or so another train would appear and speed by before disappearing into the tunnel.

      I spend a moment and try to figure out how I'm going to jump on top of this train, I focus my mind above the entrance tunnel and try to pull out a ledge from the brick wall that I could stand on, but I couldn't seem to make anything budge. I decide that I could make a jump from one of the nearby stationary trains and onto the speeding train, if I jumped far enough. For some reason just flying up never crossed my mind, which is strange because flying is usually one of the first things I remember to do in my lucid dreams.

      Just as I'm preparing to jump I notice the exit tunnel isn't that large and I would probably go smashing into it if I jump on top of the train. I make an attempt at expanding the area so I could fit through, but just like the wall previously it wouldn't budge. I figure that this is a lucid dream and I would just chance it, hoping my subconscious would follow my will to not be smashed to death by a brick wall and expand as I approached it on top of the speeding train.

      A few more trains pass and I prepare myself, eventually I leap and just manage to latch on to the train. I climb up and the train appears to be quite thin so I'm laying on top of it clutching on for dear life, as I approach the tunnel I feel the top of the roof scrape my head and my back and then it seemingly disappears, no troll subconscious for today!

      I assume I get too excited riding on top of the train as I pass through the tunnel, because next thing I know I'm back in my bed.

      I open my eyes and start recalling my lucid, excited that I completed the Task of the Month and couldn't wait to get on the computer and write on DreamViews about it. I look at the time briefly and then pick up my dream journal and read over the dream I had previously that night and as I pick up my pen and begin to write down my lucid, my vision becomes really blurred. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on. I rub my eyes and when I open them again I've seamlessly transferred back into my bed, laying down again.

      I'm obviously completely blown away now, I had never experienced such a realistic False Awakening before, I even checked the time and read over my previous dream! When I sat up I had to perform multiple reality checks just to make sure I still wasn't dreaming because I no longer trusted my reality. I even specifically recall reading what was in my dream journal, and when I picked up my actual dream journal the previous dream in there was different to the one in my dream and I wasn't sure which one was real and which wasn't.

      All in all, an amazing lucid and I guess a half-successful WILD, maybe.
    12. 16th June 2012 - Sixth Lucid Dream [Dry Spell Broken!]

      by , 06-16-2012 at 01:59 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      Again, I was having terrible recall this night as seems to be usual when I have a lucid dream. I never seem to have them when I have great recall, maybe it's the motivation after not recalling. I woke up for my WBTB with nothing in my journal and was reading a book to make the time pass until I went back to sleep, when I got a text message from my friend. They were freaking out because they had just realised they were dreaming and instantly woke up due to over-excitement. It was their first lucid dream and I was really happy for them. We spoke for a bit about it and then I laid back down to go to sleep. I guess I was texting my friend for too long because it took me ages to get back to sleep, but when I did I almost instantly slipped into a DILD.

      I was on a street near my house, at the intersection. I was with my friend who had just had their first lucid and I guess I figured I was in their dream, thinking I was their dream character. They were looking around in amazement at the dream world and how realistic everything was. I was super happy for them, basically guiding them to try out all sorts of things. I suggest that they fly to begin with.

      That's when it clicks, I realise that I couldn't possibly be a dream character in my friend's dream and that this must be my dream. I slipped into lucidity and for the first time didn't even do any reality checks due to how sure I was, so I became lucid entirely from awareness.

      I seem to be a lot better at flying now, I jumped up into the sky without much effort and was flying around admiring the colours of the sky. It must have been early morning because the sky was a pale orange on the horizon fading into a light blue higher in the sky, with streaks of clouds painted across it all.

      I fly down low again back into the street, when a car comes zooming around the corner and I almost smash into it, I manage to avoid it and perform some kind of ninja flip or something and land on the ground.

      Out of anger I try to fling the car across the road, but fail to begin with. I realise that my will to do so wasn't strong enough so I tried again. This time I managed to fling it across the road, then managed to stop another car in its tracks and caused a massive car crash between the two. I'm enjoying flinging cars around the place so I walk up to do this red car parked on the side of the road and try to propel it into the air. I don't seem to quite have enough power to do so because the car basically just hops up before crashing back down again.

      I decide that practicing these powers on cars isn't the best idea as it feels like I'm using all my strength to even move them slightly. I fly back up into the air slightly and look around for some people to fling around instead. Down below where I originally made the cars crash I noticed 2 people arguing, they figured that it was each other's fault that they crashed and didn't even notice that it was me who was telekinetically manipulating their cars.

      When I fly down to them I start getting into a fight with them, practicing my telekinetic powers by throwing them all across the street. I seem to get a little too involved in the story here and my lucidity fades a bit, I'm almost back into non-lucidity but I still have some awareness of the fact that it's a dream.

      Soon my non-lucid mind begins to get worried about fighting these guys, I don't want to get a broken tooth or anything. Then the part of me that's still lucid reassures myself that it's a dream and nothing bad will really happen. The fight scene continues until my viewpoint kind of pulls out to a third-person aspect, a common element of my dreams. I'm just watching myself and these guys battle it out in the middle of the intersection, as I'm flinging them about telekinetically to keep them away from me, despite being almost completely non-lucid at this point.

      Then my lucid mind kicks in again, I start examining the whole third-person view that I'm experiencing and noticing how strange it is, I try to "pull" myself back into first-person but the best I manage to do is zoom in a bit.

      The dream eventually fades to black, I can hear the sounds of the arguments and fighting still continuing and I try to grasp onto the dream. I momentarily get the image to fade back in before it quickly fades again and I find myself back in my bed. I still have the sensations on my waking body that my dream body had while laying there recalling my dream, quite an interesting experience.
    13. 29th May 2012 - Fifth Lucid Dream [Lacking control DILD]

      by , 05-29-2012 at 01:59 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I was hanging with a friend, let's call them "M". For some reason there had been an event which caused M to lose all memories of the last few years, wiping all knowledge of who I and her other friends were.

      M was going slightly crazy, she was getting all the Christmas decorations out in May and setting them all up in her house, me and the other people there were practically yelling at her wondering why she was preparing for Christmas in May, but she didn't seem to care. All she questioned was who we were, what we were doing in her house and what business it was of ours.

      We continually got frustrated while she was running around the house finding places for all these Christmas decorations, as more were placed we decided to go along with the Christmas in May idea, but request that she at leasts follows our traditions. She stops everything that she's doing and stares at us before saying, "You tell me you're my friends, yet there is no evidence of that... why should I follow traditions that I don't even know?"

      One of my other friends, "E", gets upset. She runs out of the house and M huffs and gets back to putting up the Christmas decorations. Soon everyone else besides me leaves, trying to look for E and comfort her.

      That's when the entire dream kind of... resets. It was almost like a false awakening but the dream just bounced right back to the beginning of where it started, only this time, it was just me and M. I start questioning the reality of the situation and before I know it, I'm lucid.

      I hold my hand out and inspect the 8 fingers I have, before M turns around and starts laughing manically. At this point I don't think I truly had time to understand what it meant to be in a dream, I was maybe at Layer 2 lucidity. I panic because of how evil M is sounding and try to back away and walk through the wall to escape, only the wall remains solid.

      M runs for me, leaping on top of me and a knife appears in her hand. I try my best to will her out of existence, or will myself to another place, but the best I can do it repel her off of me but she just runs back up with the knife in hand and starts stabbing my arm.

      I give up on lucid powers and somehow manage to grab the knife from her hand and try stabbing her. She starts laughing again as I thrust the knife down but it just bends as if it was plastic, no damage was made to her at all. In my shock, she gets the knife back off me and starts stabbing again.

      The pain shooting through my arm is so realistic and I can't seem to focus on anything. I close my eyes and will myself to be somewhere else.

      The pain stops, I open my eyes and I'm back in the waking world.
    14. 28th May 2012 - Fourth Lucid Dream [Most Vivid Yet]

      by , 05-28-2012 at 04:30 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      I had initially slipped out of a dream and into a false awakening, which I managed to pick up on and immediately woke after realising it was a dream. I wanted to get up anyway and write down the dream I just had as this night I had only recalled one dream, but I decided to take a chance, sacrifice remembering that dream and DEILDed back into the false awakening.

      I was initially sure I wasn't in a dream as I didn't feel myself fall asleep from the DEILD, but I performed a reality check anyway and realised that I was in fact dreaming!

      I pulled myself up from the bed and everything was blurry and spinning around me. This time though, unlike my other lucid dreams, I remembered to perform stabilisation techniques. I rubbed my hands together and spun around but it didn't seem to be working at first. It felt like I was looking at the world through a fisheye lens that was incredibly zoomed out. It was really disorientating.

      I blinked after performing a lot of stabilisation, and after the blink things became the most vivid they have been in any of my lucid dreams. I walked out of my door and to my stairs, where my Dad was standing at the bottom. He begins walking up the stairs as I'm walking down them, and I decide to just push him back off the stairs so I can get by, just to see his reaction. He kind of stumbles, looks at me funny, and then walks away.

      I walk into the living room, it's dark in here but I walk through into my kitchen area. I get annoyed at the darkness so I try to use powers to turn on the light, but nothing seems to be happen. I flick the light switch and the light starts flickering dimly but I still can't get it to turn on.

      I decide to walk outside, when I open the door I notice that it's actually daytime outside, roughly mid-morning. As I'm walking I notice that I don't have any shoes or socks on and get worried that the discomfort of walking on the rough ground with bare feet would wake me up. I look away from my feet and conjure some shoes and I become excited when it actually works as this was my first conjuration. Though, despite this, I'm still feeling the rough ground as if I was bare foot.

      I remember that I could just fly into the air, I jump up and still don't seem to have full control over flying as I can't sustain it for long and land back down on the grass. I try again and this time manage to float up to about as high as the roof of my house and stop briefly to decide what to do next. I decide I want to go exploring and when I fly up to get a view of my surroundings I seemingly uncontrollably begin shooting up into the sky at high speed until I'm above the clouds. I look around and notice an interesting looking area, with bright red roads and tall buildings. I fly down to it and look around the area, it seemed to be a school of magic or something, there were students inside the buildings brewing potions and practicing spells. Still not having full control over flying, I'm kind of "drifting" as I turn corners and can't quite get the hang of stopping when I want to. I stop briefly to try and find to find a balance before flying back over this school building and to my house.

      Upon landing, I remember my dream objectives list and the top one being to try some dream food. I hold my hands out and look away, trying to conjure a plate with a sandwich on, only I don't get the sandwich and just end up with a plate. As I continue trying to conjure the sandwich onto this plate, the plate seems to develop a life of its own and it's jumping out of my hands and gradually growing in size with each attempt I make.

      I turn around and see my mum glaring at me, I'm kind of disturbed because of how aggressive she looked. I walk up to her and she immediately lashes out, grabbing the plate and trying to pull it from my hands. I resist for some reason, and then think "If I can't conjure myself a sandwich, maybe I should just ask a dream character to make it for me?". I asked her and her aggressive attitude immediately changes to a smile as she says "Sure!". I let her have the plate and she begins walking back into the house and I'm following her, when the dream quickly fades to black. I try stabilisation techniques but it's too late and I woke up.

      Funnily, I awoke precisely 3 minutes before my alarm would be going off. It never ceases to amaze me how precise the body clock can be.
    15. 23rd May 2012 - Third Lucid Dream [Though, quite short]

      by , 05-23-2012 at 02:01 PM
      Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
      Normal Text = Non-Lucid Segment
      Purple Text = Lucid Segment

      Prior to this dream I had been taking Sageous' advice for WBTBs from his WILD class, as well as dream incubating and generally telling myself that I was going to recognise that I was dreaming next time I was in a dream.

      The dream before this I also achieved another milestone, I was successfully able to "chain" two dreams together after incubating the previous dream. I didn't become lucid in that one though.

      I was at some sort of theme park with my mum, my sister & her children and my brother & his girlfriend. I forget large portions of the beginning of the dream, there's fragments of us going around the park on all sorts of different rides and doing different activities. Although, I'm not entirely sure if they are fragments or just drastic scene changes, as drastic scene changes are a common occurrence in my dreams.

      Near closing time for the park, me and my mum depart from the group to go find our car as we couldn't remember where we parked it. We were walking up this hill, which upon waking I realise how realistic it was. I could feel my legs getting tired and struggling to walk up this hill after a day of walking around the theme park. Eventually we reach the parking lot, we look around for our car but there are so many we don't seem to be able to find it.

      We meet back up with my brother and sister who we queue up with as we're going out the park, we all get in my brother's car and start driving off. I question what we're going to do about my mum's car because surely we can't just leave it at the park. I'm assured that it's fine and we can just pick it up next time we come to the park.

      I start becoming suspicious, going to theme parks with my family isn't a common occurrence, but somewhat brush it off anyway. We begin discussing when next we would be coming and planning a date, when I realise we're no longer driving on the road. We're on the sidewalk next to the road, driving over patches of grass and rocks.

      I do a reality check by counting my fingers, which fails, although I'm still suspicious. Awareness kicks in and I'm realising that despite driving over this rough terrain the car's driving along smoothly, as if it was flying above the ground slightly. I also realise there doesn't seem to be any sense of gravity of G-Force from the moving car.

      I force my mind to get in the "Reverse Reality Check" mindset that Sageous has been teaching in his WILD class and begin "pulling" my consciousness into the dream world by solidifying my place in the dream, and realising what that truly means. I count my fingers again, but it still fails. I decide to try another reality check, I plug my nose and am shocked when I am able to breathe!

      I'm still sceptical, I was thinking about jumping out of the car but after so many failed reality checks I didn't want to risk that just incase it was real life. I put my finger up to the window of the car and try to will it through the glass, but it fails also. I undo my seatbelt and definitely begin to realise there's no sense of realistic gravity here, there's nothing pulling me back into my seat when I sit forward.

      I try to imagine myself floating and then going out through the roof of the car, I float up somewhat but don't quite make it all the way out of the car and fall back into my seat. I look at the window again and really try to will my finger going through, pushing harder and harder on the glass but with no luck, it seems solid.

      I become frustrated, I know it's a dream but nothing I seem to do is working. I guess because of how sceptical my mind was after all the failed reality checks.

      At this point the dream starts becoming fuzzy, I can feel myself losing the dream so I become calm and focus to the best I can. The dream fades back in momentarily but as soon as I drop focus it instantly goes to black and I find myself back in the waking world.
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