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    20th June 2012 - Seventh Lucid Dream [Partial WILD & Advanced Task of the Month]

    by , 06-20-2012 at 04:10 PM (1642 Views)
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    I woke up 4hr30m after originally going to sleep to attempt a WILD as per the current homework task in Sageous' WILD class. I stayed up for approximately 30 minutes writing down my dreams and generally walking about as suggested.

    I laid back down to attempt a WILD and repeated my mantra while focusing as much on self-awareness as possible. I think my main issue was that I got a bit too focused on the HI and what I guess was the beginning sensations of sleep paralysis because each time I noticed it I woke myself up too much.

    I probably could have gone a bit longer, but I was laying there for about 35 minutes and decided I'd roll over onto my side to try another attempt. At some point I guess I must have just gone to sleep, but it must have somewhat worked because I was partially aware of the fact that I was dreaming when I got into the dream, I didn't even perform any reality checks.

    I was back in this test lab style location, the same place I was at in my previous dream of the night, only this time instead of being a test subject for the experiments of this lab I was in a quarantine prison. I was somewhat aware of the fact I was dreaming at this point but the dream is also somewhat hazy. I remember breaking out of the quarantine prison with another person who was with me, and from this point we avoided the guards and made our way to the exit of the test lab.

    Upon getting outside, the dream world was somewhat restricted, there was a small patch of grass outside and then the world just cut off in a perfect line and disappeared into a void of many, swirling colours.

    I decided I would jump off the edge and as I was falling I repeated to myself "I will fall into a lucid dream"

    After a few moments of conscious blackness I open my eyes and see I'm in this room and lucid, there are no ends to the room and it seems to stretch on forever, but it's quite narrow. Both walls are different colours and there are doors on each wall, in more colours. There are lots of objects, kids toys mainly, scattered over the floor in assorted colours also.

    I look at the wall and for some reason decide it'd be a good idea to try and "pull" a rainbow from the picture of swirled colour on the wall, but then I stop myself. I remember that I need to do the Task of the Month which is a revelation for me as I never remember to do anything in my lucid dreams.

    I remember what Sageous said about forming your dreams, using schemas to build a world around you. I notice one of the kids toys on the floor is a train and I focus on that and try to build a scene around it. I put my hands together (though unsure why, I guess I thought it would help) and close my eyes.

    When I open my eyes I'm in another small box area, there are brick walls all around me but there is no roof, I can see the sky above me. There are inactive trains, train carts and coaches on multiple tracks in this around and running through the middle of the area was another track extending into dark tunnels on each end.

    I looked into one of the tunnels and a train just kind of "appeared", I move out the way and it speeds by out of the tunnel and quickly disappears into the tunnel at the other end. It seems my subconscious mind had created the most convenient location possible for me to do the Task of the Month, because every 15 seconds or so another train would appear and speed by before disappearing into the tunnel.

    I spend a moment and try to figure out how I'm going to jump on top of this train, I focus my mind above the entrance tunnel and try to pull out a ledge from the brick wall that I could stand on, but I couldn't seem to make anything budge. I decide that I could make a jump from one of the nearby stationary trains and onto the speeding train, if I jumped far enough. For some reason just flying up never crossed my mind, which is strange because flying is usually one of the first things I remember to do in my lucid dreams.

    Just as I'm preparing to jump I notice the exit tunnel isn't that large and I would probably go smashing into it if I jump on top of the train. I make an attempt at expanding the area so I could fit through, but just like the wall previously it wouldn't budge. I figure that this is a lucid dream and I would just chance it, hoping my subconscious would follow my will to not be smashed to death by a brick wall and expand as I approached it on top of the speeding train.

    A few more trains pass and I prepare myself, eventually I leap and just manage to latch on to the train. I climb up and the train appears to be quite thin so I'm laying on top of it clutching on for dear life, as I approach the tunnel I feel the top of the roof scrape my head and my back and then it seemingly disappears, no troll subconscious for today!

    I assume I get too excited riding on top of the train as I pass through the tunnel, because next thing I know I'm back in my bed.

    I open my eyes and start recalling my lucid, excited that I completed the Task of the Month and couldn't wait to get on the computer and write on DreamViews about it. I look at the time briefly and then pick up my dream journal and read over the dream I had previously that night and as I pick up my pen and begin to write down my lucid, my vision becomes really blurred. I couldn't quite figure out what was going on. I rub my eyes and when I open them again I've seamlessly transferred back into my bed, laying down again.

    I'm obviously completely blown away now, I had never experienced such a realistic False Awakening before, I even checked the time and read over my previous dream! When I sat up I had to perform multiple reality checks just to make sure I still wasn't dreaming because I no longer trusted my reality. I even specifically recall reading what was in my dream journal, and when I picked up my actual dream journal the previous dream in there was different to the one in my dream and I wasn't sure which one was real and which wasn't.

    All in all, an amazing lucid and I guess a half-successful WILD, maybe.

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