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    21st July 2012 - 14th & 15th Lucid Dreams [Maybe successful WILD?]

    by , 07-21-2012 at 02:23 PM (827 Views)
    Italic Text = Personal Thoughts
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    I was attempting a WILD and became the closest I've ever got. I felt like I was in full sleep paralysis but despite this wasn't seeing or hearing any hallucinations. (I'm beginning to think hallucinations just don't happen for me, each time I've been in sleep paralysis I've never had any. Or maybe I've just not been in complete sleep paralysis yet.) After I while I got the urge to roll over, but resisted and just tried to focus on the HI I was seeing. I got quite uncomfortable, finding it hard to breathe, noticing the heat and weight of the duvet on top of me. But then... I don't remember anything else.

    Next I know I'm in a dream, first thing I remember after attempting the WILD is being in this room where I'm checking my hands and fortifying the lucidity.

    I walk out of the room and see that I'm in a tropical rainforest, similar to the place I was previously incubating with HI. I walk around for a bit but the dream becomes unstable and incredibly blurry. I rub my hands together and feel all the texture of the world around me, managing to re-stabilise the dream.

    I walk into this open expanse. I'm still not fully conscious in the dream, but I guess the incubation I had of chinese dragons in the sky of this tropical rainforest enters my mind, as I take to the skies and try transforming into a chinese dragon. I see myself in the reflections of the waters and I am still in human form, but I am weaving effortlessly through the sky, just like a chinese dragon.

    I have a false awakening. I'm laying on the floor in this room, surrounded by people talking about lucid dreaming. I get the impression that I'm a sort of test subject, but I also don't want to be here. I attempt to DEILD while still laying on the floor while in this dream, but I think I woke up properly and DEILDed because the voices of the people disappeared and I vaguely remember the feeling of my bed for a few seconds before I entered the next dream.

    I'm instantly lucid in my kitchen. I decide to try turning the lights on and off, just to experiment with dream physics. They turn on, but I'm unable to turn them off again, so I just head outside.

    It's early morning, there's sporadic streaks of orange darted about the dark cloudy sky. I begin walking to the street when I hear footsteps coming up behind me. I turn around and my mum's there. She hands me this cup she has in her hands, but when I try to take it she resists me, similar to a lucid dream previously. My lucid DC version of her seems to be very aggressive, I've noticed.

    After a short while of struggling, I decide to try yelling commands at the dream, something I hadn't tried before. I yell "Let go of the cup!" and sure enough, she immediately stops. Almost robotically she yields the cup over to me. I wonder what else I could try with yelling commands, so to make sure my DC mum doesn't interfere with my lucidity as she has a tendency to be a pest in my lucids, I yell "Jump up and fly away!" she looks at me, somewhat confused, before leaping into the sky and flying away. I chuckle at how comically she flew away, and then take to the skies myself, flying in the opposite direction. I'm still holding on to the cup, using it as dream stabilisation by focusing on the solidity and texture of it. I decide I don't need it after a while and simply drop it.

    I hear a crash and a yell behind me and I assume my mum had crash landed, but I don't really pay it any attention. I'm more interested in the DC that's standing on the street, in awe at the fact that I'm flying. I land and for some reason electrocute them with my hands. There's no electricity graphical representation, but as I aim my hands at them they shake violently before collapsing onto the ground.

    I remember the Task of the Month, to find alien life and go on a date with one of them. I try conjuring a portal on the nearby wall, to no avail. I decide to use the door technique to change scenes with the door on the house nearby, but like every other time I've tried it I seem to not focus enough beforehand and simply walk through the door.

    I'm inside this house and close the door behind, struggling to get it to latch on. The house has a seemingly endless hallway with lots of tiny rooms with people doing various tasks in each of them. I was looking for another door to try the door technique but every room in this house was open-plan.

    Without warning, I have another false awakening. I'm back laying on the floor surrounded by these people. They've moved on to a different topic now but I still don't want to be here. I seem to get this pop-up in front of me, as if my eyes were a computer screen. It asks "Do you wish to leave the room?" To which I click "Yes."

    I end up in a different room, I have no clue where I am but don't have time to find out. The dream fades to black and I wake up in my bed, completely confused. I wonder if I should DEILD again but after the long stream of dreams I decide I'd be better off simply journalling them so I didn't forget any details.

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    1. OpheliaBlue's Avatar
      That's really weird, the part with your false awakening and the voices. Something similar happened to me when I was trying to nap in a practice room at college. I'd fade out as if I had fallen asleep for a few seconds, then I would "wake up" but I heard voices either in the room or just outside the door. I was worried that it was actually students, about to bust in on me napping. This cycled several times. I was superstitious at that time and believed that the music building was haunted lololol.
    2. Wurlman's Avatar
      Very nice