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    1. Wednesday, November 27

      by , 11-28-2019 at 07:26 AM
      I am in what must be a casino with about two other guys (that I donít really know, but seem to know in the dream). This casino seems fairly small. They are playing some slot machine against the wall - one where a button is pressed and the reel of options spins for a possible winning combination. They seem to come close but do not win anything. Against my better judgment, I insert some money (a low amount) to play. I haphazardly press the button and wait for the spin to finish. It lands on a winning combination, and we all excitedly exclaim. I ball a fist in exuberance. At first, I think the screen shows a winning of $1,000,000, but then I see that it actually says $2,000. Still, I canít believe Iíve just casually won that much money.
    2. Tuesday, November 26

      by , 11-28-2019 at 07:23 AM
      I am outside somewhere with Sage. We are on the bank of a wide and seemingly shallow yet rapidly flowing river. Itís width (~50ft?) is broken up by protruding rocks and the resulting rapids. I think we are trying to cross it but end up coming back, because we never do get to the other side. When I attempt, the water reaches up to my lower thighs. Despite the depth, the strong current makes each step a task. Back on the bank, Sage is casually talking about some gecko club sheís created. I think sheís trying to get me to join. I ask what it entails, and it seems like a lot for the low monthly payment. Iím just not sure Iím that into geckos. Dad is now here and sort of ridiculing us for trying to cross this river. He doesnít seem to appreciate our trying.
      Tags: geckos, river, water
    3. Sunday, November 24

      by , 11-28-2019 at 07:21 AM
      I am at work when Susan calls from upstairs. She starts describing someone, and I ask if itís the lady with purple hair, noticing her on camera near the escalator. Susan says yes, so I say Iíve got her and hang up. This lady is shorter and chubby, with a bob cut of a faded purple. Sheís pushing a cart that has a handful of items in it. I noticed her earlier and only got a slightly weird vibe, but I guess not enough to watch her. She starts going down the escalator, so I go out there. She is making a beeline for the salon doors, so I try to hurry without being seen. When I get up there and glance over, she is standing in one of the shoe aisles, the cart facing me, now empty. I look to the right and see a man with short red hair carrying some clothes towards the doors. I hurry to catch up with him, asking if I can take him to the register. He doesnít look at me and mumbles that he already checked out. I say ďthey didnít give you a bag?Ē and start grabbing the clothes. I have to stand in front of him and call Bobby on the radio before the guy gives it up. He lets go and then starts running in the other direction. I walk back in from the vestibule and see that the girl is still here. I walk up to her and tell her not to come back here. Thereís a somewhat younger looking boy with her now, and I tell him not to come back either if heís with them.
      Tags: stealing, work