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    Friday, September 15

    by , 11-03-2023 at 11:21 PM (42 Views)
    Iím with Melissa, in the backyard of our house (it feels vaguely the same, but also looks different - the yard feels bigger but also completely empty). Thereís no snow, but it feels like itís a winter month. I have our larger pothos plants out here and set it on a small table to water it. Moving some of the vines, I realize how big itís gotten. I move one, and it slowly moves itself back to the direction it was growing in. Thereís a thin layer of water on the table, which I now think will not be enough to bottom water it, so I decide to water it from the top. I now see Stella and Maggie run to the fence; I think weíve ordered a pizza, and I guess it must be here.
    *Melissa and I talked about pizza last night. Iím going to water the plants from the top today, after trying bottom watering last week.

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    Tags: plant