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    Monday, April 3

    by , 05-20-2023 at 03:39 AM (58 Views)
    I am in some neighborhood. The houses are similar looking, though each with their own personality, set a ways from each other, maybe a couple lots worth between each, though not rigidly so. They are mobile home size or smaller, all a little dilapidated. The roads seem to be dirt and the terrain is a slight hill. I donít notice any trees. There is something about this whole scene that gives me an uneasy feeling. Now I am in one of these houses. Iím in its tiny living room, and I think there are only two other rooms off of this one. I think that I am or will be moving here? Iím getting deja vu from this space - something about it looks a lot like my childhood home and it recalls bad things that happened there.
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