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    Monday, July 25

    by , 08-10-2022 at 07:23 PM (201 Views)
    Iím at work, and we are rearranging and/or moving the break room. I think Iím with Ben and Zoe. This place looks nothing like work and more like a little kitchen and living room. I donít notice any windows. I carry a small, short, square table into one of the rooms. Setting it down with a foot or so of space between the two sides and two walls, I imagine a few of us awkwardly sitting around it. Ben now tries to lift a full book shelf (it looks like the one in our bedroom) by himself and breaks a little piece of a shelf off. I offer to help and he sets it down. I think Iíll take the books off first. Now, Iím in a small tent that is set up right in the middle of an intersection. I think itís two lanes and a stoplight for each road. I know that this is the new beak area. I try to relax but really canít, knowing that Iím in the middle of a road. I somehow see a truck drive through the intersection and veer to miss the tent. I donít want it to always be like this.

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