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    Saturday, August 26

    by , 11-03-2023 at 10:17 PM (44 Views)
    Iím at the house, standing between the garage and yard, in that doorway. I have a small table set up and am repotting a plant. My gaze is caught by something moving on the fence, something almost the same color. I focus on it and see that it's a Jerusalem cricket, larger than normal, maybe the size of a rabbit, crawling up the fence. I step forward to take a picture of it and then notice an assortment of creatures behind me, that I guess had been there the whole time, I realize with some discomfort. Thereís a spider on the table and two creatures on top of the open door, the door at about a 30 degree angle, the creatures poking out from the slight opening. I thought they were spiders too, but now I think theyíre birds? (hawklike). I just feel a little creeped out that everything was so close to me.
    *Iíve been wanting to repot the succulent and other things, and Iíve been thinking about the fungus gnats in the plants as well as all the extra critters this season.

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