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    Saturday, December 5

    by , 01-12-2021 at 06:47 AM (47 Views)
    I知 going to be flying to London? At the last minute they switch my flight from one that stops somewhere to one that goes straight to London. I知 not sure I知 thrilled about this. I知 now on the plane which is about to take off. I知 in the bathroom which is a line of a few stalls. I think I知 in one of the end ones, and I can tell there are people in the others (with a momentary birds eye point of view?). Just as soon as it feels we致e taken off, the plane stalls and bumps around turbulently. The turbulence worsens until we are completely upside down. Somehow none of us in these stalls fall from our position and even more incredibly the water in the toilet doesn稚 even move. For a moment I知 seeing the faces of everyone in their seats; they seem to be fairly unaffected and even laughing it off.

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    Tags: bathroom, plane