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    Monday, December 21

    by , 01-12-2021 at 06:48 AM (49 Views)
    I am at what seems like a Christmas Eve get together with Dadís side of the family at Matt and Saraís house. We are just getting here and walking onto what looks similar but slightly different to their balcony. There are more people than I thought would be here, and there is an air of not knowing exactly how to act during this familiar ritual become completely new due to the pandemic. There are no masks, but people seem to be keeping their distance. Sara comes out from inside and we smile and wave at each other. It does hurt a bit not hugging someone you are used to hugging at these occasions. Then, I hug an old lady whom I donít even know. The odd feeling of this is barely assuaged by her seeming not to care at all.

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    Tags: masks