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    Saturday, January 21

    by , 05-05-2023 at 11:18 PM (126 Views)
    Iím going to look at a house with Melissa. Walking up to it, it looks like itís in the 3 bed, 2 bath range. It looks somewhat newer and very clean and visually appealing. Itís a good mix of earth tones with white. The landscaping is immaculate; I think to myself that Iíd have to keep up on it. Inside now, we see the kitchen first. It isnít huge but it is a good use of space. Itís in a corner, with the counter at a 45į angle, everything brown, light brown, and beige. There is a range on a section lower than the counter, something in a pan of boiling water. Upstairs now, we see the master bed. There is no door but a hallway to it instead. It is connected to the master bath, again with a hallway, [missing] and wider. The rooms are both airy and [missing] bedroom is also furnished and still Ö closet. I lay on the bed for a Ö into its plushness. There is another, smaller bedroom connected to this one. Itís narrow Ö and I think about making it the office/Ö this room too has a bunch of stuff in it Ö downstairs, we see a black SUV with 3-4 people inside pull up. They have also texted me that Ö is running late. It hits me how quickly this is moving and wonder if Iím ready for it. I also stir whatever is in the pan on the stove.
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