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    Sunday, January 5

    by , 01-06-2020 at 08:35 PM (54 Views)
    I am at work when a chubby blond lady abruptly asks me where something is (a movie, I think). I am slightly irritated because I am not even dressed like a sales associate. I go to look for her, opening a door by the emergency exit by the men’s shoes. It leads to a huge, depressed, concrete area with a ton of racks (or shelves?) The movie that she asked for starts with a letter close to the beginning of the alphabet, so I figure it will be easy to look for. I am now walking around the sales floor and notice that I am wearing a White Chapel band shirt. There is a graphic and the band name above it in a white and almost cursive font. It all seems faint or worn. I open the same door again and see that there are a lot less racks/shelves… until I notice that they are actually cars and the area is a parking lot. I think I walk into it with the associate Julie.

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