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    Sunday, June 3

    by , 06-04-2018 at 04:56 AM (121 Views)
    I am in a fairly large subterranean cavern. It is very dark, with the dark stone walls and the dark water of indeterminable depth. Somehow, I am afloat on the surface of the water (whether by myself or on top of something). I pull out my phone to use its flashlight, but the screenís luminescence is enough to enable to water, stone, and sparse vegetation along the walls to come eerily into view. I am slightly upset about this, as I wanted to see it first or only by the flashlight? Now, I am by a stone wall. It is featured enough to enable me to start ascending it, and I do so. The ridges are just close enough and just good enough, though they are a little small to be completely secure footholds. Still, I am too high to easily come back down, so I continue to the top. I climb up and over and am on a stone walkway traversing this wall. I follow it and find myself inside of a room (it looks like the office at Dadís house? though blended into this area). Makayla is here, seated at a desk. I find it bizarre that I came up from a subterranean cavern and found myself here.

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