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    Sunday, May 1

    by , 05-19-2022 at 12:20 AM (129 Views)
    Iím walking into a classroom from its door to the outside. Naiía from work is behind me, but not quite close enough for me to hold the door, so I donít. Inside, it is completely empty save for the teacher, making me wonder if Iím in the wrong room or here at the wrong time. More people now show up. It seems like this is a final - we have to write a five page paper. I had only taken one page out at first. I take out more and fold and take off the perforated edges. I decide to write about a teenaged boy on a boat and a shark, making up the plot as I go. I sketch the boat in some waves (simple squiggly lines) and the shark on a page off to the side. I was going to have the shark attack the boy, but then want the guy's dad to throw him to the shark in a twist ending. In my mind, itíd be the second time the dad has done this.

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