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    Sunday, May 17

    by , 06-01-2020 at 05:59 AM (143 Views)
    I think I am at work, but I am outside. It seems like Iím on the side of a two lane highway, and I think there are others here as well as a smaller building. I am walking through a small winding section where there is a white curtain/sheet hanging down. I hold it up for the few people behind me. The last two are a black couple that I recognize as shoplifters from JCP. The man sort of slipped by, but I saw the woman clearly, prompting me to look at the man again. (Iím not sure I actually recognize the woman - she is older, short, pudgy, with short hair). She looks mean and somewhat guilty. They keep walking, but I go up to them and tell them they canít be here. We seem to be in a hallway, and theyíre on the threshold of a room (it looks more like a house?). They donít care what I say, and we end up cussing at each other. I grab at one of their backpacks, and it seems like the man is about to hit me. I give up and step away so I can just call PD. I am just going to call 911, but I canít figure out how on this phone. The phone is small and has a small display. I scroll through the contacts and canít find PD, which irritates me. I eventually find it and call, but it tells me the mailbox is full and hangs up on me. I guess nothing is going to happen then. A nice looking Hispanic family is walking this way now. I notice that the girl (probably around 8) is carrying two new looking somethings and covertly puts them into their car. The rest of the family members are carrying what looks like camping gear that they definitely didnít pay for. I think the dad sees me looking and says to me ďdid you see that eagle?Ē because one flew by. I say yes, but donít like how heís trying to play off what theyíre doing. Iím mad about this whole situation, but guess thereís nothing I can do. The other couple is coming out now. I try to get the plate on their orange car but canít before they speed away.

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    Tags: stealing, work