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    Sunday, May 21

    by , 08-19-2023 at 08:57 PM (120 Views)
    Iím walking through a neighborhood that looks slightly similar to Dadís (and maybe vaguely familiar to another dream). Iím walking behind the houses on what is either a pathway or just some open space. This row of houses is on a slope, what feels like 30-45į, with the slope diagonal with the line of houses, not front to back. At times I traverse over a fence or whatever else is in my way. I end up looking at the fences, some wood and some chain link, most in need of repair. In fact, the owner of the one Iím looking at, a younger woman, comes out to talk to me. Itís not confrontational at all; she starts showing me pegs in a line of manufactured holes ĺ of the way up the wooden fence. She shows me how arranging 1-2 of the pegs in a hole causes dirt from behind to come out. Now, a younger and darker skinned man appears on the trail. I feel like he is a fence salesman and I hope he doesnít come over here. The lady and I are now outside the open garage of her house. There are some things on the ground, but itís tidy overall. I think my house is two to the right. We continue talking and I glance down, noticing that she is wearing only panties and a shirt. I walk over a few houses now and Makayla is outside this one. Right away she shoves a piece of something sheís holding into my mouth - a strawberry and vanilla flavored cookie with corresponding ice cream.

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