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    Thursday, October 12

    by , 11-19-2023 at 12:29 AM (182 Views)
    Iím at some womanís house with Melissa. She is moving and weíre buying something from her. I also start to think we may be able to find things we didnít come for because she might be trying to get rid of everything. The neighborhood looks nice and suburban. She, a very friendly seeming, middle aged, thin, Asian woman, leads us through the front door. The house seems much larger on the inside than it looked from outside. It is clean and immaculate and minimal. The furnishings look comfortable and of quality. There is a floating staircase of extremely thin steps that bends just once to reach the second level. A huge house plant grows behind it and begins to twine into the railing. She sort of shows us around, but just as we pass things. I get the impression that sheís single and think she must be wealthy to furnish a house like this. I think she leaves for a while now, and we explore the house. Thereís a huge living room with two different sectionals and another seating area, blending into a kitchen. The master bedroom is also down here, in a corner. It seems fairly unassuming, compared to everything else. The bathroom, however, has three different walk-in showers in one corner. Iím outside in the front yard now, with Makayla. Thereís a tiny trampoline that I go jump on; it is stiff and not very fun. I tell Makayla this and to not bother with it. Mom is here too and is going on a jog. She starts a timer on her watch before leaving.

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