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    Wednesday, October 11

    by , 11-19-2023 at 12:16 AM (147 Views)
    At work, the warehouse has been cleared and everything replaced with orderly rows of empty carts (the large white ones). I walk through, happy with the change. Jake and Micheal? are at the CP counter. I start to sort some books, but it doesnít last long. Now I am in the break room. Ben is about to leave and keeps offering me his weed pen (it is protruding from the center of the backside of a backpack). I say no once or twice, until he holds it right under my face, and then I take a single hit. At first I exhale nothing and think heís going to think I didnít really hit it, but then some smoke comes out. I think itíll be enough to get me high, and I donít really want to be. I think about me having to drive home, but then I see itís only 1:51. Matt and Sara now walk in. Matt heads to the back (book fair) and Sara starts talking politics to one of my coworkers. Iíve been listening to the Tedeschi Trucks Band, but I think itís paused right now.

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    Tags: music, weed, work