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    Tuesday, December 29

    by , 01-12-2021 at 06:50 AM (231 Views)
    I am with Dad and Makayla, trying to find a hotel room. I think the number includes 2,6, and 4? It seems we are walking through a hotel building, but it also looks like a large house, with the entrance to each room looking like a doorway. At times it seems were in a different hotel, or maybe its just that the theme has changed. Watching the room numbers as we go, we come up to where ours should be but is not. We comment how this makes no sense. Now were in a portion that looks more like a typical hotel, and I think Makayla spots our room. The door is open and reveals a room I didnt really expect. It is very small for a hotel room, and three beds of varying sizes are taking up just about all of the floor space. There is a ledge on the wall with a row of thin-curtained windows. They seem to be lightly illuminated from behind the curtains. The beds are topped with very thick and bohemian-patterned comforters that help give the space a comfy feel (it also reminds me of the Enchanted Forest in Placerville). I see a door that must be to the bathroom and wonder if it is nice. Im also initially worried about getting good sleep with the beds being so close together. We all settle onto a bed, and I say something like I would love to do mushrooms here. Dad looks disappointed/irritated, but Makayla seems to agree.

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