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    dream fragment

    Fragment of Dreams

    1. July 18th

      by , 07-18-2013 at 09:17 PM
      This one was long but I forgot a lot of it..
      - I've forgotten my black backpack at school by the art room. I know where it is but when I look for it, I can't find it.

      Dream 2
      - I'm outside by a fairly large lake. I think the sun has just gone down; it is dark but there are still some shades of purple on the lake and in the sky. A man who looks like Gandalf comes over and gives a little, pink, bipedal creature. This creature is very affectionate and keeps hugging my leg.

      A fragment..
      - I see my best friend B sitting at a counter with 2 of her friends. They're all tightly wrapped in ceran wrap. B looks very uncomfortable, like she doesn't want to be there.

      Dream 3
      - I'm in an unfamiliar 2 story house with R. R isn't doing much, but he's here. We're on the bottom floor and I know there is a lot of food here. I think I take some crackers. Now I am upstairs; R Is gone, but I'm sitting by my mom who is talking to some doctors. They are saying that I could have pneumonia. I think this upsets my mom so we leave right away, but right before we do I get something else to eat because I am still hungry. Whatever I get, it comes with a beer. There are four choices; I pick a peach flavored one. Now, my mom is driving us home but I am outside the truck, somehow attached to it and able to sit down. I drink the beer, really noticing the prominent peach flavor, and think that I'd like to move to Scotland.

      Dream 4
      - I'm driving my cousin down a busy, main street to some burger place. We finally find it, and enter the building through some secret entrance. It looks more like an old house and I get the feeling that we shouldn't be here. We continue on anyway, and reach a big window/opening in the wall. Looking out, I see a huge, grassy feild far below me. On this feild there are many marching bands, each wearing their school colors.

      Dream 5
      - I'm at an indoor concert with my dad. We are seated in a row close to the small stage. My dad gets up and leaves for a bit; when he gets back, he has already missed the ending.
      **I wake up after this dream ends and haven't moved or opened my eyes. I try to imagine myself back at that concert cheering with everyone else, but not a thing happens?
    2. July 17th

      by , 07-18-2013 at 01:20 AM
      One dream about astral projection and two about deilds....

      Dream 1

      I've been sleeping and am suddenly awoken by the feeling of intense vibrations. I wonder what's going on but I decide to 'roll out of my body'. When I do, it feels like I am on my floor, so I stand up and open my eyes. I look back and see my body on the bed and know what has happened. I start to walk out of my room but then everything fades away..

      Dream 2

      I'm in an unfamiliar house, at the kitchen table. An acquaintance is here; she's been waking me up so I can have a deild.


      I'm watching short videos that are supposed to help me have a deild.
    3. July 16th

      by , 07-16-2013 at 06:50 PM
      Just fragments today...

      - I stand, shirtless, looking in a mirror. I see that I am very hairy.

      - I am on the school bus, sitting alone, and a girl asks if we can trade seats.

      - I'm in a restaurant with my parents. We're going to our table when we stop because they see two people they know. These people both start talking to talk to me at the same time. I don't recognize either of them.
    4. July 6th.

      by , 07-06-2013 at 07:23 PM
      Dream 1

      I'm in the side yard at my old house. Two other people are here: a boy and a girl. I'm picking some 'vegetables' off of a vine while they watch. These 'vegetables' just look like maroon potatoes. They tell me to be very careful with these since they'll be going to some rich people.

      Dream 2 (fragment)

      I see a large, glass display case. It's cylindrical at the bottom but rounded off like the top of an egg. The few shelves inside are full of plates of all kinds of chocolate cake. They're all labeled, decorated, and incredibly delicious looking.

      Dream 3 (fragment)

      I make a chocolate cake and eat it all out of the pan.

      Dream 4

      I'm in Sacramento with my mom and sister. We're at a restaurant (by the water?). I really enjoy the presence of out waitress and want her to come home with us when we have to leave. I want to at least leave her a tip, but can't find any 5's or 1's when I look in my wallet. I do notice that all the bills have 'God' crossed off on the back.
      When we get home, we watch a music video on the tv. It shows a scene scene of some old ladies sitting in a line and moving to the music.