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    [ZADMOS] Last one this time

    by , 04-30-2017 at 09:13 AM (846 Views)
    I'm in a canyon with some hillbilly hunters next to a small shack. On the porch of the shack one of the hillbillies is cutting carrots to make a bait for rabbits. I have a dejavu and "remember" that they're doing the same thing that ended up in a catastrophe the last time. They don't care. More hillbillies appear and they go on with their plan. The plan goes ill again like I knew it would when a 50-meter giant appears to kill us. I take of flying but the giant creature follows me and jumps great distances to catch me. Yikes. For my relief the dream hops me to above my neighborhood and the giant now is gone. It gradually dawns up on me, thank god gradually. I'm flying! I'm flying above my home streets! I gain altitude and the feeling of height booms into me essence. I haven't flown in a long time. But I'm no novice either, so I gracefully shift my course and take flying to southeast. I lose some altitude and fly just above a grassy field. I look to my left and remember to score some points for the record. I lift a spruce off the ground by pointing my hand at it. I could have gone to check what's underneath it as well for the TotM, but I didn't remember. I see a girl and a guy in their mid-twenties and land next to them. I think about interaction, so I ask the girl for a kiss. She comes and kisses me on my right cheek. I do the same to her and we laugh a bit. Lots of youngsters start flooding to the area. I think I should also finish the Three-Step Task, so I point my hand behind me and ask a girl in front of me:" There's a door behind me right?" She nods and says :" Yeah." There's the regular yellow door and a much bigger and larger steel door as well. ( thanks dolphin! your technique works! ) I go to the yellow door, but there's no real door at all in fact. It's all some weird plastic that I have to rip open from the corner. I still try to teleport, but I soon realize it won't work like this. I repeat. "There's a door behind me right?" Same response from the girl. This time it's a proper one.

    I go to the door, not really knowing where I want to end up so I just think abut a hotel room or something. I open the door and enter a dark narrow corridor that leads to just that; a hotel room. I step in leaving the field behind. I find my brother, father and a beautiful blonde there. They're a bit caught off guard, how did I get there? I ask the blonde to come to me. I make my father and brother disappear by waving my hand in front of them. Just one "swipe" and they have vanished. The blonde lays over me. I ask if I could get a little show. The blonde stands up and begins dancing. No no, that's not how it's done I think to myself. I have to give an example so I stand up as well. I show the blonde the real moves, my dancing is way better! I can feel myself waking up a little bit, seeing the blackness behind my eye-lids almost. I manage to return to the same spot from where I almost left. I think it's too dark at the moment, so I reach for the curtains to let some light in so I could see the blonde in the coming moments. I can see the elegant and bare figure of the blonde just for a brief moment, before the curtains are drawn back to place by some dark force. There's something in the room with us. That feeling quickly subsides as we lay down to have a brief moment of... you know.

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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Lol XD No I don't know. Jk I know. Glad you had a nice lucid and got your task done~ Oh and the word ceiling is misplaced I think.
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    2. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Lol XD No I don't know. Jk I know. Glad you had a nice lucid and got your task done~ Oh and the word ceiling is misplaced I think.
      The ceiling is there for a purpose, I add it to the end of all my entries It symbolizes waking up and looking up at the ceiling ( which in turn can symbolize the limitations of real life where in lucid dreams you're totally free... or something )
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    3. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Haha XD Thats deep and unique. I like that idea.