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    Things to Run Away From Really Fast

    #196. Real Life Creepiness, but the Robots Were Cool

    by , 08-14-2015 at 05:54 PM (551 Views)
    It's night, and we're in a heavily wooded valley. Above us is a massive structure that resembles a dam, and there are offices in the building that's built into the structure.

    The four (or five?) of us are gathered in a circle, having made camp. There's no fire. We're on the run.

    And they've found us.

    It's day, now. The parents and one (or two?) of their kids have found a vehicle and are driving up one side of the dam (but there are deer in the way, so they can only go so quickly.)

    I'm the daughter, and insect-like attack robots surround me, their numbers penetrating deep into the forest. I feel the energy building up within me, and I lash out, striking at the robots with some kind of sword, taking out half a dozen of them in a straight line.

    There are too many of them. I retreat upwards into the office building, blasting through a wall to get inside. There are men and women in suits around a boardroom table, and they spin in their seats as I rush past them, sending up alarmed cries. I get to the interior door, something hot on my heels, and everything goes dark.


    The man in charge has short, spiked black hair. He is arrogant, cold, as he gives his orders. They're in the centre of a city now, and he has the girl.

    People are frantic. Something has gone wrong. They need to escape, to evacuate. They need to get a message to the Earl.

    I laugh. I am now a man, thin-faced and shorter than the man in charge. He is angry, he grabs me by the lapels of my jacket and demands, demands, demands.

    Amused, I tell him that I can get the information to the Earl. It's in X folder in his personal, secure system, right? I have the files now, I can send them.

    Demands, demands.

    Well, I'm a hacker, of course, I tell him. And I'm not really here. But I can help him, for a price.

    I'm with the girl I was before, and we're speeding through the city in a shuttle, trying to dodge as multiple giant space worms—like the one from Men in Black—destroy the city and try to eat us, as well.

    We're in an elevator. Have we made it?


    In the church my mom took me to when I was really, really little. It's still dark, because it's winter, and the service is in an hour. I unlock the door with my key and turn on the lights.

    No one is here yet. I go downstairs and turn on the lights (I'm a little bit afraid because I need to go through the dark sections to get to the lights), and I consider going home and sleeping for a bit.

    I turn off the lights and stand in the darkness for a moment, quiet and still. The trees and the moon above the church create a lovely picture in the sky.

    There's still one light on, though. It looks like someone is in the bathroom. I guess I should turn the lights back on and stay here until the service starts, since people have started arriving.


    Spoiler for Content note for attempted sexual assault:

    Edit: I also had a dream that Sensei started up his comp and had ALL of the intermediates against the one person who volunteered to be on the advanced team (which wasn't me).

    Adventure: 5/10
    Control: 3/10
    Fear: 7/10

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