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    2/12/17-Naughty in a Tree, Nasty Toilet, Train Ride with Hermione

    by , 02-12-2017 at 01:44 PM (213 Views)
    1. I was walking down a dirt path with tree shading it and it was beautiful, up ahead I saw something but couldn't make out what when I was struggling to get what it was out pops the adorable DC that I have been seeing now and then in my dreams (dream sign for me). We both seem to be in our mid to late 20's again. We have a very strong connection without speaking much. We hug and then we walk on the path holding hands, when I see the most amazing tree ever. It had the thickest branches I ever saw (hmmm that just clicked lol) I wanted to touch the tree because the bark was so smooth. I ran over to it so giddy and started to climb onto the lower branches which were very low to the ground. Perfect climbing tree. I climbed about half way up and was amazed at how wide the branch was. I laid on my back and looked up amazed at how high the tree went. Then up pops the adorable guy. Immediately I was feeling frisky and started to undress. He looked shocked at first but then he came over to help me. Can't go into details but it was so much fun and the tree was so soft. I am always amazed at how strong the senses are in these dreams.

    2. At an event for work when I had to go to the bathroom and all of the stalls were taken except one and it was just so bad I couldn't go in it. I kept waiting for someone to come out, when I kept seeing this cute little girl peeking under while her mom was in there and I was waving at her. Then I finally decide I can't wait, and go in the nasty one. I flush and grab a wad of paper and start cleaning the seat but it has clear jelly stuff all over the seat and I wipe but it just moves around. I keep cleaning and cleaning then put the paper on the seat. I get done and come out and noone is left in the bathroom lol. Figures I wash my hands over and over in disgust. Eeeew. (How does one go from a great sex dream to a nasty bathroom dream?)

    3. I was at a train station in line to board (never been on a train in my life) I get in and sit down and the train is full. This was a train ride from hell. It was a long scary ride with lots of happenings, when we passed another train and I was trying to look at the faces and focus in on them as we passed. I was trying to convey my fear. I saw several people looking at me and was able to get eye contact, but then I saw Hermione from Harry Potter (dream) lol. I was able to telepathically send her a message of what was going on with this train, someone was stealing it and it was out of control. Hermione was able to teleport onto the train and she was now sitting 4 seats in front of me. One lady recognized Hermione and asked if she could give her larger breasts. She did. Then we had people lining up with things they wanted to change. Smooth skin, hair color, sex change, one girl had tiny little arms and she wanted them larger. I stretched them out but they didn't look natural so Hermione had to come up with a spell for that. We even made old people young again. It was so much fun we totally forgot about the fact that the train was out of control.
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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Hahahaa oh my that last dream was so much fun and last bit made me laugh out loud ^^ your dreams are so gloriously fun
      There seems to be some dirty connection between 1st and 2nd?
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