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    Train or Bus? (DILD)

    by , 12-21-2010 at 02:43 PM (588 Views)
    December 5, 2010

    I was on this... train... but the inside was done up like a bus (bus seating, and the seats were laid out in typical bus fashion... I guess like the c-train, but I maintain, it looked like a bus. ANYWAYS, for most of the dream, I can't remember, but when I try to get off the bus, I had to walk up some stairs. I started feeling very heavy and was slowly drifting backwards. The chick behind me pushed on me to keep me going forwards, but it didn't help much. I stopped, went back down the steps and told her to go first.

    I pondered why this was so difficult. I don't weigh that much. Why do I have to try so much harder to get off this train? I came to one conclusion. Dreaming. I walked back up the steps with ease now. I told the DC up there that I would just fly off. She seemed a bit skeptical, but I told her it was alright, this is a dream. She accepted that answer and then wondered how I'd fly from a moving train. We were on an open train car, so I climbed up onto the wooden railing. I told her it's just a matter of "fixing a point" towards where you want to go. And jumped.

    I was soaring through the air. I missed this feeling! I saw another couple of dreamers flying through the air too. I thought I might hit them, but I raised myself upwards a little, and everyone was fine. I saw a snow covered school below and decided to go down for a visit. Only, my dream kept pulling me upwards. I didn't fight it, instead thought, "Fine, I'll have a space adventure instead." However, once I reached this "barrier" between sky and space, I started spinning uncontrollably and woke up.

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