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    Bang! 4 lucids in one night :)

    by , 10-22-2010 at 02:04 PM (1101 Views)
    October 18, 2010

    Took G/C (1 pill) around 6am + 3 melissa pills (the lemon balm/l-theanine combo). Back to bed with a MILD mantra (this is a dream/nose pinch visual). Unfortunately, I didn't take a lot of notes between these dreams, so I really only remember the lucid bits.

    I also forgot to meditate on any goals, so my LD's came out pretty randomly.

    Trying to find my DG's (MILD)
    I realized I was dreaming and walked away from whatever was happening. I remember running out the door and noticing I was naked, but I didn't care. I asked the dream, "Please take me to where Danny and Sterling are!" and flew. I remember seeing all black, but then a white light swirled around. Then everything went white. I wondered if I accidentally killed myself. I stopped to let everything stabilize, but then someone "woke" me up.

    Back in bed, I was in SP. It cleared, and Roger was standing over me. He told me I needed to come hear this. I was about to find something fantastic, this had better be good :sad1: I followed him out into a room and saw a person with anime eyes. One eye was blue and one was red.

    There was a girl at a table. She asked me if I wanted some juice, but I told her I would have some wine. This surprised her, but she got it for me. She addressed the room, saying she had information on finding Danny and Sterling. I woke up.

    Walking down a street (DILD)
    I was crossing a street on a winter day, walking my dog (the one that passed away, IRL). I got the inkling that it may be a dream, and I was about to shrug it off when I stopped myself. I actually didn't think about my dog, but I thought, "Well, if it's a dream, let's jump up and sit on this tree branch." I jumped up and reached the tree branch, feeling pretty satisfied with myself.

    Fireballs (DILD)
    Once I became lucid, I wasn't entirely sure what to do. I remembered a previous dream where I was trying to throw fireballs, but I couldn't create them. So, it's decided. I'm going to make some fireballs. I held out my hand, and pretended I could feel heat across my palm. It took a bit, but soon enough I saw a lovely little ball of fire form off my hand. A perfect sphere hovering just above it. I giggled happily and tossed it. I set something on fire, but I can't quite remember what. Some shrubbery, perhaps.

    I realized though, that I'm going to need to conjure fireballs a lot faster than that, if I'm going to use them in battles. So I practiced conjuring and tossing fireballs. Unfortunately, I have extremely bad aim :sad1: I happened to be standing in a food court and I kept tossing them at people and hitting walls and such. But, they were conjuring a bit faster, so yayyyy!

    Sailor Moon (Possibly a WILD, with a very short transition)
    I was chatting with my former neighbour (a clairvoyant) about the first lucid dream that I had tonight, about being "woke up" in sleep paralysis. I realized how different I am now than when she knew me. Back then, I didn't get lucid very often, and I wasn't aware of the spiritual implications this could have. It saddened me, too, that it's hard to talk about with people in my waking life. And that the real person doesn't know I get lucid a few times a month, now.

    However, in the front yard, there came a man, shrouded in black. He started up an attack, which I went to fend off. I decided to use my new fireballs. I threw a few, but my aim really, really sucks :sob: I decided to just hold my arm out where I wanted the ball to go, but then nothing would come out. Okay... what about psi-balls? Nothing. I sighed in defeat (of the lack of abilities, not of the fight). I shouted out the transformation phrase for Sailor Moon and transformed. I whipped out the moon stick, and the man freaked. I used the Moon Healing Escalation on him, and took care of him.

    I noticed a cat... Luna! She turned into an older woman (guessing about mid-50's in age). I became really saddened though. She might be a real dreamer, but I won't know her in waking life. I may never know her. But in the dream, we are allies. I left without speaking to her. She tried to stop me, but I ignored her.

    Later, at "home," she came bounding through the door, in cat form again. My mum asked me to get rid of her (not in a bad way, but we're all allergic to cats in the house). I told Luna as much, but then noticed she had some wounds. I cleaned her, then brought her to mum. I said I can't abandon an injured animal, so she'll stay in my room. Mum said it was fine.

    I brought Luna to my room, and tucked her under the blankets. I asked her if she could breathe, and she nodded.

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      YAY you have a dream pet now! :3