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    Serenity's Silver Millennium

    Dream Battle

    by , 10-13-2010 at 01:15 AM (597 Views)
    Dream Battle (Dream-WILD)
    I remember vaguely starting the dream out being in class again with Alice, and she had to leave early to get back to London. I assumed she meant London, England in the dream; but it wasn't until just now, recording this, that she probably meant London, Ontario (she lives there IRL).

    The dream skipped and I'm running away from a dude. I went inside a house and locked the door. I knew he'd get in, but at least this would buy me some time to find a place to hide. I hoped it'd would be good enough. I chose a closet which had some tall boxes in them, and scrunched down behind them. I rang 911. Just the same as my last dream where I phoned 911, no one answered. In fact, I got a voice mail saying to leave my name and distress issue, and they'll get back to me I hung up. This service sucks. I'm probably going to die because they can't get their heads out of their asses. I shut my phone off and hid it so the light wouldn't betray my hiding spot, but I got found anyways.

    Accepting my fate, the guy wrenched me out of my hiding spot, and I "woke up."

    False awakening. Nose pinch, could breathe. I believed it this time, but pinched again to be sure. Breathed. Kick ass! I remembered I wanted to dream-WILD in my next FA, so I set to it, but I forgot to have a scene in mind, so I got dragged back into the previous dream. "Wait! I didn't want back in this one! Oh well, at least I'm lucid now," I thought.

    Buddy was back there too and resumed his attack on me. I shielded and jumped out the window, flying. He was instantly like "WTF?!"

    "Yeah, I can fly!" I shouted at him. "I can do more than that, too!" and I started attempting to throw fireballs down on his location. They ended up just being psi-balls, but hey... they were causing explosions, so I continued my assault.

    Suddenly, dude was flying too though, and copying my attacks. "What the hell?!"

    "Every attack you use on me, I will absorb it!" he laughed.

    Oh... he's one of those types. Fine. I straightened myself out and willed myself upwards, into the sky. I heard Danny's voice ask me, "Isn't that a beautiful colour of blue?" I agreed with him, it was. But it was darkening, and I didn't want to go into space today. I was suddenly back on the ground, and I was extremely disoriented.

    The guy followed me, and I tried to push off into the air again, but I couldn't. I wondered if the flight took my abilities away? It's probably this disorientation. So, I started running. And he followed. "Hey, it's no fair attacking me when I've lost all my abilities!" I shouted. The running made me feel better, though. I could fly again, but I don't remember if we fought more. I remember being face to face with him and trying to make him explode, but no such luck.

    He had me cornered in an alley. Sensing that I was out of attacks, I decided to try one last thing. "Aishiteru," I said, quietly.

    "What?" he asked, completely off guard.

    "Aishiteru... I love you," I said. I opened my arms to hug him. This was actually meant to be a trick, I was going to try to lull him into a false sense of security so a DC-ally could get him... I already could see my ally waiting for my signal.

    "I love you too," he said. Wait, what?! That's not supposed to happen... Well... I can't kill him now, that'd be wrong.

    The next bit is private, but all I will say is there were DC's grouping around.... I force-fielded the end of the alley so no one could get in. However, for some reason, a Scottish bag-pipe marching band went right through it... ??? And the DC turned into Jack. Not a bad way to end a dream, I suppose.
    I woke 3 minutes before the 90-minute cycle alarm sounded.

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    lucid , false awakening , memorable


    1. Requiem's Avatar
      Hey, that was pretty cool.

      Too bad you lost your powers like that though.

      I can't believe you let him off the hook.