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    Series of false awakenings/Lucid fragment/Odd rain showers

    by , 09-14-2010 at 05:48 PM (618 Views)
    September 14, 2010

    G/C night. First time. What a craaaaazy night!

    Asleep by midnight.

    First cycle dream! (I usually don't remember these ones )
    I'm working my old 7-11 job again. Both my brothers showed up together to buy junkfood. I got off work early and joined them.

    WBTB at 3:30am. Took the G/C. Back to bed, but merely drifted for about an hour. Then, the G/C kicked in. I decided that I should pop the 0.5 melatonin recommended, so I spit one of my 3mg's into 4. It wasn't very even, so I took one of the smaller quarters. Back to bed, and still drifted. Went to the couch shortly thereafter and must've unintentionally WILD'ed, because I had no recollection of passing out. I was dreaming about sleeping in the same position when this series happened... (these dreams are all in one, btw. I kept "waking up" into a new FA).

    Call from Dad
    False awakening. I got a call from my dad (who works nights), who wanted to chat about something that happened at work. In my sleepy haze, I accidentally hung up on him. I tried to look up his name in my contacts list, but could barely read anything (I blamed this on my terrible eyesight - which is really bad - but even I have a point where I can hold something and read it clearly). I dialed what appeared to be dad's number, but instead, I got this awful sound on my phone. I can't describe it, but... it was AS terrible as that ending bit of "Nights in White Satin."

    This woke Jack up, who wondered, "Why are you on the couch, and why is your phone making that noise?"

    "I dunno, it sounds like demons moaning, and I can't make it stop!" I complained. (Yes, I think the ending bit of "Nights in White Satin" sounds like demons moaning... )

    "Just turn the volume down on your phone and come back to bed," he suggests. I do so, and "wake up."

    HH sounds - Lucid - 1/5
    False awakening. I'm back on the couch again, with my blinders on. I had decided the best course of action to try to sleep through the G/C would be to WILD, since I usually pass out anyways So, I get these sounds of voices. Young voices, like children. I can't make out what they're saying, but it sounds like a noisy classroom. I try to envision it, and it's a little murky. Then gone.

    It's very quickly replaced with the sound of a song. It's a Beatles song I'm creating in my head. It would fit in well with the revolver album, as it sounds very big band, like "Got to Get You Into My Life." I'm all pleased with myself that I can conjure up the tune AND the harmonies for John and Paul so well (but not lyrics! I can't make out what they're singing), and I consider trying to record it when I get up and sending it to Paul with a note, "Dude, I dreamed this!" But then I realized that any recording I could possibly make would sound like crap

    I "woke up" from this scene.

    Collapsed! - Lucid - 1/5
    False awakening. Jack discovers me sleeping on the couch and sits on me, trying to antagonize me. I moan that I haven't slept all night, so he tells me he's getting up for the day, so I should get back in bed and sleep. He gets off me, and I think to myself, "I already had a false awakening of Jack finding me on the couch. Better reality check to make sure." I pinch my nose and breathe. I try pinching it differently, and I can still breathe. "I must not be doing this right... hey... how can you pinch your nose wrong?! This must be another dream. I should try something else."

    I get up off the couch and jump in the air to levitate... and crash hard to the ground. The fall doesn't hurt, but I'm sprawled out, belly-down, on the floor and I can't move. I stare at the carpet fibers until Jack discovers me on the floor.

    He drags me to the bed by my arms, and I'm still belly-down, but now staring at the fibers of my bed sheets. I'm completely unable to move for myself. "It's gotta be the sleep paralysis," I thought to myself.

    I woke up, nose-pinched and found that I had finally woke up for real.

    I was awake for an hour again, so I took another quarter of melatonin again to pass out.

    Lucid fragment - Lucid - 2/5
    I'm flying across the ocean, through the clouds. I decide to spawn my wings because I haven't done that for a while, and I continue on flying.

    Odd rain-showers
    I'm at school with a group of DC's. This incredibly obnoxious kid comes in, and I can't remember what he says, but when he leaves, I say to my friends, "I hate people like him."

    Now we're outside, mostly just chatting. I notice the clouds are getting thicker and darker. It starts to lightly rain, and I stare into the sky and sing "Wonderwall," by Oasis (although, by singing it, I can hear the song playing full out, in the dream). As the song goes on, I notice that there's a hole forming in the clouds, which allows for this brilliant beam of sunlight to pour through. I interrupt my friends' conversation to point out the clouds. We watch them move across the sky and another hole opens to reveal another beautiful stream of sunshine.

    The clouds move off and the storm is over, which makes me sad. And wakes me up.

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    1. Samael's Avatar
      The fall doesn't hurt, but I'm sprawled out, belly-down, on the floor and I can't move. I stare at the carpet fibers until Jack discovers me on the floor.
      Ooh, I've done this. FLY! Fall. Crash. Well, that didn't work.

      This actually makes me picture the scene in Inception where Saito realizes that he's dreaming because the carpet doesn't match the real version.
    2. Serenity's Avatar
      Nice spoiler save there Totally didn't think of that until just now... but now that you mention it, it was a lot like that!
    3. Requiem's Avatar
      I see you've finally got some G/C (I call it CnG). I've had some for awhile now and it is pretty awesome. If I don't go lucid, my dreams are really vivid and just some odd stuff can happen. Like that bit while you were in SP in the dream. Quite uncommon, at least for me anyways, but its happened.

      Let us know when you take it too.

      Good luck. Can't wait for some 5/5 CnG dreams.
    4. Serenity's Avatar
      I'll always mark my posts with a little comment at the top that says "G/C night." Both for you guys, and for me

      I plan on only taking it once a week, both to prolong my supply and also to not build a tolerance to it. But next week I'm going to experiment with 8mg G/400mg C and see what happens. I also managed to find a sleep supp that has lemon balm and l-theanine in it (which is f*king impossible to find in Canada), so next week should go a WHOLE LOT BETTER

      If not, I'll take the capsules before bed with a huge bowl of raisin bran so the G/C absorbs slowly...
    5. Requiem's Avatar
      Ewww...rasin bran...

      Updated 09-17-2010 at 08:53 AM by Requiem