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    Cant remember most of my dreams :(

    by , 10-14-2013 at 05:40 PM (314 Views)
    I need to write more of my dreams down in my dream journal, i just go right back to sleep and I can only remember the last dream..

    one of my dreams had andrew matthews in it, childhood friend

    had some others but COMPLETELY FORGOT THEM

    last dream I was in looked like a school and I was walking around in it. Looked like some sort of combination of the middle school and high school I went to. I remember going into a room full of computers and my friend Anton gave me a key that just looked like a tiny black rectangular prism and he said to use it to get another key from the PC (personal container). So I went looking around outside and went through this cafe and he asked me telepathically or through some earpiece somehow if i found it and I said I couldn't find it so he was gonna come down to show me. By that time I was outside and a bunch of other guys were hanging around. We were in the grass outside of the school and we all decided to go find it. Eventually we found this old abandoned wooden house in the middle of nowhere and the other guys wanted to use the PC to skate all over and Anton said no. We went into the house and looked around and I was following Anton along this incredibly weird and complex second floor pathway that looked like scaffolding except wooden. Then I saw this huge spider web and I asked Anton how he got past it. It was like this huge spiderweb that went in like a sideways pyramid from where I was standing. I didn't want to walk through it so I jumped down to the first floor and there were spiderwebs all over the floor. I tried to leave but my hands started bleeding from the spiderwebs and I finally made it outside the gates of the house where there were no spiderwebs. I think I met some girl outside the gate but I'm not sure, thats all I remember.

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