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    A very weird high school

    by , 02-01-2013 at 03:44 PM (415 Views)
    I'm glad my dream recall increased so greatly last night, might have to do with all the apple juice I drank, or the fact that I actually went outside yesterday.

    Sleep: 11:30
    Awakenings: 4:00, 9:00
    Methods: MILD, WILD

    1. Skyrim Ruins

    In my dream somehow I knew I was in Skyrim, except I was actually in the game. I was in this snowy place, it looked like the stones from stonehenge except they were on hills and there were a lot of them. This group of other people were chasing me and I kept trying to get to a city so the guards would attack the group of people chasing me. I looked on the map and saw I was right near one of the gold little stonehenge pieces, which somehow I knew meant a city. I started climbing up this big hill with nothing on it so it was like a field on a hill. Somehow I didn't wake up after this but I still remembered this dream.

    2. Vacation house

    I was in this vacation house with my cousins, this seems to be a very common recurring element in my dreams. It somehow got dark outside at 4:30 and we were just sitting around talking, a very boring dream. All i remember is what I wrote down when I woke up, we were talking about health and somehow one of my cousins (she'd never say this in real life) said that she eats one quart of club sandwhiches every day lmao. After a while my uncle asks me what channel is the hockey game on. So I start to flip through the channels, and in this house somehow we have comcast or something cause it's different from what I have at my house. After a few seconds of browsing the channels I wake up.

    At this point I feel WIDE awake, I write my notes down in my dream journal, go upstairs and drink some applejuice and some water. Then I try to fall back asleep.

    3. High school Weirdness

    I dreamed I was back in high school and we all went sledding. I did not feel the cold at all and somehow all I was wearing were soaking wet whitey tighteys. (LOL) After sledding we went to this weird cafe to have dinner, and there was one aisle with two rows of booths where everyone was eating. At the end of one row was a podium where some guy was giving a speech. After he gave a speech everyone was just waiting and sitting, so I went up to the podium to see if I could give a speech. After I got up to the podium Someone else from across the room started giving a speech talking about prom and some other events so i went and sat back down. After we started eating I guess two security people kept moving me around because I kept causing trouble. I went to a few tables then to a popular table then to a table in the back. I do not remember anything that happened at any tables. Then I remember when we were leaving we had to walk past another big group of people and I shouted "SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!!" (it was in bill and teds excellent adventure) then as everyone was leaving I was running through the snow, up past a wendy's and a few other restaurants until I got to this big snowy field that seemed to go on forever, I kept running towards this hill but I never got closer, this went on for a long time in the dream. I kept wondering why I wasn't cold but I never realized I was dreaming. I eventually imagined I was on the hill on purpose so I could get home faster but I still didn't realize I was dreaming. After that I woke up.

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