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    I thought I got a nice new car :(

    by , 02-07-2018 at 04:01 PM (346 Views)
    I can't remember how the dream began, but I remember being in the house I grew up in.

    I was in the kitchen and saw a really fast, nice, silver car pull into the driveway quickly. I didn't see who was driving it, I was confused. I opened the front door and found it was my mother, and I found that it was a Mercedes AMG. Then I looked up the driveway onto the road and saw another silver Mercades, slightly different, less sporty, sitting on the road just outside the driveway.

    I was like "Where did you get this car! It's amazing!"

    My mum said "It means you can..." and then something interrupted her, I think it was my sister.

    Then I asked again and she can "It's for y..." and she was interrupted again.

    I asked one more time and she was interrupted again. "Gahddammit" I thought... I just wanted to confirm the car is for me, but I didn't want to just assume it is.

    Then, from the kitchen I saw a really nice modern rally car. Orange and black. It drove really fast into the driveway and did a skid. My mum was like "what the heck". I was like "whoaa did you see that?" Then I think more cars came. I think we assumed it was the car company my mum went to, and they've followed her back, to try sell more cars or something ridiculous like that.

    Then I went out to the driveway, and suddenly my whole family was in the house and in the garden and driveway. I used to see my family a lot in waking life, but not so much any more. All my cousins looked young, the age I remember them most at. Now they are all grown up so it was weird to wake up from this.

    I remember noticing that I was wearing a woolly jumper that I've been wearing recently in the past few days, IWL. I think I took the jumper off in the dream for some reason.

    Then I woke up. During the dream, the whole time I just wanted to drive that Merc AMG. I woke up disappointed
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      I know how you feel. ^^" Would be nice to get a new car as a present.
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    2. slash112's Avatar
      Hahah indeed!

      It was a weird dream, because I don't expect such a thing to happen xD
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