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    by , 10-02-2016 at 08:11 AM (309 Views)
    Another night dreaming about the sea! (last week it was cats)

    1) I think I was on holiday. I was in a queue, in my car to start with, then on foot, in a seaside town, queuing to get to the sea to go surfing. there were some children behind me, as we reached the sea they pushed past me in the queue, but I let it go. I could see the sea in the distance.
    The sea then became a small indoor pool. It had just opened and we all walked inside. It was actaully mostly a hard indoor surface with a small pool in the corner. Lots of people were finding a spot to settle down. I looked for somewhere to put my towel but it was all wet. I started talking to another man asking where I could go without sitting in a wet area. He atrted explainig to me about the activities on offer and that the surfing was a disaster because the pool was so small and the water was flowing so slowly, so they wouldn't be doing it again today.

    2) Sitting at a table talking to a young man opposite me. One of my old doctor partner was sitting next to me. We were tlaking about smoking roll ups and about what the best tobacco is. I don't smoke. I watched as the doctor next to me rolled up a cigarette as well and I rememberd seeing her smoke once before and I commented on that.
    Then I was walking around somewhere and someone was commenting that I acted as if I am married (I am) but in the dream I was just in a relationship. I was calling my girlfriend 'the wife' and started thinking how I was acting as if I was married.
    Then I was in a room with a glass wall watching a woman talking to my children. They were standing by a pond and going to harvest some of the weeds in the pond. They had laid down a floating path on the pond.

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    1. Nebulus's Avatar
      Emotions huh
      Surf dream - feeling unstable ,,, idk about rest

      Btw im having same lol
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