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    by , 10-03-2016 at 07:27 AM (192 Views)
    And more SEA!!
    Lots of fragments this morning.

    1) Standing by a harbour. It was grey and dark. I saw houses on the other side of the harbour and thought how nice it would be to be able to moor a boat outside your own house and sail away at any time. I saw letters for the houses next to me lying on the ground.

    2) Someone's mother was decorating in a room. I wanted to go in there I was stood in the corridor outside and I started to clean around the walls hoovering up building dust and cobwebs.

    3) Looking at a laptop, it was quite high tech. I downloaded some books as I was going on a space mission and I wanted to make sure I had the correct manuals with me in case something went wrong. I pressed a button on the side of the laptop to make the display black and white to save on power.

    4) Woke up in someone's house, talking to him. We were discussing paintballing. I girl came and kissed me on the lips, she was quite young so I didn't think it was appropriate and pulled away.

    5) Driving a minibus with children back to someone's house. They lived in the middle of a forest. I was talking to the mother, they were all her children. She was talking about changing the name of her house again so that she could claim as much benefits as possible, and that made it easier to fool the system. I started walking away then wondered if I should be leaving the minibus there, and decided I couldn't be bothered to go back.

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