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    Journals From The Void

    (Starting As of March 5, 2018, because I know I'm close now!)


    • Lines indicate a drastic division in what I'm writing before and after the line. They may appear as multiple lines on some devices, because I'm too lazy to try to figure out textbox scaling.

    1. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
      • Indicates a shift from dream to post-dream notes, or from pre-dream notes to a dream. Notes will not be color-coded when separated from the dream by this line.

    2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(Title, info)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      • Indicates a switch from one dream to another. Has the title of the following dream, as well as info about the dream, between two of the lines. This is not required for the title and information of the first entry of a date.

    3. **************************************(Date)****** *******************************************
      • Marks a shift in days if I get lazy and decide to post multiple days' entries on one day.

    In-Text Formatting

    • The in-text formatting indicates how to interpret what is written. If you know basic grammar, you should be good for the most part when reading my DJ.


    • The color-coding of the text indicates a detail about what is written.

    1. Black -- Non-lucid dream, clear
    2. Green -- Non-lucid dream, hazy
    3. Yellow -- Somewhat aware of the fact that I am dreaming; semi-lucid
    4. Red -- Lucid, clear dream
    5. Orange -- Lucid, hazy dream
    6. Purple -- A thought that I'm having in the dream
    7. Blue -- Comments on something in a dream (not actually from the dream), usually in parenthesis

    These formatting choices may change as I write more and more dreams.

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