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    by , 05-06-2016 at 07:34 AM (297 Views)
    Successful WILD. Lucidly transitioned into a city with loads of skyscrapers. Flew up the walls of one of them and found an alcove where a window would ordinarily be. This alcove contained a door that led into the building. Going through it I found a maze of lifts and escalaters. Navigating through it, I heard snippets of conversation from others in the building. Can't remember the details, but it felt as though they were about business. One of the corridors was darker than the rest and stood out in my memories. I eventually arrived at a medium sized room where a bunch of people from my university course were gathered. This was apparently (I just instinctively knew) a teaching conference of sorts, which makes sense as I'm learning to be a teacher. During this period, I noticed fuzziness in the dream and willed for clarity, which I received. One of the ladies present, who was not from real life, was named Auldrick (again, I just "knew"). Its not exacltly a feminine name, but she was beautiful and, to put it bluntly, we had sex.

    Next dream, non-lucid: I was travelling with a taxi driver and someone who I suspect may have been Donald Trump (this dreams a bit hazy, so, I don't know). We had both entered this cab, when some sort of vague apocalyptic event occured. Instead of taking me to my destination (wherever that was) he instead decided we were off somewhere else that would apparently help with survival. During our journey through an abandoned England (again, what Trump was doing here is anyone's guess), I, in all my dream logic, decided that using a text interface, similar to irc chat, to communicate with them was far better than speaking face-to-face. Our driver got frustrated at me for this. We got into an argument over our destination, which he eventually won. At one point hee drove straight a house. He also drove us down a steep hill at high speed, causing us to briefly fly off. When we landed, the shock woke me up. There may have also been a scene involving me ona a bus.

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