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    From the forest to the academy.

    by , 07-16-2013 at 09:40 AM (266 Views)
    Started off in my room, with full realization of my lucidity and immediately went to the main room, Here I found my uncle and sister sitting down on the sofa. I immediately remembered my original intention and called for my dream guide.

    Both family members announced that they were my dream guide and I just sighed in frustration, having full knowledge that they weren't what they claim to be. Just then, a bright but not blinding light came from the kitchen. I turned around and saw a downright beautiful lady standing there smiling at me. I asked her the same question that my family were all too happy to leap on. Her reply? The softest, nicest "yes" anyone could have ever spoken. She immediately took us to a dark forest, blanketed in a beautiful starry sky. Awed by my the gorgeousness of this location, I eventually asked my guide "will you help me become lucid in all of my dreams?". Still with the beautiful voice, she replied "no, some dreams are meant to be non-lucid". With that she flew away and I resolved to explore this new world she had left me in. I eventually encountered a very bizarre figure. A 2-d animated ghost. Despite his incredibly odd appearance, he looked a friendly sort and so, I approached him. He asked me if I would like to buy this odd, floating sphere. I accepted, went briefly non-lucid and together we went to go fight a dragon or something. My recall is not so good here. Eventually, lucidity came back and I decided on another task: finding the dream views academy. I ran to the edge of the forest and there it was. A giant, castle, with equally high walls surrounding it, all on a floating, grassy island, surrounded by beautiful blue sky. I wandered the perimeter briefly, looking for a way to get in, but could only see a giant tower peaking from above the wall. And with that I woke up.

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