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    Gross Pasta

    by , 09-22-2015 at 04:24 AM (248 Views)
    I just woke up from this dream after trying to go to bed early, so here we go.

    I was in a big house with a bunch of other people around my age and it seemed as though someone had made dinner and we were supposed to get some of it.

    I left a little bit of Coca-Cola in a 2L bottle on the table where I was going to sit and I was worried about it being stolen, even though it never was.

    It's sort of difficult to describe the kitchen, but it had one of those counter/island things but it was shaped like a square and it was huge. On one side, there was a counter on the other side of walking space that went around 3 sides of the island/thing.

    And on the other counter space is where there was a huge pot filled with giant pasta noodles. They looked like this:

    The only difference is that they were a lot bigger in the dream. There wasn't too much sauce in the pasta either, and it seemed like half of it was like syrup or honey for some reason.

    I remember getting a dish, and one thing I noticed about all the dishes is that they were way shinier than any dishes would be in real life. They seemed too shiny somehow. My bowl in particular was really reflective.

    I filled it up with the gross pasta and sat down at my spot.

    And then I woke up.

    Oh boy.

    What a great dream.


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