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    The Erratic dreams of StaySharp

    1. Just until dawn

      by , 10-25-2011 at 03:53 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was on the street of a completely unknown city, it was a pretty rural place and nature didn’t seem to be impaled much to build that city. It was night and the sky was clear, as I looked up I saw several flying objects, up closer than normal planes. I saw a few space shuttles, and talked to some of the DC’s around about that. Then I saw something completely strange and began to follow it as good as I could. Apparently one of the houses there seemed familiar to me after the trees on the right side of the street cleared up, it was standing on a small hill. I went inside searching for some binoculars. The house was constructed in a strange way but it was pretty cool. I talked with some voice inside of the house, it probably told me something about that I should continue my WILD attempts or something like that. But I opened one of the doors and looked outside (it was early dawn, it looked very beautiful and realistic), and I said something like “Instead I should make use of this dream first”, and I immediately remembered what I wanted to do upon becoming lucid, I tried to apply the lucidity visor but my vision turned black. I had barely enough time to be annoyed that my lucid faded right the moment I was going to make use of it but I didn’t have any time for stabilizing.

      It was pretty odd but interesting to become lucid through saying it like that myself even though I had no prior knowledge of dreaming.

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    2. Fragment Collection 3

      by , 10-24-2011 at 05:26 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Operation Downfall:
      I was waiting together with my specialised fighting team in front of a forsaken building. Someone from the regular police brought us a snack, and a bunch of nothingness happened. He invited us to some sort of festival of protection. As we arrived there 2 of my comrades said "It's silent, too silent", and shortly afterwards we heard screams, the defense platform looked organic, infected. We were attacked by some strange lifeforms who killed everyone else already. We fought our way deeper into the complex, were some other people fought for survival, with no success. I remember the complex was led by some decadent humans, probably the reason for the attack.

      Random game stuff:
      There was some sort of RPG system in the dream and I had 2 points in the rocket launcher stat, and I was in some sort of pub with a portal. I've been shown some scenes of another game and some comments why this game was supposed to be good, the landscapes were mostly snowy. There also were some moves from Donkey Kong (smash brothers).

      Neutron apocalypse cleaner:
      I was on a planet which was in pretty bad shape, sorta fallout like. I went into a building and fought of some enemies, afterwards I activated a self cleaning system (probably an advanced neutronbomb, like the one in Noveria/Mass Effect). All enemies were killed and nothing else was damaged, however the inner structure of the complex slightly changes.
    3. Fragment Collection 2

      by , 10-24-2011 at 04:05 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Twins of the maze:
      I was in some sort of huge empty building, and the lights were pretty dim. There were two girls, looking exactly like each other. They always tried to lead me to some place but when I lost sight of them just for a moment they would immediatly vanish in the silence. I would then always be able to find them at the place I first saw them. However it felt like everytime I lost sight of them something valuable was destroyed.

      On the Railroad:
      I was travelling somewhere ON a train, and was enjoying the stars of a clear night. At the next station I met my father, we walked through a forest, where my railroads where (probably trams though). Some annoying small dog attacked us, we fought back but neither was the dog dangerous nor took it any damage, so I turned it into a stick and broke it.

      Strange artifact:
      I was meeting a girl in a dream to get a artifact from here. This girl was someone really special, she didn't look normal and had a strange but pleasant aura. She gave me some sort of medallion in hex shape with 2 jags. I was completely even on the bottom and there were runes on the top. The top also had a different color for all the 6 segments the medallion was made of.
    4. Soaring above scorched grounds

      by , 10-18-2011 at 10:31 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      The dream was beginning with me being in a building, I kinda thought of a school but judging by my clothes (only swimming pants) I guess it was also a swimming bath. Some dude was joking around with his swimming glasses and had some soft pads in there. He was making some joke about boobs but I wasn't really interested in whatever he was doing there. I explored the area in search for a useful bathroom but unlike the building which was in a normal state, the bathrooms looked horrendous, each one in a special way. The last one I remember was especially bad. All lights were wasted and everything was covered with 50% rust, and there was this feeling of danger.

      The dream faded in quality producing a gap in my recall.

      After a while I was in some sort of open building, more like a garden, plants of all types everywhere covering even big parts of the walls. I was in the pedentive of a small dome, sorta like this:

      From there I could look through a hole onto a round table in the dome below. I had some bad quality again and the only thing I remember is that
      something made me know I'm lucid, but again I didn't also understand I'm lucid.

      I found myself sitting at this round table with my girlfriend (looked just slightly different, darker red hair). I was looking back into some other part of the building as I saw some people chasing a sort of living green tumbleweed with roses, they did it to save their lifes. Caught by this WTF-moment I spoke out "I must be dreaming". And then vividness hit me in the face like a ion storm, suddenly also understanding I was dreaming I screamed out the same thing again. I thought about calling a dream guide, but my girlfriend said "Took you long enough", making me assume she might've been my dream guide that moment. The scene drastically changed.

      I found myself in a ridiculous huge landscape, with reddish-brown ground and small rivers of lava everywhere. The ground was uneven, hills and mountains were scattered everywhere. The urge to fly hit me and I instinctively raised my arms to the side and jumped from the hill I was standing on, gliding barely a few meters above the ground. I didn't feel any air pass, but except for that it was pretty realistic.
      (I had some doubts about flying because I've seen stories about failing attempts as well as guides on DV, but my confidence in my instinct was stronger)
      I heard my girlfriend/dream guide say something like "You can do it, but together we can fly even higher". I soared above the next hill and spotted a mountain with strange statues and wanted to take a look at it, so I circled around it, rising upwards in the process. The statues loooked like they were for some deity, made by a long extinct civilization, some of them being a few hundret meter high. I also saw some geometrically impossible stone shapes.
      Somewhere close to the top I spotted a different part which resembled a part of a room, with completely different, comparibly small figures. They kinda reminded me of an odd type of horror movie (not a real one) that was however pretty cool and had a message to it. With that the dream fades...

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    5. Fragment Collection 1

      by , 10-14-2011 at 12:56 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      Save the crocodile:
      I was walking on a normal street, a few people were annoying me. I came acrosse a sandbox with a small bridge which turned into a pool with a few crocodiles. I fell into the pool and grabed one of the heavily injured crocodiles, and carried it with me. The same bridge suddenly extended over a vast see with an island in the iddle. Inside was a huge gate with an ridiculously huge room behind. I saw some sort ofbig endboss which I had to fight in order to save the crocodile.

      Violation of natural laws:
      I was in a complex of two buildings that sort of extended underground and were connected above the ground. There were thunderstorms all over the place but the clouds were just a few meter above the ground. The connection was flooded but rather than flowing down the water stayed up there. Down in one of the buildings I found an odd pyramid, I brought the top of it back into its original shape through some impossible geometric modifications.

      Sort of lucid:
      I was in my current home town and I have been fighting some people together with a few companions. Without reason I did an nose-plug RC and noticed I was dreaming, however I didn't understand at all what that means and just continued with the dream, being in a hazy state of mind.
    6. Post apocalypse building with several differently high ground floors

      by , 10-04-2011 at 10:12 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in this building, it was pretty darn huge and it had several floors, which each were connected to the ground though, like each floor was connected with a different dimension. I think i was somewhere in the middle, it was a sort of classroom, there was grass in the room and it was generally more like a small rain protection roof with the class equipment standing outside of the main building under this roof. From there you could also directly walk outside into a green forest. I was currently schooled to be ready to partake in an exploration mission of this building and after the class was finished (the dream started just seconds before though) I was assigned to sector 22, while two others were assigned to 24 and 32/34 (don't know for sure but it was one of these two), the one with the highest number wasn't happy about it for reasons to come later.
      Sectors weren't the same as floors, as far as I can tell the first number is the floor and the second number a place inside the floor, however a higher first number would mean going deeper in the building so saying U2-2 might be more correct. Also the higher the general number the higher the danger since it seemed like several unspeakable things were lurking in this building. From the classroom (which is the "real" ground floor I think) I went into the building, from there on it was like a vertical tunnel (which I call 00), everything was looking pretty technical (I know it was going down to the mentioned sectors, but I think it might also go up). To get to sector 22 I had to go down the ladder (the place down the ladder called 10 by me), walk a few steps in some direction and remove a grid from the floor, below was 22. To get the sector 24 I would have to take the opposite direction from 10 onwards and probably go down somewhere there.

      Sector 22 was a computer room, I think I was in before already (not in another dream, I felt that due to what comes next). In the dream I rembered that I already exchanged the RAM of on of the local PC's, I gathered the leftover PC components (a few motherboards but primarily RAM, I even remember seeing the AMD logo) in a big plastic box, I was thinking about further methods of upgrading and I remember seeing one of those motherboards in detail, it was able to carry 6 processors of 2 types shared 2/4.

      Now there's some type of gap, but I don't think I don't remember it, I think the dream voluntarily skipped this part for the more interesting next one. I'm pretty sure I brought the parts back up and was assigned to 3X or went down on my own curiousity.

      Sector 22 had a quadratical shape 3m x 3m with 2 meter height. In the middle was a 1m x 1m quadratical pillar and around it were 1,5m walking space, lowered by some 30 cm from the 50cm rest to the wall. And in this walking space was a instable floor segment that I could kick through to get down to 3X. The thirty level had an entire different feeling, everything looked old, and the probably once white walls had light stains and a dirty yellow everywhere, and unlike 2X which was maybe slightly dangerous in 3x you could really feel imminent danger. From where I landed was a door directly in front of me (slightly opened), one to my left side, a small corrider to my right and a big hallway leading outside behind me. And looking outside I see a post apocalyptic scene, rotten grass, a dead tree, a small street and there were pretty strong winds. The hallway, the door-type as well as the tree and the street strongly remember me of the school building in my first boarding school.

      Unfortunately the dream ended at this point due to me waking up

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    7. Otherworldly Savannah

      by , 09-24-2011 at 05:11 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was in a car together with my mother and my brother, we were driving to some sort of climate park (though it seemed to be kinda earth, the odd thing was that small different climate zones seemed to be dispersed all over the world, or at least my country). Then I saw the first of these climate zones while looking out of the window, in the dream I recognized it as a type of Savannah. What I saw there was an otherworldly scenery, a huge uneven chunk of landscape with smaller and bigger hills all over the place. The grass was completely yellow, the same for the leaves of the trees, it however was a stronger yellow than that found on the grass in a real savannah, a little bit more like a lemon. While the description itself might not sound like a lot the details within the dream that I can’t describe appropriately turned this landscape into such an intense experience within the dream I was probably close to tears. And I was silent within the dream until it faded, busy being in shock and awe.
    8. Somewhat-Lucid

      by , 09-19-2011 at 07:16 AM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      I was dreaming that I was in a big complex, much like my old favorite boarding school (Talenta). It seems I was doing some sort of missions there, after one was finished I have been assigned to the next one together with a bunch of other people. I was apparently searching for something; I know that some sort of voice explained to me that in this mission, unlike before, everyone could stray through the complex at will to search. At the start of this mission it was day, I saw the complex from the outside a moment, it looked a lot more like my most recent school though.

      Some info: My old boarding school consisted of 2 Buildings which each were constructed out of 2 long blocks, connected through a thinner strand of building. Each of the blocks has one quadratic staircase, where 3 of the 4 sides had a stairway, and the last side was connected to the hallway that led to the rooms.

      I was in the second floor of this connection (unlike in reality, in the dream there were three floors in this connection). I walked around a bit and ended in the top of the stairway of one of the buildings. I went down the complete staircase without touching the stairs, only using the handrail and centrifugal force (I think somewhere at this point my awareness slowly started to rise). I went down a bit too far and nearly went into the basement, which was pretty dark; it also was night after that. I stopped, placed my feet on the floor again and normally walked up the few steps, turned left and went into the connection again. Somewhere at this point I looked out of a window, the scene I saw was a real place of my old boarding school (I think I kind of know what window I looked out of). At that part I also remembered that there should be new educators in this complex and that I should meet the new ones. In the night scene I saw an odd moving Zeppelin, that also looked pretty crazy, it had four arrays of strange constructions, and they were slightly glowing (I can’t describe that thing so I’m not going to try further). I finally came to the thought something was off and did the nose-pinch RC.
      I could breathe through my nose so I became aware that I was in a dream. However upon realizing, the scene drastically changed and I was in a big room with a green, grass like floor. There were a bunch of tables and chairs, and also a bar; however it didn’t resemble a pub at all (as far as I can tell it also was day again). On the green floor was a bunch of different Pokémon (pretty odd because I played some of the games but couldn’t consider myself a fan; I remember I first saw an Eevee and Lugia/Ho-Oh later). I remembered the TotM but there was nothing in my surroundings that I could use. Somehow my vision turned black, I still primarily felt like watching a movie, even though I was pretty much completely aware, “and now someone turned off the screen”. I did a reality check again and tried to get the scene back as I remember it, and the “screen was on” again (it was after that that small forms of Lugia and Ho-Oh appeared to be chased or followed by the others). I got to see a little bit more of the odd scene but woke up very soon after.

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    9. Dream Rain

      by , 09-10-2011 at 07:19 PM (The Erratic dreams of StaySharp)
      After 8 hours of sleep with barely any dreams I went to sleep while listening to a rain tune with my mp3 player.
      Then I dreamt that I was in my room, it was pretty realistic except for the fact that the curtain was mounted with a pretty strange device, made out of black plastic. It was foldable and seemed to be designed for mobility. There was a slit in the wall above the curtain where lots of rain poured through, into my room. I got up to somehow stop the rain and did something with the curtain device. Then the dream faded already.
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