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    2-5-11 Flat cat

    by , 02-06-2011 at 04:16 AM (317 Views)
    I had a LD where I was in my room. I flipped the lightswitch and it didn't work so I thought I must be dreaming. Then I flipped it again. It kinda worked but not right. There was a delay, which was odd because lights never work in my dreams. I went downstairs and then out the front door. I was jogging for some reason. I saw my mom and a friend of hers standing on the sidewalk. They asked me why I was in my pajamas and I realized I was. At first I felt kind of embarrassed then I realized it was a dream. For some reason I started to think that there was gonna be a parade or some big thing with lots of people behind me. I remember seeing a flat cat and dog on the road. Completely flat like in cartoons, but real looking too.

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